How The War In Iraq Will Help The Beast To Rise Up In Europe!

By Garner Ted Armstrong

While the world focuses on the war in Iraq against Saddam Hussein and his regime, a far more sinister and dangerous power is beginning to form which will prove to be infinitely more threatening to America and world peace.

In the immediate aftermath of US and Coalition forces’ massive attacks against Saddam Hussein and his inner circle, and the huge precision “shock and awe” bombing of cities all over Iraq, top European leaders were meeting in Brussels, Belgium, in a two-day summit even as the bombs were falling.

The meeting featured heated exchanges between the British and the French. Primarily, the summit was to focus on “how to strengthen Europe’s military capability.”

This, no doubt, in response to the deep German, French, Russian and Chinese anger over what they see as US arrogance in the use of massive military power against Iraq. Seeing the US in possession of B-2 and F-117 stealth bombers and fighters, precision-guided bombs, cruise missiles, and a panoply of weaponry from nuclear aircraft carriers to nuclear-powered submarines, these and other nations are both angry and jealous.

There are manifold other reasons why the French are bitter against the US and the UK. That is because dozens of French firms have been doing business with Iraq for decades; have been flouting UN sanctions, and have contributed heavily to Saddam Hussein’s infrastructure and military capabilities.

The French people and their government are particularly angry with the US just now, and French-American relations are at an all time low. Ugly anti-French jokes are circulating on the US Internet, while millions of Americans are vowing to boycott French products — this in reaction to French President Jacques Chirac’s sabotage of a proposed US/UK resolution before the UN to authorize war.

What does all this mean? How will it contribute to the creation of a United States of Europe?

Decades of Witness and Warning

For nearly fifty years, I have continually warned that America and Britain’s greatest enemy will emerge in the heartland of EUROPE; that it will not come from the Middle East or Russia! For decades during the Cold War, the top-billed “televangelists” in the US were characterizing the Soviet Union as the “beast” of prophecy.

It was an accepted doctrine among dozens of them, including the best-known orators and authors of best-selling books that the Soviet Union was the Beast of Revelation; that it would  invade Palestine, thus fulfilling Daniel 11:40-45, and Revelation 17:12-14, among other prophecies.

During all these decades, I was proclaiming over hundreds of radio and television stations that the Soviet Union was NOT the beast! Those who said Russia would fulfill the prophecies of the “Beast” of Daniel and Revelation were wrong! Specifically, I named the nations in central Europe, then under the heel of Soviet domination, which would be a part of a final coalition of states which would form the Beast. In my booklet, “The United States of Europe – How Soon?” I listed over fifty separate quotations spanning nearly fifty years — from my father, from senior editors of the “Plain Truth” magazine, and from myself — stating that such nations as Germany, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Rumania and Czechoslovakia would ultimately form a part of the ten-nation ”Beast power” which would rise up in Europe. The proof of what I have consistently said is overwhelming, and not open to question.

This means I knew, (as did others involved in God’s work and members of His church), what the NSC, CIA, FBI and the White House did NOT know; that Germany would reunite; that Europe would come out from behind the “Iron Curtain”; that a United Europe would eventually form.

But when the European Union began to grow far beyond ten nations, and when Britain became a member of the original European institutions, I began saying that Britain would NOT be a part of the final “United States of Europe.”

Events occurring right now give credence to the accuracy of that prediction! A deep and widening rift is occurring between the UK and Europe, just as it is between the US and Europe!

For example, on the final day of the recent Brussels summit as the leaders of all fifteen of the present members of the European Union were assembled, Britain continued a strident verbal attack against France, primarily because of that country’s stance against the UK and the US relating to Iraq.

Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair proposed that the nations submit a resolution to the UN which would give international authority for a new, interim government in Iraq. French President Jacques Chirac reacted angrily. He said, “This idea of a resolution seems to me to be a way of authorizing military intervention after the fact, and so is not, from my point of view, fitting in the current situation.” Obviously, Blair brought up the proposal because he knew that the Bush Administration plans to oversee the setting up of a new interim government in Iraq once the Hussein regime has capitulated.

Chirac has commented that he is willing to consider some sort of resolution which would authorize the UN to oversee a new government in Iraq, but not one which would seem to authorize the US/UK actions in using military force to topple Saddam Hussein.

Clearly, Chirac is determined to see French revanchism; a role for the French at the top in a powerful new Europe, armed with the entire panoply of modern sophisticated weaponry; a new super power in the world to counterbalance the US! This is the dream of Germany as well!

Remember, the primary purpose for the recent summit in Brussels was “HOW TO STRENGTHEN EUROPE’S MILITARY CAPABILITY!”

The thin veneer behind which the proposal to create a European military superpower is the word “defense.” Germany’s Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, saying all present and future members of the European Union should take part in the proposals, added, “We should not in any way exclude anyone from European Defense.”

Defense? Which nation in what part of the world presents a threat to Europe? Asia? Japan? Africa? The US? The word is merely a paper facade, used to justify, not the creation of a suitable military for purely defensive purposes, but to create a gigantic military power which would rival, (they intend it to supersede) that of the United States.

Deep down, European leaders resent the POWER of the United States! They have done much to contribute to the “cowboy” image bandied about Europe and much of the world of George W. Bush. A favorite expression both here and abroad is that “George Bush is more dangerous than Saddam Hussein.”

To most loyal and patriotic Americans, it is difficult to understand why anti-war protestors conduct violent, riotous demonstrations in order to keep Saddam Hussein in power! Just why it is they believe he and his two thuggish, brutal sons, Uday and Qusay, should be left there to cut out more tongues, torture, maim and kill children (they smashed the foot bones of a child in front of its parents to punish them for alleged disloyalty) is a bit obscure.

Why France wanted Saddam to remain in power is more easily understood.

Jacques Chirac is not new on the French scene. He was a member of the Georges Pompidou’s Cabinet in 1968; rose to Prime Minister in 1974, then lost power in an inside political struggle. He then formed the “Rally of the Republic” party, emphasizing the policies of the late Charles de Gaulle, and became the nationalistic Mayor of Paris before regaining the pinnacle of power in France in 1995.

Chirac’s France is a nuclear power. Few Americans will remember how the French, in what was called “arrogant disregard” for a UN General Assembly resolution in that same year, 1995, calling for a halt to French nuclear weapons tests at Mururoa Atoll in French Polynesia, continued weapons tests, flagrantly defying the UN. Today, Chirac chastises the US for allegedly doing the same thing. Amazingly, the Germans and the French, along with Russia and China, adamantly insist that UN resolution 1441, which contained the words “serious consequences” for Iraq if Saddam failed to disarm, did not “specify military action.” What did it specify, with Iraq having already defied a series of UN resolutions dating back to a matter of weeks following the war in 1991? Further sanctions?

For decades, the French have sided with the Arabs in the Palestinian struggle. They have even been willing to endorse Palestinian violence. When Chirac visited Syria in 1997, he received a “spontaneous” 20,000 man cheering welcome by Syrians. Syria is a known sponsor of terrorism, and is listed among the nations comprising the “axis of evil” as characterized by President Bush.

For decades, France has been one of the strongest supporters of Iraq. It was the French who built the nuclear reactor at Osirak, a Baghdad suburb, and provided it with start-up nuclear materials back in the early 1980's. Rather than waiting until the reactor began churning out weapons-grade plutonium, the Israelis sent a flight of American-made F-16 fighter bombers to Osirak and completely destroyed the facility in 1981.

France was the first nation to start up business ties with Saddam following the first war in the Gulf. A major oil contract was signed with the French, which was only awaiting the time when sanctions were lifted. This is why Chirac and his UN representatives were praising Hans Blix and his cohorts in Iraq, claiming the Iraqis were disarming; that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction, and that what was needed was “only more time.” They hoped the inspectors would eventually give Saddam a clean bill of health, and that such French firms as “Elf Aquitaine” and “Total” would reap enormous profits the moment a “stroke of the pen” made it possible.

In March of 2000, a large delegation of French businessmen went to Baghdad in order to strike deals involving the “oil for food” program. Reportedly, French businessmen were making regular trips to Baghdad during the past many years. Since the French negotiated deals with Iraq over the Majnoon oil fields near Basra, and it now appears US troops are overrunning that very area, Jacques Chirac and his fellow businessmen in Paris must be upset, indeed.

The two French companies mentioned above had already cut deals with Saddam about those oil fields, and the hundreds of billions of dollars they represent.

For a long time, it has been known that many nations have been eagerly positioning themselves so as to be poised on the borders like so many “Sooners” on the Cherokee Strip, ready to rush into Iraq and get in on the ground floor of lucrative oil contracts. For their part, the French hoped the US and UK would be deterred from going to war in the first place, and, failing that, are now working feverishly to find some means of papering over ugly French designs by finding just the right language for a UN resolution which invites French participation in a post-Saddam Iraq!

The sum total of all this is that a very deep and widening rift has divided NATO, Europe and the UN!

While the Germans, French and Belgians are proposing the three of them coalesce in producing a common “European defense” (read: European army), Denis McShane, Britain’s specialist on Europe, said, “The idea of a European defense based on Belgium and without England: I wonder how serious this could be.”

He will very likely find out. It could be more serious than he thinks.

Thus it is that the duplicity, hypocrisy, chicanery and betrayals of nations among nations help shape new alliances, and destroy old ones.

NATO is doomed to fall. The present European Union will not be the fulfillment of the prophecies concerning the Beast, but a great military power WILL arise in Europe which will both “shock and awe” the world, and it will not include England!

How amazing it is to watch world happenings, and see how the prophecies of your Bible are being fulfilled right before your eyes! Millions allow themselves to be distracted by the “wars and rumors of wars” Christ prophesied. But He said we are not to “be terrified,” for the END is NOT YET!

It is not yet, but it is drawing closer every year!

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