by Michael Burkert

The German elections on September 18, 2005 held great promise for the future of the German nation.  However, that promise has been smashed on the rocks of liberal socialism and the continuation of the status quo.


Today I watched Angela Merkel, the new German Chancellor on German television.  She spoke for 90 minutes and laid out her plan for turning the sagging German economy around and returning prosperity to the German Fatherland.  Her speech was laced with more liberal socialist ideology and her delivery was about as inspiring as what one might expect from Elmer Fudd. 


In short, the Christian Democrats, formerly a party that championed tax cuts, labor reform, smaller government and the elimination of farm subsidies, turned a “one-eighty” and adopted what is essentially the same worn-out programs and guaranteed failures of the Social Democrats led by Gerhard Schröder.


Many of the German people have grown soft with all the social goodies provided by the many previous governments that promised and delivered everything for nothing.  The health care promise has become a joke, as no money exists to pay for it.  Health care in Germany is rationed.  One of my friends, an 85-year old army veteran of World War II was recently denied prostate surgery due to his age, and the lack of available operating room space and follow-up care.  He was actually told that there were other men that had priority over him, as they were younger and productive!


You would think that the old veterans would receive preference, but not in today’s liberal socialist Germany!  This is a clear example of what we can expect in our country, should we ever be provided “free” medical care controlled by the government.  This is the same type of “free” medical care that Hillary Clinton will seek to impose on us should she win the White House in 2008.  If you think that health care is expensive now, just wait until it’s “free.”


Essentially, the Germans have postponed the inevitable.  That inevitability is the complete meltdown of their economy.  The party of Angela Merkel, once a party of tax cuts, deregulation, smaller government and free trade has completely embraced the failed policies of the left. 


Today, Angela Merkel paid homage to the liberal socialists, bowed down to Gerhard Schröder and literally did a one hundred eighty-degree turn to the left.  Her proposals actually are comical if you analyze the content of her speech.  She now stands for more taxes, more regulation and more redistribution of wealth.  Her government will fail, and fail miserably.


During the campaign, the Christian Democrats proposed a flat tax as one solution toward healing the German nation’s ailing cash flow.  Today, Merkel proposed new taxes, and increased subsidies for energy, and promised to continue to subsidize coal until 2008.  The absolute worst initiative proposed in her speech was to freeze prescription drug prices for a minimum of two years!  That means no new research, and no new drugs in Germany.  Price freezes ALWAYS fail. Free market competition is what wins, and produces for all concerned. 


The Merkel government will expand government, already over bloated, to an unbelievable new level. They will increase government regulation of business and industry.  Once again, the German government will resort to robbing Peter to pay Paul.  By so doing this guarantees Paul’s vote in future elections, as it does in our country. 


The German nation voted on September 18, 2005 to postpone the inevitable meltdown of their economy.  Benjamin Franklin once said that, “Taxing a nation to prosperity is like asking a man standing in a bucket, to raise himself up by the handle.”


Tax cuts, not tax increases bring on economic growth.  Prior to September 18th, the Christian Democrats presented a vision to move Germany forward by eliminating subsidies, shrinking the bloated, overwhelming and self-serving German civil service, simplifying the horrendous tax code, and applying the principals of free trade.  


Reforming the social welfare program was also in the making.  Not any longer.  All of the trappings of reform in Germany were squandered so that the Christian Democrats could possess the chief executive position in Germany, that being the Chancellorship.  It was all about power and directly contradicts the core beliefs and economic reform the party purported to stand for.


The so-called “Grand Coalition,” that being the coalition of Christian Democrats and Social Democrats (liberal socialists) will soon grind the German nation to a screeching halt.  The scary thing is that once the German nation is again in an economic depression, unemployment rises from the already staggering 11% (official government estimate) to an astronomical figure as it did in the 1930’s, a “new order” may well appear on the radar scope.  That new order will most likely be a NATIONAL SOCIALIST order, disguised as something other than what it truly is.


Today in Germany, there are no jackbooted thugs marching down the avenues of German cities.  Yet Germany remains a nation of very organized and regulated people who if properly led, can climb to unbelievable levels!  Germans will always follow the government in Berlin.  It’s their nature to do so, as long as that government firmly leads, and nurtures the masses of the German nation.


No German government for decades has accomplished anything resembling what Germans truly want.  That being a great German nation, a powerful and respected German nation, and a strong economy that provides a prosperous standard of living for the average German family.


By voting haphazardly on September 18th, the German people postponed the inevitable.  They may have bought themselves 3-5 years.  However, a day of reckoning is coming and it’s going to manifest itself in the form of the German economy crashing and burning.  Continuing the present coarse of liberal socialism in Germany is a guaranteed disaster in the making.


Despite winning the election of 2005, the Christian Democrats have certainly lost the will to institute the only policies that just might have saved Germany from her future fate.  Unfortunately, the world as a whole has lost in the outcome of the German elections of 2005.


A new government is coming to Germany and it won’t be anything that you can imagine.  The coming Germany will be a country of national pride, national strength and world power!  It will be a government that will solve the current “Muslim problem” that exists today, and the solution will be both dramatic and conclusive.


Germany, under the right government, can achieve mind-boggling successes in military, industrial and economic power.  Germany can, and will once again be a world power.  She will soon be a force to be reckoned with.  It’s already been proved that such remarkable recovery and astonishing growth can be accomplished.  You don’t think that history can repeat itself?  It can!  In the case of Germany, it most certainly will, and soon.


Your Bible clearly has prophesied that a renewed “Roman Empire” will rise up in the End Times.  This amazing empire will appear rapidly and become the Superpower of superpowers.  The world will marvel at the magnificence of this empire, allied with a powerful worldwide church.  Interestingly enough, the previous “Holy Roman Empires” were ruled by German monarchs. 


The current European Union is in deep trouble.  The twenty-five nations will never truly be united.  The squabbling is becoming louder every day.  Disagreements abound, and the atmosphere is rapidly deteriorating to a point where reconciliation will be impossible. 


It’s clear that the French and Germans are both getting tired of the British refusal to adopt the “European economic model,” as well as the Euro currency.  It’s not inconceivable that the British will be expelled from the EU within the foreseeable future. 


Prophecy is being fulfilled at an ever increasing pace.  Changes in climate, the threat of disease epidemics, earthquakes and tsunamis were all prophesied in the Bible nearly two-thousand years ago.  Time is short.  Pray always for the rapid return of Jesus Christ and the establishment of the Kingdom of God.  


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