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– Twenty-First Century Crusades?

Prediction 9: The Catholic Church getting directly involved in the “Road to Peace” process.


Vatican, Nov 12 - Pope Benedict XVI has today said, "May Iraq continue along the road towards reconciliation and peace". He wished to say "some words of strong encouragement to all the Iraqi communities and citizens".

Giving an audience to the Chaldean patriarch, Emmanuel delly, and the participants of the Special Synod of Chaldean Bishops, the Pope pointed out that "accompanying words of solidarity is the assurance of our commemoration in prayer, so that your beloved country, despite being in its current difficult situation, knows not to lose hope and to continue along the road towards reconciliation and peace". And for this reason he asked the Chaldean bishops to "continue in your pastoral duty and in your ministry of hope for the entire Iraqi nation.

The Pontiff continued, "In this your stay in Rome, you have celebrated a Special Synod, during which you brought to term a revision of the texts of the Divine Liturgy in the Syrian-Oriental rites, preparing a reform that should lead to a new rush of devotion in your communities".

He added, "This work has meant years of study and some not always easy decisions, but it has been a period during which the Chaldean Church has been able to reflect more deeply on the great gift that is the Eucharist".

In his speech, Pope Benedict XVI referred also to the draft copy of the Particular Laaw, another theme dear to the Chaldean Synod. He concluded, "A fitting canonical discipline is needed so that the ordained can undertake the mission entrusted to them by Christ". (AGI) -

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