NAZI Legitimacy?


            The neo-Nazi movement is alive and well in Germany, and gaining political strength and popularity.  While the German government has attempted to legislate against their gatherings and the use of their symbolism, they’ve nevertheless found ways to circumvent attempts to suppress their organization.  An attempt to ban their political party (NPD) was struck down by the German Constitutional Court, partially on the basis that there are divergences between the political party and the neo-Nazi movement, even though the NPD is seen as the political wing of the neo-Nazis.  Now there is frightening evidence that the movement is forging ahead with plans to gain political legitimacy by means of winning seats in the Bundestag, Germany’s Parliament.  It should be noted that the movement is currently regarded as a dangerous fringe element by a large majority of the population, and viewed with fear and suspicion by politicians currently in power.  The German press expressed grave concern late last September when state elections in Saxony and Brandenburg awarded the NPD with nearly ten percent of the popular vote.


But here is the latest development.  Germany’s two far-right political parties have formed a new alliance, and are expressing earnest determination to win seats in the German Parliament.  The National Democratic Party (NPD, known as the neo-Nazi party) and the German People’s Union (NVU) have officially joined forces to achieve the goal of a prominent (and potentially violent) presence within the government.  Their plan is to appear as a single entity on voting ballots during next year’s federal election, playing on many of the themes which were so effective five decades ago. 


            Germany, along with the rest of United Europe is a massive welfare state, seeing its financial resources being depleted, largely by resident foreigners, at an unsustainable pace.  It is a situation that threatens the economic future of the entire European Union in its present configuration, and a theme that is gaining traction with growing numbers of voters in Germany.


            Ominously, the political boss of the NPD, Udo Voigt, is promising violent retaliation against any who oppose them by force.  And violence is the calling card and the legacy of the nationalist movement in Germany.  Consider the following recent quote carried in the German publication, DEUTSCHE WELLE.  NPD BOSS Udo Voigt declared that the combined force of the two parties would shake the mainstream parties to their core and that the far-right’s election campaigns would be such that the opposition would be unable to believe their eyes or ears.  He gave no further details but offered a belligerent warning to those who wished to oppose them by force.  ‘We will no longer be the whipping-boys of the left,’ said Voigt.  ‘Whoever attacks us, should expect to get hurt,’ he said after listing various attacks on far right supporters.” 


            Voigt, and his party use “freedom of speech” as their basis to justify the propagation of Nazi slogans and philosophies.  Interestingly, Voigt was denied an entry visa to Australia, where he planned to address a free speech conference known as the Sydney Forum in 2003..  Australia’s foreign minister released a statement claiming he was “directly or indirectly linked to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction” in order to ensure the denial.  The accusation was deemed without merit and dubbed as “theater of the absurd” by the Australian Foreign Minister’s critics.


            A recent story carried by United Press International begins, “The European Union will break up within 15 years as a result of its countries being dragged down by unsustainable welfare programs, a CIA report says.” 


            In a situation similar to that here in the United States, politicians are fearful that discontinuing “government benefits” and other social programs would bring a quick end to their own immediate political ambitions, whether or not crisis looms further down the road.  An economic crisis in Germany, with indolent foreigners viewed as the root problem, is exactly the kind of scenario which could lead to the ascendance of a new German nationalism reminiscent of the circumstances which brought Hitler to power in the 1930s. Remember, Hitler never had more than 37% of any popular vote, and he was strongly opposed by the majority.  He came to power as the result of a series of behind-the-scenes agreements, and used the economic crisis fomented by the Great Depression to blame the status quo for the nation’s plight.  Are dominoes aligning which could bring about a repetition of history?


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