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Twenty-First Century Crusades?

Prediction 1: Continued tension and backlash against Muslims in Europe

Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Says Problem of Immigration Concerns "Foreign Cultures Marked by Islam"
Islam vs. Europe

Helmut Schmidt: As regards Italy or Greece, there's no problem. One day the Italians and the Greeks will go home or they'll integrate into society in the course of time. That's what we've seen for decades. The problem isn't due to Italian, Greek or Spanish immigration. The problem is due to immigration from foreign cultures, for example cultures marked by Islam.

Interviewer: You said before that immigration from outside the European Union was problematical. What do you mean exactly?

Helmut Schmidt: I referred to the foreign cultures. There are no major differences between Italian civilization and French or German civilization. Turkish culture is very different, Algerian culture is very distinct too, Egyptian culture, the cultures of the eastern part of the Mediterranean are much more distant. For example Syrian culture, Egyptian culture. Free circulation within Europe isn't dangerous. What's dangerous is the mixing with foreign cultures, with the traditions of foreign cultures and civilizations.

...There are many common points in European cultural traditions. There are fewer commonalities with cultures marked by Islam or Confucianism, for example.

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