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– Twenty-First Century Crusades?

Let the EU take a hike
By Stan Goodenough

Who do they think they are, these European Parliamentarians who draw up indictments against the State of Israel, condemning her and placing demands on her as if they have been given some authority in the Middle East?

World War 1, in which the European Allies delivered the Middle East from the Ottoman Empire and extended their influence over this region, is history – bygone history. Those days, and that influence, are no more.

Israel is a Jewish state – a 57-year-old independent homeland of a nation that predates every European one (and most others on the planet) by thousands of years.

Israel was a flourishing, freedom-loving, civilized, wisely-governed and God-fearing nation state when Paris, London, Bonn, Madrid, Brussels – you name it – were simply not there.

Israel has divine, historic and legal right to own, control and act as sovereign over all the Land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem. These are Jewish lands and the Jews’ capital; for millennia they have been so.

The “Palestinians” have no national rights here. The Europeans have no rights at all.

Through theft and murderous mayhem the former are trying to obtain a homeland at Israel’s expense, on land that has never been theirs.

The latter, through sheer effrontery that feeds off anti-Semitic prejudice ingrained generations deep, and with their eyes on the money that is to be made in the massive, oil-endowed Arab world, are out to de-legitimize Israel and assist the Arabs in their effort to erase the “Jewish cancer” from the region.

Wake up Europe! Or maybe, just go back to sleep. The bell has already tolled for your lands, once great and free. Arabic Islam has spread itself all over you; has got a grip on you that you are already unable to dislodge – and never will.

Denmark is in their sights, with Norway next in line. In Holland they are already shedding European blood. France is freshly smoldering from the first of a planned series of intifadas aimed at hastening the Muslim takeover of that country. Allah has a strong foothold in the British Royal Family. Mosques are mushrooming across the EU landscape. There was a time when white-skinned human beings were referred to as “Europeans.” That era is long gone.

The Islamicization of Europe is nearly done.

So it is unsurprising, perhaps, that the EU itself is assisting those committed to ensuring that what was long ago Christian Europe succumbs to the same fate that Islam has in store for the Jews. Though you’d think (hope?) they had learned the futility of this.

The more the EU pressures Israel, demanding that she surrender her heritage and compromise on her security in the face of a burgeoning effort to obliterate her with mass-destruction weaponry, the guiltier the Europeans are of aiding and abetting those who seek this goal.

Fools and blind: They are feeding the serpent that is out to swallow them. They leap at the opportunity to “monitor” the weapons and other war-fighting gear their Arab friends plan to bring pell-mell into the Gaza Strip. (Although we can’t blame Europe alone for this one; it was Israel that invited them in – in surrender to unfair American demands.)

The Europeans bury a report that fingers the Muslims in their midst as the main group behind the swelling anti-Semitism that once again boils towards explosion in their inner cities. They refuse to see the Islam-instigated and monopolized rioting that nearly closed France down a week or so ago as the action of, specifically, Muslims.

Small wonder Islam is savoring the taste of victory. Their goal is in clear sight.

And Sharon says the real root of the Arab-Israeli conflict is the desire of the “Palestinians” to have a state of their own!

Along with US President George W. Bush, Prime Minister Tony Blair, and every other European leader, they just don’t get it.

The root is Islam. The enemy is Islam. Not “fundamentalist” Islam; not “extremist Islam;” not “Iranian-backed” Islam. Just Islam.

Plain, and frighteningly simple.

And Europe is already hers.

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