Europe and the Coming State Religion
By Michael Burkert  


To the casual observer, Europe is a very secular collection of nations.  There are few “religious” displays in cities and towns and until recently, the churches were pretty empty each and every Sunday morning.


The ascendancy of Josef Ratzinger to the papal throne has brought about some exceptionally rapid changes that will soon affect the entire continent of Europe.  Initially thought to be just a “caretaker” pope, an occupant who would do little more than keep the papal chair warm, Benedict has surprised even his most critical detractors.


Pope Benedict XVI has moved the church of Rome in directions nobody ever thought possible.  He has moved the Roman church into POLITICS.  He has already flexed his papal muscles and influenced the political situation in Spain as well as Italy.   Very soon, Benedict will influence all of Europe, especially CATHOLIC EUROPE.  He is not a man to be taken lightly, nor a man to discount.  He has an IRON WILL. 


There are some very deep-rooted problems with the so-called European Union.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, despite throwing a multi-million euro celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the EU in Berlin, she has yet to convince the German people that being in the EU is worth it! 


The expensive bash thrown for the German masses was a ploy to hide the signing of the Berlin Declaration, just down the street from the large Alexander Platz gathering.  While the Germans drank copious amounts of beer and ate sausage by the ton, their Chancellor was busy signing a new agreement on “behalf of the German people and the peoples of Europe.” 


The Germans have always been masters of creating a crisis, then proposing a preconceived solution that meets THEIR goals.  The Berlin declaration is no exception.  Although a representative of each of the 27 European Union nations were to sign the Berlin Declaration there never was a consensus, despite urgings from Jose Manuel Barroso, the European Commission President. 


The problem was that a majority of EU members saw through the Berlin Declaration as a ringing political statement, that had little to do with the values and priorities of any other EU nations except GERMANY.  When it became a reality, that most EU members would refuse to sign the Berlin Declaration, Angela Merkel took an unprecedented move and declared that she and European Commission President Barroso along with European Parliament President Hans-Gerd Pöttering would sign on behalf of ALL THE EUROPEAN LEADERS!


The uproar has yet to settle down in Europe.  The Berlin Declaration itself is two pages of fluffy rhetoric that fails to address the problems facing the EU.  As an example, no reference is made to the European Constitution, which failed ratification in both France and the Netherlands, effectively shelving the document for now.


Additionally, the Roman Catholic founders make no reference to the RELIGION which has provided the EU with a system of values from its early origins!  When the declaration failed to address the issue of God and the church of Rome, Benedict the XVI became highly perturbed.


Most Europeans are still quaking from the realization that GERMANY is once again bullying her neighbors.   Don’t think for a moment that the antics of Merkel and her top EU cronies have gone unnoticed in Europe.  The Berlin Declaration has become somewhat discerning to the other 26 member nations.  Yet this incident is only a shadow of soon to come events that will shock the entire world.




For over 50 years, the Vatican has been a driving force behind European unity.  For the Berlin Declaration not to mention Europe’s catholic roots, core values and ideals, WAS AN AFFRONT TO THE POPE.  Accordingly, Benedict lashed out accusing the EU leaders of apostasy for neglecting to even mention the role that the Christian religion; specifically the CATHOLIC religion has played in the history of Europe. 


In his scathing comments, Benedict said, “Does not this unique form of apostasy of itself, even before God, lead Europe to doubt its very identity?”


No pope has ever criticized the leadership of Europe in this manner.  Benedict additionally cited the fact that the Roman church has always in the past, as with the Holy Roman Empire served as the bond that held the various nations of Europe together, particularly when under assault from enemies of Christendom. 


The leaders of Europe have been insulted by Pope Benedict’s accusation of apostasy.  He’s gotten the attention of millions of Europeans.  His point regarding Europe “under the assault from enemies of Christendom” may be an indication of Benedict’s concern with the growing MUSLIM THREAT.


All of the EU leaders, including Chancellor Merkel fully realize that the Pope wields a sharp political sword.   He has real clout in Europe, which is going to be felt more and more, with regularity.  It may well be that Merkel’s secret drafting of the Berlin Declaration in the form it took, was intentional.  Merkel, a Catholic herself, publicly told the Pope last year that the European Constitution should refer to God and to the European Union’s  ROMAN CATHOLIC VALUES. 


On the day when the Berlin Declaration was signed, one of the drafters, Hans-Gerd Pöttering was in Rome meeting with the pope.  He invited the pope to come to Brussels and address the European Parliament.  The pope was told that he could address the parliament and “set things straight!”  No doubt Benedict will do just that.


Expect this pope to soon insert himself into European politics as no pope has done since the 1930s.  The election of Josef Ratzinger, a German, to the papal throne will soon have ramifications that could never have been imagined only a few short years ago.  THE POPE WILL HAVE HIS DAY!  Europe will remain catholic and every aspect of life will soon be influenced again, from the Vatican.




Essentially, the Chancellorship of Angela Merkel will be hallmarked by the “crisis” created by the Berlin Declaration, and a preconceived solution, that being Benedict’s influence to declare Roman Catholicism as the RELIGION of Europe.


The Berlin Declaration, as it turns out, is an open challenge to supremacy of the catholic religion in Europe.  Pöttering’s invitation to Pope Benedict, to come to the EU Parliament and “fix it,” may be a “back door” move to have the EU Parliament declare Roman Catholicism the RELIGION OF EUROPE.  In light of the Muslim threat facing Europe and the question of what to do with 20-million unwanted, hostile people, EU Parliamentarians may welcome the chance to declare Europe to be a Catholic community.


If this comes to pass, several results can be expected.  First, the protestant nations such as the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland etc. will most likely not accept Catholicism as their STATE RELIGION.  Additionally, the British will also balk at Catholicism being the declared the religion of Europe.  When Europe is declared a CATHOLIC union, the voluntary withdrawal or dismissal of all nations who refuse to accept and heed the might and authority of the Roman church, might well become a reality. 


For decades, both Herbert W. Armstrong and his son Garner Ted Armstrong taught that the final 10-nation coalition which would make up the last rendition of the Roman Empire, would be cemented by a false religious leader the Bible calls the FALSE PROPHET.  Both of the Armstrongs furthermore taught that GREAT BRITAIN WILL NOT be a member of that final 10-nation coalition the Bible refers to as the Beast Power. 


The Berlin Declaration and the rising influence of the pope in Rome may serve to galvanize Catholic Europe. 

Accordingly, Europe may soon gather the necessary strength to deal with the ISLAMIC THREAT posed by millions of unassimilating Middle Eastern peoples who have flooded Europe in recent decades.  However, it will be a much smaller union of European nations that actually will form the final rendition of the Roman Empire.


Bible prophecy is coming to light with ever more increasing frequency.  Events are moving rapidly as we move further into the End Times.  It wasn’t by chance, that Josef Ratzinger followed Karol Józef Wojtyła [Pope John Paul II] to the papal throne.  Only a German pope could accomplish what Benedict has already done in two short years, by using the power and influence of the German nation in accomplishing his goals.  Only a German pope can and will unite Europe behind the strong leader who will soon arrive on the scene and seemingly solve Europe’s problems, once and for all.


Europe has always been a catholic realm since Constantine hosted the Nicene Council in 325AD.  While the church has had its ups and downs, it has always come roaring back as the glue that holds Europe together!  Your Bible clearly predicts a seventh and final Roman Empire that will soon arise and surprise us all.  Biblical prophecy has the best “track record” of any prophetic text in the world, yet is believed the least.


I witnessed first hand, the adulation shown Pope Benedict when he visited his German fatherland for the first time after assuming the papal throne.  The Germans were more worked up that day than they have been in decades!  Even the local newspaper the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, reported, “The enthusiasm for our pope was unprecedented in recent German history.”


Trying times are on the horizon for Europe.  The last chapter of European history is only now being written.  Times are changing rapidly and you need to know what’s going on and how it relates to the prophecies recorded in YOUR BIBLE.  Keep your eye on Europe.  Keep your eye on Germany.  As the old carnival barker used to say, “You ain’t seen 'nuthin’ yet!”


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50 Years of the EU
EU Presidency

Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe

Left: Pope Benedict XVI addressing audience
Middle: Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin where Berlin Declaration was signed
Right: Flags of the EU member countries

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