Multiculturalism Fails in Germany  

by Michael Burkert


The fear of a future “Crusade,” or war between European powers and the Muslim world is one of those alarming stories that is circulating in Germany.  That a situation might one day occur, that of Muslims against Christians, was driven home recently when a nine-year old police informant reported that her mosque’s “holy man” was showing violent videos.  The “holy man” began by haranguing the assembled members of the mosque with Jihadist rhetoric, calling for a violent end to the Federal Republic of Germany, and the establishment of an Islamic Republic.  He followed up with videos from Al-Jazeera in which graphic scenes of beheadings and torture of “infidels” was championed.


This confirms the worst fears that many Germans live with.  The fear that their benevolence and welcome of millions of Middle Eastern Muslims has created a violent, hostile and threatening situation that can no longer be tolerated. 


Germans have good reason to fear for their culture, their nominal Christian beliefs and their very existence as a nation of homogenous European people.  That Muslim immigrants make no bone about their disdain for German culture, German music, art and way of life has finally sunk in with a large number of Germans and Europeans in the so-called European Union. 


The “Non” vote in France and the “Nee” vote in the Netherlands was a clear referendum on not only the European Constitution as it is currently written, but also a big NO toward the future admittance of Turkey, a poor and overwhelmingly MUSLIM nation.  Pope Benedict has expressed his concerns that the admission of Turkey into the EU would be a disaster.  Benedict realizes that the admission of Turkey would enable hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Turks to migrate to Western European countries.  Many are beginning to believe that European culture cannot survive the invasion of a hostile, non-assimilating, non-employable mass of Turkish Muslim migrants. 


Recently, Edmund Stoiber, the Christian Democrat candidate defeated by Bundeschancellor Gerhard Schröder in the 2002 national elections in Germany stated the following.  He was addressing the immigration of Middle Eastern Muslims into the EU, specifically Germany:  “If you are unwilling to adopt German values, German culture, German life as your own, YOU PICKED THE WRONG COUNTRY.” 


The continued violence perpetrated by the Muslim minority in Germany is beginning to create a backlash mentality in more and more Germans.  Germans are rapidly tiring of assaults on their women, their young people and the elderly.  It makes no difference that many of the elderly attacked and brutally beaten are Jews.  The Germans are appalled that young Muslim thugs are ruling the streets in many German inner cities. 


Not only the National Democrats are championing an end to Middle Eastern immigration.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has stated, “Multiculturalism has failed.”  She elaborated and said that the time has come to stop the encroaching insidious nature of Islam, and to re-establish German culture and German values within the German nation.  “We cannot allow Muslim foreigners to de-establish thousands of years of the German way of life.”


The cultural differences are creating an untenable situation that may well result in the ultimate expulsion of millions of Muslims from the German nation.


The tough new stand against Muslim immigration strikes squarely at the Muslim majority –the Turks.  For years, the Turks have refused to assimilate.  They have refused to become Germans.  While many hold German citizenship, they have refused to assimilate.  They cherish their identity, their religion, and continue to demand a separate existence, if not a demand for Germans to become as they see themselves. 


The Muslim community has no intention of ever being “German.”  They hate everything German.  They hate the women, the religions, the very being of what the core of German society cherishes. 


What they love about Germany is the welfare system.  The system that protects Muslim immigrant's failure and hunger.  They love the German system that subsidizes their large families that they could, in no way support, were it not for Kindergeld, or public payments for their many children, and other social services payments.  They love the free medical care which they receive on the backs of the German taxpayer.


Germany has yet to discover remedies for cultural separateness.  Affirmative action associated with civil rights movements have never come to pass in Germany.  It is highly unlikely that they ever will! 


Germans see the massive numbers of Muslims in their midst as a threat to their future.  What they do about this threat is yet to materialize.  Watch for an anti-immigrant movement to accelerate in Germany.  Watch for the same type of movement to grow in other European nations as well.  Most certainly the Pope will eventually “weigh in” on the growing discontent with alien Muslim culture in a traditional nominal Christian Europe. 


Don’t expect Pope Benedict to express his love and tolerance for the Muslim masses that liberal socialist governments have allowed into their respective nations, and that are now tearing at the very fabric of the European culture and tradition.  European tolerance for alien, hostile and imperialistic immigrants may come to a crashing halt very soon.  Obviously, multiculturalism in Europe has failed, and failed miserably.


Your Bible does not predict that the final 10-nation coalition which will constitute the Beast Power, will be Muslim!  Quite the contrary.  The Beast Power, along with its False Prophet will not be Muslim.  Islam will be the very antithesis of the False Prophet.  The only other group of people who will actually be the MOST HATED by the False Prophet will be God’s Elect and Very Elect.  After the defeat and utter destruction of Islam, the Beast Power and his False Prophet will devote their attentions to stamping out God’s True Church.  Drunk with the success of having completed the destruction of Islam, the Beast and his False Prophet will viciously turn on any and all, who do not accept the Mark of the Beast, and submit to the False Religion.


War may well develop between Europe and the Muslim world.  The expulsion of millions of European Muslims to their home countries will not sit well with the despotic rulers in lands that cannot feed their exploding populations, yet spend BILLIONS on arms each year.  A clash may be inevitable.


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