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– Twenty-First Century Crusades?

Quotes Regarding Crusades from Multiple Media Articles

The purpose of this page is to record quotes regarding the Crusades from a number of media articles.  We will be adding to this record as we going along.  The articles cover a myriad of subject areas and are not necessarily specific to the subject of the possibility of 21st Century Crusades.  Key statement for each article in red below.

From the article: Editorial: No retreat, no surrender -added 3 August 2005
The Australian

THE argument the London Underground bombings would not have occurred, or would have been far less likely to occur, without the US-led intervention in Iraq is so weak as barely to need refuting. In the first place, anybody who tells you they know conclusively why the Islamists perform the monstrous deeds they do is bluffing: the Islamists' own statements of why they do what they do, and what they hope to achieve by it, are an impenetrable mish-mash containing elements of, among other things, religious fanaticism, anti-Semitism, pseudo-political polemic and a bizarre historical revenge drama stretching back to the Crusades.


From the article: Karl Rove, Michael Ledeen Spies Procured Forged Niger Documents
Clayton Hallmark -added 3 August 2005

Karl Rove’s foreign-policy advisor, Michael Ledeen, proclaimed "the rightness of the fascist cause" in 1972. In 1984 he got George Bush Sr. to appoint Iranian arms merchant and Iranian/Israeli double-agent Manucher Ghorbanifar as a middleman in the scandalous Iran-Contra affair. Ledeen has been a fixture in Washington and Israel ever since, advocating a modern version of the Crusades against Islamic nations.


From the article: Terror in London or Terror of London - added 20 July 2005
Harsha Walia

This new fight, the war against terrorism that has been launched, is actually very old. The invocation of colonial and radicalized British identities -- the “us versus them” -- has previously led and will continue to lead to barbaric crusades in defense of so-called Western civilization.


From the article: Jihad Knows No Borders - added 12 July 2005
Conservative News and Opinion

What's going on in Iraq right now (not to mention several other parts of the world) is holy war—it's not insurgency, and it's definitely not comparable to the colonial Americans awoken during Paul Revere's midnight rides. The matter of kafir (infidel) forces on Muslim land is a great enormity in Islamic doctrine, and excites the characteristic Muslim rage as little else can. This is why seven hundred years on, the very thought of the Christian Crusades—themselves a response to centuries of Islamic jihad in Europe—still makes Muslims seethe with offended indignation.


From the article: Tribute, Validation and Apology - added 12 July 2005
The Military Family Network

The result of today’s epic fight will determine whether tomorrow’s children are dreading suicide bombers (observe Israel) and dirty nuclear bombs in the streets of America. Twenty First Century terrorists are unlike any enemy we have previously faced. This fanatic foe believes he is serving Allah by murdering and mutilating Christians. A fantastic enjoyment is gained by severing a westerners head, in medieval fashion. This crew has unjust hatred toward human advancement and freedoms. Their grudge flows from the Crusades, which ended in 1271. There were eight Crusades over a 176 year period. Christian Knights and foot soldiers trekked to Jerusalem to deliver the Holy Land from Mohammedan reign. Muslims were killed in tremendous numbers.


From an article: Muslims: Scratch My Back Or Else - added 12 July 2005

But no matter who is right or wrong, the Muslims are no friends to Europe, and never have been since the birth of Islam, and never will be [the Crusades are still inside of their minds, as is England’s, once world power states]; lest Europe make that fatal mistake they have in the past, and think kissing up to them will solve the problem.


From an article: Politics of Hate - added 12 July 2005

Political bitterness
When the historical grievances over the crusades are added, there is no dearth (shortage or lack) of political bitterness. Wars have been fought for lesser reasons. However, the situation becomes inflammatory once religion comes into the picture.


From an article: President Bush and Woodrow Wilson -- added 12 July 2005
by Scott Shore

The United States has always maintained the Hebraic idea of being “a light unto the nations.” This has traditionally meant that we lead by example. The notion of a military means for changing the hearts and souls of millions hearkens back to the Crusades. This is indeed a constant theme of Islamic world.

From an article: World Session: Church Approves Revised New Belief Statement
Adventist News Network - added 12 July 2005

As reported here earlier, the revisions were made after delegates in several sessions expressed reservations about some phrases in the statement, which persons involved with outreach to Muslims and Jews said might introduce imagery that evokes negative feelings toward the Gospel message. The statement begins with a reference to the cross [stake] of Jesus Christ, which has been viewed by Muslims as a historic symbol of the Crusades, and by Jews as an emblem of persecution.


From an article: Al Qaeda Web Site: Muslims Denounce Own - added 12 July 2005

We’re talking about a perceived Holy War in the mind of Al Qaeda and their followers against Jews and Christians.

If this is the mindset of the Al Qaeda, then Jews, Christians and Muslims who do not support this position have got a job to do. And Muslims who don’t distance themselves from these absolute wacko’s must be considered themselves as fellow crazies and be perceived and treated as such in every way.

Muslims all over the world should immediately and openly denounce such insanity and begin to build bridges of cooperation, yes, with Jews and Christians.

If these allegations about the web statement and the killing are true, we are facing a war of the insane versus the sane, except unlike the Crusades, we’re dealing with weapons that are much more dangerous to the parties and to the world.


From an article: There Is a Reaction to Every Action, Sir Isaac Newton - added 12 July 2005
Al Jazeerah

The relationship between colonial Christian rulers and their Muslim subjects , Arab or South Asian and the antagonism they created have deep foundations from the days of Millennia old Christian Crusades against Islam and exploitation during the 19th and 20th centuries .These memories , embedded in Muslim conscience have now been sharpened by the neo- colonial and imperial policies of USA.


From an article: Fear thy Neighbor - added 12 July 2005
The Sydney Morning Herald

After the September 11, 2001, attacks, American security agencies focused considerable energy on elusive US-based cells. What they found instead was that the threat resided largely in Europe; a number of the September 11 assailants, for example, were based in Germany. The Middle East is a long way from the US, but in Europe the Muslim world has long been seeping across the dividing line the Crusades left behind.


From an article: The Long and Bloody History of Islamic Terrorism - added 12 July 2005
Chron Watch

Centuries ago, Islam ruled a large part of the world and Muslims had spread out of the Middle East and moved across Europe, conquering all in their path. At Islam’s pinnacle, the Ottoman Empire stretched from Egypt to the Black Sea and from the Persian Gulf to Hungary.

So what happened to the glorious Islamic empire? Today, Islam blames the Crusades, the Jews, Western culture, and Christians for its fall from power. In truth, the most destructive enemy that Islam has ever had was Islam itself.


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