by Michael Burkert


Only a short time ago, a most heinous crime was committed in the Netherlands.  A popular filmmaker, Theo van Gogh was murdered.  His killers were Muslim thugs, carrying out a “Fatwah,” earlier issued by a Muslim “holy man.”  In Islam, a Fatwah is a “holy decree” issued by some “holy man,” but is tantamount to a death warrant.  It certainly was in the case of Theo van Gogh.


Theo van Gogh was brutally murdered on the streets of Amsterdam.  A note was nailed to his corpse, which read, “Hair raising screams will be squeezed from the lungs of the non-believers.”  Brutality perpetrated by Muslim thugs is becoming more and more common in European cities.  After all, there are 20-million Muslim immigrants extant in Western Europe, one million in Holland alone.  The threat against “non-believers,” or anyone that happens not to be a Muslim has had far reaching effects. 


So, just what was the offense committed by van Gogh?  Did he slight some Mullah?  Did he make a disparaging comment about the “prophet" Mohammed?  No, what Theo van Gogh did was to release a documentary that revealed the brutality and abuse toward women, not only tolerated by Islam, but also encouraged by the “holy Koran.” 


There is an anti-Muslim backlash in the making.  Early indications are that the backlash may soon spread across the European Union.  Already in Spain, Italy and France, nations who’ve seen their share of recent Muslim violence have had about enough.  Germany, with seven million immigrant Muslims, many on social welfare, recently saw the National Democratic Party (NPD) win seats in the Saxony legislature, following the German regional elections last month.  Much of the success that the NPD achieved in Saxony is the growing abhorrence toward the ever-increasing numbers of Muslims in Germany. 


The vast majority of immigrant Muslims have no intention of assimilating into European society.  They intend that Europeans adopt THEIR customs, THEIR beliefs, and THEIR RELIGION.  Some naďve European liberals claim that the problem is inherent racism on the part of Europeans.  They fail to realize that even if everyone in Europe were white and blond, yet 5% of that population desired to reshape the European Union into an Islamic state, Europe would be facing the same problem, the violence, the strife and terror perpetrated by Muslim jihadists.


The push of Islam into Western Europe is about to cause a severe clash with the indigenous peoples who have inhabited the European continent for several thousands of years.  As the tide of Islamic immigration continues, almost unchecked in Europe, the Mullahs, the Imams, and other so-called “holy men,” will demand more and more in the way of power.  The Islamic threat to Europe will continue to “show its teeth.”  Europeans can expect more violence, more clashes of culture until they’ve finally had enough.


In the End Times, your Bible reveals that a powerful dictator will rise up in Europe, and consolidate a 10-nation coalition we know as the Beast Power.  The Revelation also tells us that the great dictator who rules the Beast Power will have a great religious cohort, a partner if you will, who will cement the bond between church and state.  This religious leader, known as the Great False Prophet will not be Islamic.  Most likely, his antipathy for Islam will make him all that more popular with the various European nations and peoples who join in the final 10-nation coalition.


The Bible makes no reference of a mass exodus of Islamic peoples returning to their Muslim origins.  However, that doesn’t mean that such an exodus can’t happen.  At least politicians can plan a massive expulsion of Muslims, and demagogue the issue in efforts to unify a fractionalized Europe.  A Europe sorely in need of a cause to go back to work and overcome the aftermath of a future economic catastrophe.


If at that time the Muslim world has any sense or form of unity, such a threat from Europe might be the cause of immediate preparations for war.  An oil embargo imposed on Europe, might be the reason that the “king of the north,” launches attacks on the “king of the south.”  Of course the Bible tells us that this is to occur, and that the “king of the north” will overrun most of the Middle East, and extend as far as Egypt.


Clearly, more and more End Time prophesies are shaping up and beginning to unfold before our very eyes.  This world’s time is just about up.  Mankind has not been successful at establishing and maintaining governments that equitably rule the inhabitants of this planet. 


A new government is coming however, a strong central government that will rule the entire world.  The capital will be in Jerusalem, yet there will be no “suicide bombers,” no “jihadists,” no violence, confusion or hatred.


Islam will continue to be a disruptive force in Europe, and the time will come shortly when the myth of Islam being a religion of “love, peace, learning, understanding and tolerance,” will be shown for the terrible lie that it is.  Keep your eyes on Jerusalem and the Middle East.  But keep your eyes on Europe as well. 

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