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                                                Story 40
                       Prediction 3:
An increase in anti-Semitism

The Undeclared War Against Israel
Transcript of the Eidelberg Report,Israel National Radio, November 29, 2005

1. My report today is very much indebted to Bat Ye’or’s marvelous book Eurabia—which all thoughtful Jews should read.

2. Bat Ye’or documents, in a most scholarly and courageous way, the ugly truth that Europe has been engaged in an undeclared war against Israel—a war that began more than 30 years ago. Even before the oil crisis of 1973, Europe, with the exception of Spain, closed its airspace to US aircraft transporting munitions and spare parts to beleaguered Israel in the Yom Kippur War.

3. After PLO chief Yasser Arafat was invited to address the UN in 1974, PLO offices sprang up in European capitals. And so the PLO, without ceasing to commit terrorist acts, was legitimized. But by legitimizing the PLO, Europe tacitly accepted the PLO Charter which calls for Israel’s destruction.

4. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Shortly after the Yom Kippur War, and in reaction to the oil crisis, the European Economic Community, at the initiative of France and the Arab League, established what is known as the Euro-Arab Dialogue (EAD). This Euro-Arab alliance evolved into three interrelated partnerships: political, economic, and cultural.

5. European governments, led by France and Germany, adopted an anti-Israel policy as the basis of its relations with the Arab world. For this Europe received various economic privileges and exemption from Islamic terrorism. Greed and tremendous fear of Islamic terror plus Judeophobia have long animated the policy of the European Union (EU) toward Israel. But this is not all.

6. Europe needs the Arab bloc and its assured oil and energy supplies to establish itself as a strategic rival to America. European anti-Americanism is thus linked to European anti-Semitism.

7. To gain Arab support, Europe spent billions to develop the infrastructure of Arab states, and it opened its own doors to Arab immigration. And to appease Arab potentates, European governments refrained from taking any steps to integrate these immigrants. The immigrants maintained their Islamic beliefs and customs without interference from their host country. Moreover, in the name of “objectivity,” it was agreed that Muslim professors would teach Arabic and Arab culture in European universities, even though these subjects were already taught by European academics. As a consequence, students would be taught that Islam is a religion of peace, even though Islam’s initial expansion over three continents involved the murder of millions of Christians, Jews, and other “infidels.” Even now a myth is being propagated that European civilization is rooted in Islam. Europe’s Judeo-Christian origin is being erased. With its suburbs populated by Muslims, France has become a satellite of Islam. Dhimmitude is conspicuous among European elites.

8. Gradually, Europe’s media became dominated by pro-Arab and anti-Israeli propaganda. Many Jews and non-Jews who expressed pro-Israel opinions lost their jobs, or found it increasingly difficult to find publishers for their books and articles. Jews have been attacked, synagogues burned. Hatred of Israel and anti-Semitism has become the order of the day. Europe has metamorphosed into Eurabia.

9. As a result of Arab pressure, EU policy toward Israel even took on a moral imperative. Europe’s ruling elites internalized the Arab view that Europe should be motivated not only by its material interests in the Arab world but also by a “just cause”—the cause of the Palestinian Arabs. Accordingly, the EU adopted the Arab perspective that locates all evil in Israel. Wherever jihadic terror strikes, be it Indonesia, where over 500 churches were attacked or destroyed; or the Sudan, in which 2 million people died, or the 9/11 attack against the United States, the root cause is Israel.

a. Eurabian notables—such as French president Jacque Chrac, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, and others—continually stress that the Israel-Palestinian conflict poses the greatest threat to world peace.

b. In this view, not the Islamist drive for world domination, but Israel’s very existence is the threat to peace.

10. By demonizing Israel, the Euro-Arab alliance has encouraged and legitimized Arab terrorism against the Jewish state. By so doing, however, the Euro-Arab alliance has fomented international terrorism and the indiscriminate killing of civilians in a worldwide jihad strategy. In the name of Arab Palestinian rights, new horrors have been unleashed not only on Israel but on the entire world.

11. Bat Ye’or raises the question: “Does an Arab-Palestinian jihad against Israel aim at the elimination of the Jewish state only? Or is this jihad focused deceptively on Israel to conceal its true global ambitions and designs?”

12. Arab-Islamic states have exploited their partnership with Europe to obtain European science and technology to restore Islam as a world power. This will obviously require them to develop weapons of mass destruction. The targets of their ambitions are obvious: the United States and Israel—the Great and the Small Satan. This ambition is being pursued under the cover of the Palestinian cause. Europe, especially France and Germany, are using, and are being used by, the Arab-Islamic bloc to advance their global objectives. All in the name of the Palestinian Arabs!

13. How has Israel’s ruling elites reacted to this undeclared war? Simply by the policy of appeasement called “land for peace.” This policy conforms to the dhimmi aspect of jihad! It should be remembered that Islam expanded not only by conquest, but also by offering infidels “peace” in exchange for land. This has been the policy of Israeli governments since the Six-Day War. And no one has implemented this policy with so much gusto as Ariel Sharon. By adopting Labor’s policy of “land for peace,” Sharon is implementing the Arab’s phased strategy for the Arabization of Israel.

14. Sharon’s claim that Israel’s retreat from Gaza has improved Israel’s image in Europe is a blatant lie. Only yesterday it was reported that Europe rejects the idea of Jerusalem as the “united capital” of Israel. In fact, it regards the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Ramot, French Hill, East Talpiot, Gilo, Pizgat Ze’ev, and Har Homa as “illegal settlements”—communities where over 200,000 Jews live.

15. Europe’s Judeophobia is a planned policy of 30-year duration—which is why Israeli information programs are futile. The Euracrats may like Sharon, but only because he is facilitating Eurabia’s ultimate objective: the demise of the Jewish state. His abandonment of Jewish land means that he—like Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin and others—has succumbed, intellectually and morally, to the servility of dhimmitude—the real meaning of “disengagement” and the “land for peace” policy. The hero of the Yom Kippur war has become the chief dhimmi of Israel! That he is regarded as a strong leader only testifies to the self-effacement or dhimmitude of all too many Israelis.

16. No wonder we hear nothing from Sharon about Europe’s undeclared war against Israel. But what about his opponents in the National Union and the National Religious Party? Not a soul among them has had the courage to cite the laws of treason which prohibit the surrender of Jewish land. Surely they could have called for a National Commission of Inquiry?

17. The timidity of these parties is deplorable. Most shameful is this: they have tolerated the government’s negotiation with Arabs who deny not only the Holocaust, but also “any historical or theological link between the biblical Israel, the Jewish people, and the modern State of Israel”! Indeed, Europe, which has jettisoned Christianity, has adopted the replacement theology of the Palestinian Arabs: that the State of Israel is a foreign entity, without any spiritual or historical roots in the Holy Land. No wonder various Europeans call for Israel’s removal from the Middle East.

18. But let me give you a less chilling issue. Every Israeli politician knows about French anti-Semitism. But who stands up for Israel when a French diplomat likens this country to excrement? That Sharon did not recall Israel’s ambassador is not surprising, for Sharon admits to having no conscience, hence, like dhimmis, no sense of honor. But what about the religious Zionists in the Knesset? They seem to behave like the self-effacing dhimmis of Arabized Europe.

19. Since the politicians of the so-called nationalist camp have succumbed to intellectual and moral dhimmitude, we had better create a new and true nationalist camp—and soon—because Israel, under its chief dhimmi, Ariel Sharon, is losing the war with Eurabia.

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