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Will the European Union
Achieve SUPERPOWER Status?

by Chris Cumming, with introduction by Mark Armstrong

We’ve just witnessed the addition of another ten nations to the membership of the European Union, with the enthusiastic blessing of the pope.  The development of this entity has been of particular interest to us because of the Bible prophecies that indicate there will be a final resurrection of the “Holy Roman Empire” which will play a pivotal role in events which will culminate in Christ’s second coming.  Will the European Union play that prophesied role?  While the central players are certainly demonstrating economic and military ambition to become a superpower to rival the United States, there are numerous problems and unanswered questions as to the ultimate success of the European Union in its present configuration. 

In a recent editorial, conservative columnist Cal Thomas openly questions its survival.  “What makes Europeans believe that this time they’ve got it right?"  The source for their optimism is recent events.  Fifteen years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the liberation of Eastern Europe, the European states believe their moment has arrived. Optimism has always driven people and states, even when the failure to deal adequately with humanity’s lower nature brought pessimism.  After much haggling, the EU has yet to produce a constitution.  And Britain remains on the sidelines, so far refusing to join the club.”  He further points out the problems with the divided views of history among the member nations, the old animosities which remain deep-seated, with language barriers, competing practical interests, and states, “While some wonder if Iraq can stand on its own, we can also ask, can Europe?"

The following article addresses several of the issues which are seen as debilitating weaknesses in the European Union, and looks beyond to the development of a configuration which Bible prophecy predicts will be extant in the end time.
Mark Armstrong


In 1991, Garner Ted Armstrong wrote a booklet entitled, “United States of Europe” When? In its opening paragraph he writes:


“Since the 1950s, I have been proclaiming that America will one day be stunned by the emergence of a new power bloc in Europe; that America and the Soviet Union would not go to war; that a reunited Germany would be pivotal to a future United States of Europe!”

Some disagree with his assessment and prediction as witnessed by a recent editorial by Lukáš Fila writing for the English version of
The Slovak Spectator.


He begins the editorial by saying, “CAN the EU be anything like the US? The answer is no, at least not in the foreseeable future. Equally, it cannot hope to match the economic, political, or military strength of what is the globe's sole superpower. Here is why.  He then goes on to enumerate a number of factors why the EU will never be greater than the US:


  • The EU is weak on religion.
  • National pride is preventing “one union."
  • Language problems. “The US has one while the EU has 20.”
  • Low birth rate (which he couples with having a weak religious base).
  • No centralized power.


Are these assessments accurate?  Could anything take place to change the status of one or more of them?  Let’s see. 


Strong Religious Foundation


Speaking to the EU's weakness on religion Mr. Fila, in his editorial, states:


“The fact is clearly reflected in the political reality of the two continents. It is expected that the US president, who as a rule is Christian, end his public speeches by asking God to 'bless America.'


“Romano Prodi, the leftist president of the European Commission, can hardly be expected to feel the urge to call on divine intervention, but it would be scandal if he ever tried. Similarly, the notion of ever seeing the motto 'in God we trust' on a euro note seems absurd.”


However, on May 2nd the pope was reported in a Reuter’s story declaring that the EU MUST have a strong religious foundation:


Pope John Paul Sunday welcomed the 10 new nations of the European Union but said the bloc could only face the challenges of the 21st century if it defended its Christian roots.


“The pope, whose native country, Poland, is one of the new countries in the 25-strong EU, told a packed St Peter's Square, Europe's identity would be 'incomprehensible' without Christianity.


"Only a Europe that does not remove, but rediscovers its Christian roots will reach the stature needed for the great challenges of the third millennium: peace, dialogue between cultures and religions, the safeguarding of creation, he said.”


Bible prophecy would support this idea of one strong religious power bonding together and guiding the EU (the prophesied Beast power).  Notice this statement by Garner Ted Armstrong from his booklet, “Who, What is the "Beast" of Revelation?”:


“Some have imagined that the "miry clay" of Daniel's vision which seems to weld the ten toes of the great image together, represent a sticky, bituminous substance—which, even though it is obviously not "mixed" with iron, is used as a weak bonding agent of some kind, which at least effects a weak union for a time.


“Daniel's vision shows that although the hardness of iron is present in the ten governments represented by the toes; there is also the 'weakness' of clay.


“The bonding agent which will hold the entire system of the future ten nation central government in Europe together is religion!”


Bible prophecy indicates the pope (and or his successor) will continue to be a growing influence in Europe and WILL bind the union together under the umbrella of the Catholic Church in Rome.


“A Higher Force in Europe”


Almost as if he was willing to offer one loophole to the whole premise of his editorial, Mr. Fila states there might be one factor that COULD result in one strong united Europe:


“One higher force that can pitch in, however, is the state, which has the means and resources to help. Here are the roots of the strong position of Europe's socialist parties, an unknown term in US politics.


“Parties affiliated with the Socialist International run some of the largest countries in Europe, including Britain, Germany, and now Spain. And even in countries where the right is in power, such as France and Italy, strong social systems exist.”


We contend that this will not be a loophole, but rather the broad highway by which United Europe will move forward.  The remaining question is just how will the EU come to find itself as the greatest superpower ever seen in modern times?


It Will Happen Suddenly!!


Both Mr. Armstrong and your own Bible have stated it clearly.  The process by which United Europe becomes the greatest power in the world will NOT be gradual, over a period of years but seemingly overnight, set off by a single event or a series of events rapidly following one another.  Notice what Mr. Armstrong says in his “Commentary on United Europe” in our EU Section of this web site:


“The eventual 'Beast' power will not come about as a gradual development during a world at peace, but most likely in the aftermath of a global economic collapse. When that happens, the 'conspiracy' theorists will have a heyday. The Germans will once again seek a scapegoat — not only the United States, but likely the British, and the 'Jewish Bankers.' Watch.” 

From the Bible we read:


"And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.  These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings" (Rev 17:12-14).


Do you see it?  God is saying that the ten nations or kings (rulers, dictators, etc.) have power with the Beast “for one hour.  This is a short time and is clearly set off by something happening in world events.  In fact, Garner Ted Armstrong states that, at first, it will appear that the EU is weak, faltering or even in the process of breaking up when these events take place.  Notice his comment in another Word From commentary in this section, “We the People of Europe… ”:


“For more than forty-six years, I have foretold the eventual creation of a kind of 'United States of Europe' in the heartland of Europe where the old 'Holy Roman Empire' held sway for so many centuries. This will be nothing short of a resurrection of that empire, featuring many of the same nations, along with the good offices of the same universal church!


“The final TEN nations (or a grouping of many nations under ten kings or military dictators) will come, not as a gradual outgrowth of the present-day EU, but from its ultimate breakup!”




Are you watching world events?  The economic and military strength of the United States is in jeopardy.  The war in Iraq is costing billions and stretching the military thin.   We've witnessed not only the loss of precious American lives but our prestige and honor with the prisoner-treatment scandal (See Word From on latter).  As Garner Ted Armstrong predicted, we are seeing increases in worldwide terrorism and constant attacks against Israel.  Add to this his prediction of dramatically increased energy costs and of an eventual Global Economic Meltdown.  As our military grows weaker, the EU has put together a “Rapid Response Force”, which could become, the corner stone of a massive army we will see interceding into events that will shock the world.  Arab Leaders in the Middle East are looking to the EU for possible military intervention.  What if Europe's oil supply was interrupted?  Could that single event bring the “ten kings” together?

Mr. Fila ends his editorial by saying, “The EU is clearly not on its way to becoming a superpower. The question is whether there is any point in being one.”   Openly stated European ambitions dispute his conclusions. The following quote comes from under the title, "Europe Launches Plans for Military to Rival U.S.":

"The European Union demonstrated its determination to become a major military power today when its leading members signed a $23 billion contract to buy a fleet of 180 Airbus A400 military transport jumbo jets, with the capacity to deploy up to 20,000 troops far beyond Europe's shores in a single airlift.

The move is a dream come true for French President Jacques Chirac and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who since breaking with Washington over Iraq have vowed to create a power to rival the United States."

We will continue to monitor these developments, as Garner Ted Armstrong has directed, in light of Bible prophecy.

–– Chris Cumming


We had hoped to bring the insight and expertise of our man in Europe to this column, but he was in England during the writing.  We forwarded the column to him for his thoughts, and received the following.  Please read on, as we present Michael Burkert's take on the prospect of a European Union  SUPERPOWER.


Burkert's Take on the European Union
by Michael Burkert


The EU, IS weak on religion.  Nominal Christianity is on the wane, yet ISLAM is on the rise.

Language problems are probably even worse than Lukas Fila has described.  Muslim immigrants from Arab nations, demand Arabic schools for their children and have no interest in learning the language of their new countries.  This is certainly true in Germany.  The German government had required that children in Islamic Schools receive two hours of German language training, but the Islamics went to court and got a judge to throw out the requirement.

The Birth rate among Germans is low, even despite "kindergeld" or government incentives for having more children.  Kindergeld pays an additional 150 Euros for every child beyond two.  This is a carryover from National Socialist days.  Amongst Turks and Arabs, the birth rate is astronomical!  The average German couple has less than two children.  The average Muslim family has eight!

No centralized power...yet.  This is true, and the Germans intend to do something about it.

An interesting note, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, is the Head of the old Office of Inquisition, now known as the Vatican's "Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith."  He is also the Pope's best buddy.  They share wine or cognac, and conversation nearly every evening.  No doubt they discuss at length how the universal church can regain it's lost status in Europe.

Another interesting note.  I read just yesterday in the "Sud Deutscher Zeitung," that Germany is about to petition the United Nations for PERMANENT SECURITY COUNCIL STATUS.  That would go a long way toward providing for a central government figure in the EU.  However...

GTA believed, and I do as well, that the current EU will collapse.  The current 25 nation EU will NOT BE THE FINAL Unified Europe.  I can think of no quicker way for a great dictator to arise and flatter his way to power, as Hitler did, other than economic catastrophe. 

I also will add, that Hitler, among other things was a CATHOLIC.  If you look at his speeches, particularly his early ones, he quite often commented that the modern National Socialist state was after all a (nominal) CHRISTIAN state first and foremost.  Hitler recognized the two great "conferences" of organized religion in Germany, that being the Evangelical (Lutheran) and Roman Catholic churches.  However, he naturally leaned toward the Vatican.

Modern day nominal Christians want everyone to believe that the Nazis pushed for an atheist state, but that's simply not true.  Hitler intended for Germany to be a Catholic nation, as well as a National Socialist nation. 

The European economy is in the tank...seriously.  Unemployment today in Germany is now over nine-million.  Inflation is very high, and getting worse. 

My best guess is this:

The current EU will collapse.  Sooner than later I might add.  The Euro as a currency will become worthless.  Millions will become destitute, as their Euro bank accounts and investments become worthless.  Governments will fall, and a very large political VOID will be created.  A new idea will appear, that being one of strong CENTRAL government with a very charismatic GERMAN or AUSTRIAN politician who comes into the limelight as a new face, a new voice with a party of new ideas for saving not only Germany, but Europe as a whole.  The follow-on "union" may well be members of the current Western European Union, an organization that many in our country know nothing about.

I do not predict a new "brown shirt" army of Nazi clones with swastikas and jackboots.  What comes will become just as ruthless and mean as the SA or the SS, but they will have new names.  The Muslims and those few remaining Jews will be the scapegoat.  Through military build-up, the new US of Europe, or maybe the Holy Roman Empire will grow in economy and political stature.  The universal church will be a partner early on.  Just as they were with Hitler and the Nazis as early as 1933!  A new Concordant will no doubt be agreed to and signed.  This time, the church will be an equal partner with the centralized government in putting the Holy Roman Empire back together.  The Pope will lay claim to approving lesser heads of state (kings) as he has reserved for himself for centuries.  This will not go over well with the dictator.  It may begin the squabbles that eventually lead to a crackdown on the church.

I see the British being forced out of the EU as they have so far refused to participate in the "Euro Army" and also have (wisely) refused to adopt the Euro Currency.  When I was in England last week, I spoke with nobody who wants the Euro, and most all want Great Britain out of the EU.  The general feeling in Britain that I heard expressed, was that the EU is just an economic drain on the UK.  Nothing more as the French and the Germans are the real power behind the current EU.  ––Michael Burkert

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