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The purpose of this page is to archive the headlines of stories we post in the End Time News. This page gives the reader a quick overview of these end time events the last twelve months.

We keep one year's worth of headlines in this archive.

Pestilence Earthquakes Wars Famines
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04/02/17 Pestilence Millions infected, thousands dead in Burundi malaria crisis -From OMEGA SSUUNA in Bujumbura, Burundi
04/02/17 Pestilence Disease outbreak kills nearly 270 in Nigeria -Pulse News Agency International by AFP
03/01/17 Pestilence Why Killer Viruses Are On The Rise -by Michelin Douche and Jane Greengage
03/01/17 Pestilence 2017 Global Infectious Diseases Threats to the United States -by Peter Hotel in General, Neglected Diseases
02/01/17 Pestilence World Remains Unprepared for Future Infectious Disease Outbreaks -Lauren Santé, Assistant Editor
01/01/17 Pestilence Deadly disease outbreak in Wisconsin baffles public health officials -by Karen Landsman
12/02/16 Pestilence Outbreak of Zika Virus Disease — American Samoa, 2016 -Meds cape
11/01/16 Pestilence Cholera outbreak deals war-torn Yemen yet another blow -Mohammed Al Valise
10/02/16 Pestilence Diarrheal disease outbreak grows to nearly 800 cases -by Alyssa Wildman Neuse
09/02/16 Pestilence Mosquitoes test positive for Zika in South Beach as local cases rise -by Joey Fleches and Daniel Chang
08/01/16 Pestilence Playing Catch-Up With Zika - Stephen S. Morse
07/02/16 Pestilence Meningococcal disease outbreak in Southern California hits adult gay, bisexual men -Bay Area News Group staff
07/02/16 Pestilence Yellow Fever Outbreak in Africa Strains World Vaccine Stocks -by Thomas Wilson
06/01/16 Pestilence Flesh-Eating Tropical Bug to Attack Europe Soon? Creating Havoc in Middle East - Australia network
05/01/16 Pestilence Measles Outbreak Erupts in Memphis, Epidemic Feared -Sputnik

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 see list of recent 6.0+ earthquakes worldwide  updated 1 April 2017
 see Earthquakes in Diverse Places updated 1 April 2017
 see list of just 7.0 and higher earthquakes  updated 1 April 2017
 see Live Earthquake Map     Source of Earthquake Data
04/02/17 Earthquakes 6.6 quake rocks Russia’s far eastern Kamchatka Region -RT
03/01/17 Earthquakes Magnitude 7.9 quake strikes off Papua New Guinea -by Joe Sutton and Susannah Cull inane, CNN
03/01/17 Earthquakes Magnitude 7.3 earthquake strikes near Tabiauan, Philippines -SF Gate
03/01/17 Earthquakes Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes near Padilla, Bolivia -SF Gate
03/01/17 Earthquakes 6 dead as magnitude 6.7 earthquake hits Mindanao -Rapper
02/01/17 Earthquakes 6.9-magnitude earthquake strikes off Japan -by Emanuella Grinberg and Ben Westcott, CNN
01/01/17 Earthquakes Magnitude 7.7 earthquake hits off Chilean coast -by Sima Shelbayah, CNN
12/02/16 Earthquakes Japan earthquake: small tsunami strike Fukushima coastline after 7.4 magnitude quake -by Barney Henderson, David Lawler and Julian Ryall
12/02/16 Earthquakes New Zealand hit by 6.3 magnitude earthquake off North Island: USGS -Reuters via CNBC
12/02/16 Earthquakes Magnitude 6.4 quake hits western Argentina USGS -RT
11/01/16 Earthquakes Italy earthquake: 6.6-magnitude tremor rocks nation's center -by Angela Dewan and Max Blau, CNN
10/02/16 Earthquakes ‘Earthquake Storm’ Warns Big Quake May Hit Southern California -Chriss W. Street
09/02/16 Earthquakes Magnitude 7.1 earthquake shakes North Island -by New Zealand Herald
08/01/16 Earthquakes 7.7 earthquake jolts CNMI -by Ferdie De La Torre
08/01/16 Earthquakes 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Chilean Coast ~Weather.com
08/01/16 Earthquakes 6.5 magnitude earthquake hits north of Aus, near PNG -Chinchilla News
07/02/16 Earthquakes 5.7 earthquake hits Mexico, shakes buildings in capital -RT
07/02/16 Earthquakes POWERFUL 6.7 magnitude earthquake rocks central Asia -by JON AUSTIN
06/01/16 Earthquakes Strong earthquake hits East Pacific Rise far off Mexico -BNO News
06/01/16 Earthquakes Quake of 6.8 magnitude strikes northwest of Ecuador capital Quito -USGS -by Reuters
06/01/16 Earthquakes 6.9-magnitude quake strikes Myanmar, shakes neighboring countries -Straits Times
05/01/16 Earthquakes Ecuador earthquake: Rescuers race to find survivors as death toll climbs -by Michael Pearson and Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN
05/01/16 Earthquakes Ecuador earthquake: Death toll jumps to 272; more than 2,500 injured -by Ralph Ellis, Faith Karimi, Azadeh Ansari and Natalie Gallon
05/01/16 Earthquakes Drone Video Captures Deadly Earthquake Aftermath in Ecuador -by Brian McBride
05/01/16 Earthquakes Rescue crews seek survivors of 2nd Japanese quake; at least 16 dead -by Don Melvin, Greg Botelho, Ray Sanche and Yoko Wakatsuki

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Wars and Rumors of Wars
04/02/17 Wars Thousands dead in clashes between Nigerian farmers and herdsmen -The Citizen
04/02/17 Wars NATO 'Obviously Preparing for a Conflict' on Its Eastern Border -Sputnik
03/01/17 Wars Armed Conflict in Syria Has Grave Human Consequences -Media Express
03/01/17 Wars Armed Conflict, Starvation And Sickness: The Forgotten Children Caught Up In Lake Chad's Crisis - James Macintyre
02/01/17 Wars 950,000 children affected by conflict in eastern Ukraine -Mirage News
02/01/17 Wars Almost 7,000 Iraqi Civilians Killed in Armed Conflict in 2016 - UN -Sputnik
01/01/17 Wars Iraq: Nearly 115,000 people displaced, 50,000 children affected by Mosul military operation  -UN News
12/02/16 Wars Over 2,800 Iraqis killed in acts of terrorism, violence, armed conflict in Iraq in November -Global Times
11/01/16 Wars Would Russia Attack & Invade the Baltics? -by Kris Osborn
10/02/16 Wars Why Are Pakistan And India Fighting? Nuclear War Threatened After Kashmir Attack At Uri Military Base -by Bruce Wright
09/02/16 Wars 691 Iraqis killed, 1,016 injured in terror, armed conflict in August: UN -Xinhua
08/01/16 Wars War is at Hand - Malaysia dragged in? Influential Chinese paper sees 'armed conflict' in South China Sea
~Malaysia Chronicle
07/02/16 Wars France and Germany ‘draw up plans to morph EU countries into one with control over members’ armies and economies’
-by Joseph Curtis for Mail Online
06/01/16 Wars Armed Conflict Survey: In 2015, Syria accounted for one-third of global conflict deaths -Deutsche Welle
06/01/16 Wars Global armed conflicts becoming more deadly, major study finds -The Guardian
05/01/16 Wars China, Russia increase joint drills as they deepen defense ties to contain US, their mutual foe -Shi Jiangtao
05/01/16 Wars US expert warns of conflict among Shia groups in Iraq -Kasim Ileri

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04/02/17 Famines Millions starve as African leaders meet -From ADANE BIKILA in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
04/02/17 Famines Child deaths grip famished Somalia -From SAAD MUSE in Mogadishu, Somalia
04/02/17 Famines Time is running out for children as famine, drought and war threaten millions -Unicef
03/01/17 Famines Millions Risk Starvation in Nigeria, Lake Chad Region: United Nations -by Gladys Douche
02/01/17 Famines Millions of people face food shortages in the Horn of Africa -Relief Web
01/01/17 Famines 50,000 children face death by starvation in northern Nigeria -by Con Coughlin
12/02/16 Famines Nigeria's Boko Haram crisis: 'We survived militants but face starvation' -by Martin Patience
11/01/16 Famines Yemen food crisis leaves millions at risk of starving -by James Masters, CNN
10/02/16 Famines Libya: More than 100 families at risk of starvation in Benghazi -BBC
09/02/16 Famines The World Must Save Yemen From This Man-Made Famine -by Farah Nasser
08/01/16 Famines UN Says over 56 Million People Suffer Famine in 17 Countries Blighted by War -Latin Am. Herald Tribune
07/02/16 Famines "Starvation as a weapon of war" in Syria -Reuters via CBS News
07/02/16 Famines Starvation in Syria remains weapon of war despite partial ceasefire -Martin Chulov
07/02/16 Famines About 5 Million people to face severe food shortage South Sudan -Pakistan Radio
06/01/16 Famines Conflict and poor harvests push more Sudanese citizens into hunger -Radio Tamazuj
06/01/16 Famines UN: Plenty of Syrian civilians in danger of starvation -Aljazeera
05/01/16 Famines N. Korea's food shortage worst in four years, says UN -by Lee Jin-a
05/01/16 Famines Surviving On Leaves And Wild Fruits As Food Shortage Worsens In Kuacjok -by Ayuel Santino Manut

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