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(Disclaimer)        What to Look For in World Events:  Audio & Text  Video

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News videos from around the World

Latest Videos
* Trump to re-implement travel band on same 7 countries 1:56
* Can Trump make the new order on immigration bulletproof
* Is Europe Doomed by Migrants? 6:18
* Sweden - The self destruction of a Liberal Nation 14:59
* Bill Richardson on North Korea missile launch 6:25

European Union

* World on brink of 'post-Western age'
* Trump's policies top list of risks for EU economy
* OCAM warns against advance of radical Islam in Belgium

United States

* Trump Says Americans Can Expect Tax Cut in 2017
* California Senate Leader Admits: "Half Of My Family" In Country Illegally With "False Social Security Cards"
* Trump threatens to cut off federal funding to ‘out of control’ California

Far East

* Heat is on China after North Korean missile test
* US, Japan, S Korea Request Urgent UN SC Meeting on DPRK Missile Test
* Japan Will Invest Its Pensions In US Infrastructure To Create "Hundreds Of Thousands Of US Jobs"


* Social Democrat threatens Merkel’s stronghold in Germany elections
* Germany is ready to be more active in world affairs, says president
* Can 'man of the people' Martin Schulz oust Angela Merkel?

Refugee Crisis Europe

* PM: Israel protecting Europe from even worse refugee crisis
* Refugee crisis cost Germany over €20 billion in 2016
* Germany to review over 500 asylum applications over security risk


* Israeli PM Netanyahu urges all ‘responsible nations’ to sanction Iran
* Israel shells Hamas post in Gaza after rocket attack
* Netanyahu Asks Rabbis to Pray for Trump

Earthquakes, Famines, Pestilence, Disasters

* Thousands of Dead Bees Wash Ashore on Naples Beach
* Magnitude 7.9 quake strikes off Papua New Guinea
* Magnitude 7.3 earthquake strikes near Tabiauan, Philippines


* Russia’s Wonderful Future ‘Inevitable’ - Putin
* Russian-US Lawmakers Talks to Be Held After Putin-Trump 'Serious Conversation'
* U.S. Navy kicks of military drills with NATO on Russia's doorstep

Middle East

* Kuwait Imposes Visa Ban on Five Muslim-Majority Countries
* End of tax-free living in Saudi Arabia as oil revenues dry up
* Iran fires another missile from launch pad, US official says

What to Look For in World Events:  Audio & Text  Video


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