Earthquakes in Diverse Places

Current 2017 Earthquake List

Current 2017 Quake List Source of Earthquake Data    2nd Source of Earthquake Data
In the Olivet prophecy of Matthew 24 Jesus gives a number of things to look for in the end times.  Among them He says, "...and earthquakes, in divers places."  Following is a list of places of quake activity of the magnitude of 4.0 and greater occurring between 25 June 2004 and 31 May 2017.  592 places listed in 4,724 days of record keeping.
End Times News End Time Headlines 6.0 Quakes Quakes in Diverse Places
End Time News Sources Earthquake Headlines 7.0 Quakes Quake Map

Adriatic Sea
Aegean Sea
Admiralty Islands Region, P. N .G.
Afghanistan-Tajikistan Border Region
Alaska Peninsula
Aleutian Islands
Andaman Islands, India
Andreanof Islands, Aleutian Islands
Arabian Sea
Arctic Ocean
Armenia-Azerbaijan-Iran Bord Region
Aru Islands Region, Indonesia
Ascention Island Region
Auckland Islands
Auckland Islands Region

Azores-Cape St. Vincent Ridge
Azores Islands
Azores Islands Region
Baffin Bay
Baja California, Mexico
Bali Sea
Balkan Island Region

Balleny Islands
Balleny Islands Region
Banda Sea
Bay Of Bengal
Bay of Campeche
Beaufort Sea
Bering Sea
Bering Strait
Bismarck Sea
Bonin Islands Region
Bouvet Island
Bouvet Island Region
Bristol Bay
British Columbia, Canada
Buru, Indonesia
California-Baja California Border Region
California-Nevada Border Region
Caspian Sea
Caribbean Sea
Carlsberg Ridge
Catamarca Province, Argentina
Celebes Sea
Central Alaska
Central Bolivia

Central California
Central Chile
Central East Pacific Rise
Central Italy
Central Kazakhstan
Central Mediterranean Sea
Central Mexico
Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Central Peru
Ceram Sea
Chagos Archipelago Region
Chiapas, Mexico
Chihuahua, Mexico
Chile-Argentina Border Region
Chile-Bolivia Border Region
China-Russian border Region
Columbia-Ecuador Border Region
Cook Strait, New Zealand
Cordoba Province, Argentina

Costa Rica

Crete, Greece
Crozet Islands Region
Cuba Region
Cyprus Region
Czech and Slovak Republics
Dead Sea Region
Davis Strait
Dentrecasteaux Islands Region
Dodecanese Islands
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic Region
Drake Passage
East Caroline Islands, Micronesia
East Central Pacific Ocean
East of Kuril Islands
East of Lake Baykai, Russia
East of North Island, N.Z.
East of Severnaya Zemlya, Russia
East of South Sandwich Islands
East Russia - N.E. China Border Region
East of Severnaya Zemlya, Russia
Easter Island
Easter Island Region
Eastern Arabian Peninsula
Eastern Arizona
Eastern Caucasus

Eastern Gulf of Aden
Eastern Honshu, Japan
Eastern Idaho
Eastern Kashmir
Eastern Kazakhstan
Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Eastern New Guinea
Eastern New Guinea Region P.N.G.
Eastern Sea of Japan
Eastern Siberia, Russia
Eastern Xizang-India Border Region

El Salvador
Falkland Islands Region
Fiji Islands
Fiji Islands Region
Flores Region, Indonesia
Flores Sea
Fox Island
Fox Islands Region
Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands
French Guiana
Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands Region
Galapagos Triple Junction Region
Gansu, China
Gaspe Peninsula
Georgia-Armenia-Turkey Border Region
Georgia, USA
Greece-Albania Border Region
Greece-Bulgaria border Region
Greenland Sea
Guerrero, Mexico
Gulf of Alaska
Gulf of California
Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of Thailand
Haiti Region

Halmahera, Indonesia
Hebgen Lake Region
Hindu Kush Region, Afghanistan
Hokkaido, Japan Region
Hudson Bay
Iceland Region
India-Bangladesh Border
India-Pakistan Border Region
Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean Triple Junction
Indian Ridge SE
Ionian Sea
Iran-Iraq Border Region
Irian Jaya, Indonesia
Irian Jaya Region, Indonesia


Izu Islands
    ...note: Jerusalem not yet listed but at least one earthquake is prophesied.
Jamaica Region
Jan Mayen Island
Jan Mayen Island Region
Japan, Volcano Island
Java Sea
Jawa, Indonesia
Jordan-Syria Region
JuJuy Province, Argentina
Kashmir-India Border Region
Kazakhstan-Xinjiang Border Region
Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
Kerguelen Islands Region
Kermadec Islands Region
Kermadec Islands, New Zealand
Kodiak Islands
Kodiak Islands Region
Komandorskiye Ostrova Region

Komandorsky Islands Region

Kuril Islands
Kyrgyzstan-Xinjiang Border Region
Kyushu, Japan
La Rioja Province, Argentina
Labrador, Canada
Lake Baykal Region, Russia
Lake Issyk-Kul Region
Lake Maracaibo

Lake Tanganyika Region
Lake Victoria Region
Laptev Sea
Leeward Islands
Leyte, Philippine Islands
Louisiana-Texas Border Region
Loyalty Islands
Loyalty Islands Region
Luzon, Philippine Islands
Macquarie Island
Macquarie Island Region
Manitoba, Canada

Mariana Islands
Mariana Islands Region
Maug Islands
Mauritius-Reunion Region
Mediterranean Sea
Mendoza Province, Argentina
New Guinea
Mexico-Guatemala Border Region
Michoacan, Mexico
Micronesia, State of Yap
Mid-Indian Ridge
Minahassa, Peninsula, Sulawesi
Mindanao, Philippine Islands
Mindoro, Philippine Islands
Molucca Sea
Mona Passage
Mozambique Channel
Myanmar-China Border Region
Myanmar-India Border Region
Near Coast of Central Chile
Near Coast of Central Siberia, Russia

Near Coast of Chiapas, Mexico
Near Coast of Ecuador
Near Coast of Guatemala
Near Coast of Guerrero, Mexico
Near Coast of Jalisco, Mexico
Near Coast of Michoacan, Mexico
Near Coast of Nicaragua
Near Coast of Northern California

Near Coast of Northern Chile
Near Coast of Northern Peru
Near Coast of Oaxaca, Mexico
Near Coast of Peru
Near Coast of Honshu, Japan
Near Coast of Venezuela
Near East Coast of Honshu, Japan
Near East Coast of Kamchatka
Near Islands, Aleutian Islands
Near North Coast of Colombia
Near North Coast of Eastern Siberia
Near North Coast of Greenland
Near North Coast of Irian Jaya
Near North Coast of New Guinea, P.N.G.
Near North Coast of Irian Jaya
Near South Coast of Honshu, Japan
Near South Coast of Myanmar
Near South Coast of Western Honshu
Near Southeast Coast of Australia
Near Southeast Coast of Russia
Near Southeastern Coast of China
Near West Coast of Colombia
Near West Coast of Honshu, Japan
Negros, Philippine Islands
Nepal-India Border Region
New Britain
New Britain Region
New Caledonia
New Guinea
New Guinea, Papua New Guinea
New Ireland
New Ireland Region, P. N. G.
New Jersey
New Mexico
New south Wales, Australia
New Zealand
Nicobar Islands, India
Norfolk Islands Region

North Atlantic Ocean
North Carolina
North Islands, N. Z.
North Korea
North of Ascension Islands
North of Franz Josep Land
North of Halmahera, Indonesia
North of Honduras
North of India-Bangladesh Border Region
North of Svalbard
North Island, New Zealand
North of Macquarie Island
North of Severnaya Zemlya
North of Svalbard
North Pacific Ocean
North Sea
Northeast of Taiwan
Northeastern China
Northeastern India
Northern and Central Iran
Northern Alaska
Northern Algeria
Northern California
Northern Chile
Northern Colombia
Northern East Pacific Rise
Northern India
Northern Iran
Northern Italy
Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Northern Molucca Sea
Northern Peru
Northern Sumatera, Indonesia
Northern Xinjiang, China
Northern Yukon Territory, Canada
Northwest of Australia
Northwest of Kuril Islands
Northwest of Madagascar
Northwest of New Zealand  Ryukyu Islands
Northwest of Ryukyu Islands
Northwest Territories, Canada
Northwestern Balkan Region

Northwestern Caucasus
Northwestern Iran

Northwestern Kashmir
Northwestern Uzbekistan
Norwegian Sea
Oaxaca, Mexico
Off Coast of California
Off Coast of Central America
Off Coast of Central Chile
Off Coast of Central Mexico
Off Coast of Chiapas, Mexico
Off Coast of Costa Rica
Off Coast of Ecuador
Off Coast of Guerrero, Mexico
Off Coast of Hokkaido, Japan
Off Coast of Jalisco, Mexico
Off Coast of Michoacan, Maine
Off Coast of Northern California
Off Coast of Northern Chile
Off Coast of Northern Peru
Off Coast of Oregon
Off Coast of Pakistan
Off Coast of Peru
Off Coast of Southern Chile
Off Coast of Washington
Off East Coast of Honshu, Japan
Off East Coast of Kamchatka
Off East Coast of North Island, New Zealand
Off East Coast of South Island, New Zealand
Off South coast of Australia
Off West Coast of Baja California
Off West Coast of Northern Sumatera
Off West Coast of South Island, New Zealand
Oregon, off the Coast
Ontario, Canada
Owen Fracture Zone Region
Pacific Ocean

Pacific-Antarctic Ridge

Panama-Colombia Border Region
Panama-Costa Rica Border Region
Persian Gulf
Peru-Bolivia Border Region

Peru-Brazil Border Region
Peru-Ecuador Border
Peru-Ecuador Border Region
Philippine Islands
Philippine Islands Region
Phoenix Islands Region, Kiribati
Pribilof Islands
Prince Edward Islands
Prince Edward Islands Region
Puerto Rico Region
Qinghai, China
Quebec, Canada
Queen Charlotte Island
Queen Charlotte Islands Region
Queen Elizabeth Islands, Canada
Queensland, Australia
Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands
Red Sea
Republic Of South Africa
Revilla Gigedo Island
Revilla Gigedo Islands Region
Reykjanes Ridge


Russia, Sakhalin
Russian-Mongolia Border Region
Ryukyu Islands
Sakhalin Island
Salta Province, Argentina
Samar, Philippine Islands
Samoa Islands
Samoa Islands Region
San Juan Province, Argentina
Sandwich Islands
Santa Cruz Islands
Santa Cruz Islands Region
Santiago Del Estero Prov., Argentina
Savu Sea

Scotia Sea
Sea of Japan
Sea of Okhotsk
Seram, Indonesia
Severnaya Zemlya
Shikoku, Japan

Sichuan, China
Sikkim, India
Solomon Islands
South Atlantic Ocean
South China Sea
South Chile-Argentina Border Region
South Indian Ocean
South Island, New Zealand
South Korea
South of Africa
South of Alaska
South of Aleutian Islands
South of Australia
South of Bali, Indonesia
South of Fiji Islands

South of Honshu, Japan

South of Jawa, Indonesia
South of Kermadec Islands
South of Mariana Islands
South of Panama
South Sandwich Islands Region
South of Sumba, Indonesia
South of Sumbawa, Indonesia
South of Timor, Indonesia

South of Tonga Islands
South Sandwich Islands Region
Southeast Asia
Southeast of Australia
Southeast of Easter Island
Southeast Indian Ridge
Southeast of Ryukyu Islands
Southeast of Taiwan
Southeastern Alaska
Southeastern China
Southeastern Siberia, Russia
Southern Alaska
Southern Bolivia
Southern California
Southern Chile
Southern East Pacific Rise
Southern Greece
Southern Illinois
Southern India
Southern Indiana
Southern Iran
Southern Italy
Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Southern Molucca Sea
Southern Nevada
Southern Pacific Ocean
Southern Peru
Southern Quebec, Canada
Southern Sumatera, Indonesia
Southern Xinjiang, China
Southern Yukon Territory, Canada
Southwest Indian Ridge
Southwest of Africa
Southwest of Australia
Southwest of Sumatera, Indonesia
Southwest Indian Ridge
Southwestern Atlantic Ocean
Southwestern Pakistan
Southwestern Ryukyu Islands
Southwestern Siberia, Russia
Strait of Gibraltar
Sulawesi, Indonesia
Sulu Archipelago
Sumba Region, Indonesia
Sumbawa Region, Indonesia
Sunda Strait
Svalbard Region
Taiwan Region
Tajikistan-Xinjiang Border Region
Talaud Islands, Indonesia
Tanimbar Islands Region, Indonesia
Tasmania Region, Australia
The Netherlands
Timor Region, Indonesia
Timor Sea
Todelau Islands Region
Tonga Islands
Tonga Islands Region
Tristan Da Cunha Region
Tubuai Islands Region
Tucuman Province, Argentina
Turkmenistan-Iran Border Region
Tyrrhenian Sea
Ukraine-Moldova-SW Russia Region
Unimak Island Region
United Kingdom
Ural Mountains Region, Russia
Vancouver Island
Vancouver Island, Canada Region
Vancouver Island Region
Vanuatu Islands
Vanuatu Islands Region
Veracruz, Mexico
Victoria, Australia

Virgin Islands
Volcano Islands Region
Volcano Islands, Japan Region
Washington-Oregon Border Region
West Arizona-Sonora Border Region
West Chile Rise
West of Galapagos Islands
West of Gibraltar
West of Macquarie Island
West Virginia
Western Arabian Peninsula
Western Australia
Western Brazil
Western Caroline Islands
Western Honshu, Japan
Western Indian-Antarctic Ridge
Western Iran
Western Kazakhstan
Western Mediterranean Sea
Western Nei Mongol., China

Western Xizang

Windward Islands

Xizang-India Border Region
Yellow Sea
Yellowstone Region, Wyoming
Yunnan, China

592 Places Listed

End Times News End Time Headlines 6.0 Quakes Quakes in Diverse Places
End Time News Sources Earthquake Headlines 7.0 Quakes Quake Map
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Current 2017 Earthquake List

Current 2017 Quake List Source of Earthquake Data    2nd Source of Earthquake Data

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