by Michael Burkert


The past few weeks have shown us that Al-Qaeda, and numerous groups of fanatic Muslims continue to have very sharp teeth!  Not only is the killing continuous in Iraq, but the terrorists have now shifted their murderous efforts with Iraqi MUSLIMS (both Sunni and Shi’ite) now the target of convenience.  Americans and other foreigners have become very cautious and more protected. 


In Germany, there’s a revolution of police doctrine, investigative techniques and methods underway.  Muslim fanaticism has become extremely worrisome for the German Federal Police.  The reason is that it’s more and more apparent that the Islamic MURDER BOMBER can no longer be targeted as some down and out son of a goatherd, recently arrived from a backwater location in the Middle East. 


The Germans are witnessing a growing Islamic movement fomented by firebrand “holy men” imported into Germany, and in many cases PAID FOR BY THE SAUDIS.  The radical mullahs, imams and other “holy men” preach hatred, destruction, murder, rape and general pillage of all “infidels.”  The problem is that wealthy, upscale and privileged young Muslims are hearing the “Voice of Jihad!”  In many Mosques the cry of “Islam above all,” has superseded the place of the old German nationalist slogan of “Germany above all.” 


These young men have money, connections to the local Middle East business infrastructure, and influence amongst the non-privileged and unemployable young Muslim community.  They are creating strategic and operational plans as autonomous cells pop up in various German cities and towns.  Because they are local grown, legitimate citizens of the German republic, these Muslim fanatics are nearly impossible to monitor.


According to Herr Otto Schily, the Federal Minister of the Interior,  “It’s a mistake to believe that all terrorists come from the slums.”  In a recent interview on Deutsche Welle TV, the “Herr Minister” elaborated on many problems facing German law enforcement in preventing the inevitable attacks that are forthcoming in Germany. 


What Herr Schily failed to say in his interview, is that liberal socialist immigration and welfare policies have had much to do with the creation of the current problems facing Germany.  The Social Security system created a cradle to grave “Nanny State” that benefits a multitude of Middle Eastern immigrants who do not choose to work. 


The German welfare system continues to pay for near unlimited immigration from Turkey, and the Arab nations.  As the money is no longer there, primarily due to a staggering SIX MILLION people being unemployed, here and then  severe cuts in benefits have already begun to affect the ARBEITSLOS or unemployed segment of society.  Young Muslims are becoming angry!


Masses of young uneducated, unskilled and unemployable youth are just hanging around on the streets in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Leipzig, Dresden and other locations.   The radical Islamist “holy men” have willing recruits, and many have already been trained in the Al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. 


Young Muslims are taught that it’s America’s fault and Germany’s fault that they’re poor, have no opportunities and can’t find jobs.  The “holy men” know that the real reason is that young Muslim men have only been trained in the Koran, and as German is no longer mandatory in school, their young candidates for “martyrdom” can’t speak the language of the nation where they were born. 


A change that’s coming soon to Germany, is a policy from Third Reich days.  The term “Protective Custody,” an old Gestapo buzzword for detaining potential enemies of the state, is now floating around Berlin.

The idea was developed for people who the Germans know are dangerous.  “Political correctness” forgoes the most logical course of action, that being to deport dangerous persons. 


In the “touchy feely” PC world of modern Europe, dangerous Muslims simply can’t be deported.  They might be locked up in their home countries!  Such a detainee might not be allowed a Koran, a prayer rug, and three meals per day, as they are today in US custody!   


The question in German is growing in volume, “Should we allow such highly dangerous persons, those who openly call for the killing of German women, children and old people to be loose on society?  Can we afford to allow these violent Muslims to walk about freely?  After all, the majority of Muslim fanatics are too radical for their own countries.  So they come to Germany to foment trouble.


Already there is a plan to arrest and detain potential terrorists in Germany.  However, it may be too late.  The Germans know fully well that they are already a target of Islamic terrorism.  After all, they continue to have troops in Afghanistan, where German forces have been particularly effective at ferreting out Taliban holdouts, and killing them, as only Germans can.  German police are in Iraq, training police recruits along with American and British police.  German involvement in the War on Terror is well known.  Unlike their French neighbors, the Germans have to a great extent, stepped up to the plate to fight terrorism much more than our partisan press has given them credit for.


German authorities may soon begin Protective Custody operations in efforts to sweep up the more radical, hatred-preaching elements of the Islamic community in Germany.  They may once again establish LAGERS or holding areas for Islamic militants and terrorists, and may CONCENTRATE them in one confined area.  All it will take is one bomb, one horrible “Jihadist” assassination or murder of a well-known person, and the police will act!


The Germans will rapidly overcome the preposterous “political correctness” that allows vicious, radical and hate-filled “holy men” to radicalize the local Muslim population into societal weapons of mass destruction!  The unfortunate reality is however, that the most radical of the radical have already departed for Bin Laden’s training camps, and will one day return to put into practice what they’ve been trained to do.  The German authorities are well aware of what awaits them. 


The realization that the news media has done much to spread radical Islam is also beginning to wake-up the Germans.  They see that a phony story drummed up in an American magazine which falsely alleged that a Koran was flushed down a commode at Guantanamo Bay caused OUTRAGE in not only the American media, but in the World media.  They fully realize that there is morally selective outrage against America. 


Only months prior to the phony Guantanamo story, the Taliban in Afghanistan BURNED 300 ANCIENT KORANS after setting fire to a MOSQUE that housed them!  There was no outrage, no 24/7 worldwide coverage on CNN International or any other anti-American news outlet.  The partisan press essentially “spiked” the story.


In Germany, CNN International reported the Taliban atrocity as a passing comment.  Deutsche Welle TV in Germany carried the story for two days.  Yet the false Koran flushing, and of course Abu Ghraib continues to be a mainstay of anti-Americanism in European media outlets!


As the WAR WITH ISLAM continues, the “infidel world” will either surrender or finally stand-up and refuse to take it any longer.  Your Bible does not predict the ultimate outcome of events in favor of the ISLAMIC TERRORISTS who would enslave the “infidel world,” or kill everyone for Allah!


Daniel, Chapter 11 is a good source if you are interested in the ultimate outcome for Islam and the Arab world.  Couple that with the Book of Obadiah.  The Bible does not predict that Islam will overcome all.  Quite the contrary!  As we continue into the time your Bible refers to as the Latter Days, or the End Times, more and more Prophecy recorded in Scripture will come pass.  


More than ever, the Christian world needs to unify in order to defeat the many threats facing our very existence.  Yet it’s doubtful that we will.  Only the direct intervention of the Eternal God, into our daily lives will result in the peace and tranquility we all desire.  Only by the return of Jesus Christ, and the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, can we ever achieve the ultimate goal of WORLD PEACE.  

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