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The United States of Europe News Stories


07/03/17 Macron orders French officials to show more humanity to migrants
07/03/17 Germany Surveilled White House, US Defense Sector for Years
07/03/17 Google Slapped With $2.7 Billion EU Fine Over Search Results
07/03/17 Italy calls on EU countries to take migrant ships as country struggles with record numbers
06/01/17 EU reacts on the US announcing withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement
06/01/17 Sky-high carbon tax needed to avoid climate catastrophe, say experts
06/01/17 Following Trump’s trip, Merkel says Europe can’t rely on ‘others.’
05/02/17 U.S. issues travel alert for Europe, citing threat of terrorist attacks
05/02/17 Turkey's EU dream is over, for now, top official says
05/02/17 Angela Merkel snubs strict Saudi Arabia dress code on state visit
04/02/17 ‘Trump-Juncker showdown: If you’re shouting in the forest, you'll get an echo’
04/02/17 EU ‘Ready to Intervene’ If Bosnia Violence Erupts
04/02/17 Why is Europe so troubled by Israel?
03/01/17 Have the Crusades finally started again?
03/01/17 Sweden takes steps to establish Sharia Law, rules in favor of child marriages
03/01/17 Europe Must Plan to Defend Itself [looking beyond NATO]
02/02/17 Muslim communities react to Austria 'burqa ban'
02/02/17 Schulz Lays Out Plans to Topple Merkel in 2017 Election
02/02/17 EU disintegration? Here's the probability of France's far right ending the largest civilization project of the 20th century
01/04/17 Berlin Attack, Now Claimed by ISIS, Stokes Immigration Debate
01/04/17 Europe's Trump moment: Countries see rise of populist leaders amid anger over economy, migrant crisis
01/04/17 Rome challenges the European Central Bank
12/05/16 Germany Submits to Sharia Law
12/05/16 Increasing Number of Migrants Smuggled In Freight Trains
12/05/16 IS terrorists may use car bombs in Europe, warns Europol
11/02/16 Catholic and Lutheran Churches pledge to work for shared Eucharist
11/02/16 Germany's Migrant Rape Crisis: Where is the Public Outrage?
11/02/16 Fury over Bosnian town built by Middle East investors which has Arabic as its 'official' language - and locals can only enter if they work as servants
11/02/16 Seven Migrants Sexually Abuse Underage Girls in German Pool
11/02/16 HuffPo Germany: All Signs in Europe Should Be in Arabic
10/06/16 France: The Ticking Time Bomb of Islamization
10/06/16 Germany Wants Migrants Sent Back to Greece and Turkey
10/06/16 Hungary PM claims EU migrant quota referendum victory
10/06/16 Anyone who Doesn’t Support Islam or Muslims… Deserves to be Exterminated like Rats!
09/06/16 Defiant Merkel says refugees not taking away benefits from Germans
09/06/16 Europe is now drowning under the cost of welfare bills
09/06/16 Brexit 'shock' threatens to do far more damage to the European economy than to Britain
08/01/16 Hundreds of ISIS Terrorists ‘Fanning’ Out Across the EU and US
08/01/16 'Germany should send back foreigners to save lives, stop appeasing Islamists'
08/01/16 Islamist Terrorism, European Denial
07/02/16 UK in political turmoil after Brexit vote
07/02/16 Why Brexit Could Be Just the Beginning for an Angry Europe
07/02/16 Austria may vote on EU within a year, says Hofer
07/02/16 France and Germany ‘draw up plans to morph EU countries into one with control over members’ armies and economies’
06/02/16 Germany Considers Easing of Russia Sanctions
06/02/16 French labour dispute: Strike hits all eight oil refineries
06/02/16 Draft paper: Germany to boost military role on world stage
05/02/16 Germany AfD conference: party adopts anti-Islam policy
05/02/16 German police 'should shoot at migrants', populist politician says
05/02/16 Germany jolted by AfD right-wing poll success
05/02/16 Profile: German right-wing AfD leader Frauke Petry
05/02/16 German power is the real key to Europe
04/08/16 Why the UK Labour Party holds the key to Britain’s EU referendum
04/08/16 Israeli Group Aids Refugees Being Deported by Europe
04/08/16 Why migrants are Europe’s litmus test
03/07/16 Migrant crisis: Leaders gather for Turkey-EU summit
03/07/16 Merkel calls for Germany to get more involved in world affairs
03/07/16 New Fences on the Old Continent: Refugee Crisis Pushes Europe to the Brink
02/02/16 10,000 kids missing in EU as criminals ‘exploit’ migrant flow
02/02/16 Masked Mob Threatening Migrants Go On The Rampage In Stockholm
02/02/16 Sweden to deport up to 80,000 refugees
01/04/16 Fear, Anger and Hatred: The Rise of Germany's New Right
01/04/16 Majority of Swedes now favour taking in fewer refugees: poll
01/04/16 German police: Only 10% of migrants are checked with terror databases
12/07/15 Paris Attack Ringleader Was Killed In Siege
12/07/15 German Parliament Votes to Send Military Assistance to Fight ISIS
12/07/15 German Vice Chancellor warns Saudi Arabia over Islamist funding
11/03/15 The Lonely Chancellor: Merkel Under Fire as Refugee Crisis Worsens
11/03/15 The Next Wave: Afghans Flee To Europe in Droves
11/03/15 Populist, Pernicious and Perilous : Germany's Growing Hate Problem
10/12/15 Ankara Suicide Attack Plunges Turkey Deeper Into Turmoil, Hardens Political Divide
10/12/15 Merkel at her limit
10/12/15 No 'safe' asylum for female refugees in Europe
09/07/15 More than 100,000 asylum seekers enter Germany in August
09/07/15 Dark Germany-Bright Germany: Which Side Will Prevail Under Strain of Refugees?
09/07/15 Migration crisis tears at EU's cohesion and tarnishes its image
08/03/15 The case for a United States of Europe
08/03/15 Eurozone can't survive in current form, says PIMCO
08/03/15 Denmark Pushes Hard on Migrants, Set to Run Anti-Refugee Newspaper Ads
07/06/15 Emergency euro summit called on Greek No
07/06/15 Greece says No to creditors
07/06/15 Europe commits suicide in Greece
06/05/15 Greece delays IMF payment and bailout deal
06/05/15 Germany and France criticize EU migration plan
06/05/15 'Should the UK remain a member of the EU?'
05/05/15 Eurozone economic growth picking up, EU report says
05/05/15 Lawmakers in France Move to Vastly Expand Surveillance
05/05/15 Europe's Increasingly Targeted Jews Take Stock  
04/06/15 Immigration is now on the verge of destroying UK, blasts LEO MCKINSTRY
04/06/15 Pope Francis and the new Rome
04/06/15 Greece unveils reforms, says euro 'viability' at stake
04/06/15 EU spends millions to make next Facebook European
04/06/15 Clock ticking as Greece continues talks with creditors
04/06/15 The euro-crisis and the Greek crisis
04/06/15 Sharia law goes against all values that we hold dear, blasts LEO MCKINSTRY
04/06/15 Germans stage massive anti-NATO rally in Berlin
03/10/15 Jean-Claude Juncker calls for EU army
03/10/15 Juncker: NATO is not enough, EU needs an army
03/10/15 Philip Hammond: The EU has ‘gone off the rails'
03/10/15 David Miliband: The world needs the EU more than ever
02/02/15 Millions of German workers in poverty
02/02/15 ‘Islamophobia, EU criticism - two pillars of populism and extremism in Germany’
02/02/15 Right-Wing Extremism: Germany's New Islamophobia Boom
02/02/15 Germany's History Resonates for a Wider Europe
02/02/15 Germany's worst nightmare has come true
02/02/15 Europe needs hope
01/06/15 Counter-protests dwarf German anti-Islam rallies
01/06/15 Eastern partnership countries: Democracy in limbo
01/06/15 France: EU-Russia sanctions 'must stop now'
12/02/14 Germany second top migration destination of choice after US
12/02/14 Cameron to unveil latest anti-EU migrant plan
12/02/14 MEP vote ups pressure on EU to break up Google
11/03/14 Massive Anti-Islam March Planned for Berlin
11/03/14 The Netherlands: The Fallen Mask of Moderate Muslims
11/03/14 South of Italy in 'catastrophic decline' after recession
10/05/14 Sweden breaks EU ranks to recognize Palestine
10/05/14 France 'rejects austerity' in controversial budget
10/05/14 Stop Denying the Obvious: Islam is a problem
09/05/14 No new Nato bases in eastern Europe
09/05/14 Cameron 'not ruling out' air strikes on IS [Islamic State]
09/05/14 British hostage: PM says UK will not be 'cowed' by threats
08/07/14 Russia threatens Europe with higher energy prices
08/07/14 Italy Expels Muslim Cleric Who Called to 'Kill Jews'
08/07/14 EU Parliament Sneaks Out Embarrassing Truth: Voter Turnout Fell
07/03/14 From Prison to Jihad: Islamists Seek Supporters among German Inmates
07/03/14 Nicolas Sarkozy arrested over ‘influence peddling’
07/03/14 Special CIA Unit Sent to UK to Investigate British Islamists
06/23/14 Muslim candidate wants to shake up EU parliament
06/23/14 Nato chief describes 'outrageous' Russia as threat to Europe
06/23/14 Ashton calls for military-grade drones in EU airspace
05/06/14 Anti-Semitic rally in Brussels broken up by police with water cannon
05/06/14 10 EU nations set to tax financial transactions
05/06/14 Russia’s Potential ‘Next Target’ That Some Say Could Lead to ‘Real War’
04/07/14 Merkel Backs U.S. Trade Deal Saying EU Ready to Shun Putin
04/07/14 Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth meet in Rome
04/07/14 Royal Bank of Scotland to close 44 branches across UK
03/03/14 EU to urge Russia to withdraw troops, drafts potential sanctions
03/03/14 Germany calls for urgent EU meeting on Ukraine
03/03/14 Germany to Represent Israel in Islamic Countries
02/04/14 Ukraine crisis creates bad will between Nato and Russia
02/04/14 Germany signals new self-confidence on military operations
02/04/14 Germany Should Step Up to the World Stage
01/01/14 Appelbaum: ‘Scary’ NSA will spy on you – every which way they can
01/01/14 Merkel: Europe important for the success of Germany
01/01/14 EU ministers discuss deployment of drones
12/02/13 Reinventing Germany
12/02/13 Ireland becomes first euro country to quit bailout programme
12/02/13 Seven EU states create military drone 'club'
11/15/13 Coalition talks position Germany as sovereignist state
11/15/13 Devastating US-EU trade pact would make genocide a legitimate business model
10/07/13 Why power suits Angela Merkel
10/07/13 Analysis: UK's Cameron aims to erase EU goal of 'ever closer union'
10/07/13 Jose Manuel Barroso outburst shows Britain must leave the EU
08/05/13 The Germans are walking tall in the eurozone, but just how rich are they?
08/05/13 Immigration numbers pose political problem for Britain's leader
08/05/13 Growing racism spurs rise in extremist parties, commission says
08/05/13 France and Germany seek to revive EU defence policy
08/05/13 Survey reveals widening EU north-south divide
07/04/13 True toll of mass migration on UK life
07/04/13 Helmut Schmidt Says Problem of Immigration Concerns "Foreign Cultures Marked by Islam"
07/04/13 German finance minister says Turkey is not part of Europe
07/04/13 Belgium's king abdicates
07/04/13 ECB, Germany try to appease markets on euro crisis
05/12/13 Brendan Simms: Can Angela Merkel forge a United States of Europe?
05/12/13 Barroso: crisis ‘unique opportunity’ for reform
05/12/13 European Parliament emerging as a serious political force
05/12/13 Tighter integration vital to EU’s survival, says Barroso
05/12/13 Federal Europe will be 'a reality in a few years', says Jose Manuel Barroso
05/12/13 Israeli president invites pope to visit Israel, ‘the sooner the better’
05/12/13 Pope accepts invite to Israel, urges peace talks
05/12/13 Anti-Semitism on the Rise in Europe
05/12/13 The Social Impact of the Eurozone Crisis in Southern Europe: The EU Response
04/03/13 'Islam has no place in our country': New German minister sparks immigration row
04/03/13 Pope's sudden resignation sends shockwaves through Church
02/08/13 Parliament chief: 'the EU is not in a good state'
01/16/13 Mali: No UK army boots on the ground - Cameron
01/16/13 MPs urge Cameron to ditch EU status quo
11/14/12 More time needed for German military reform
11/14/12 Welcome to Berlin, Europe’s new capital
11/14/12 European army backed
09/20/12 Will Islamic extremists ignite rioting across Europe?
09/20/12 Barroso utters the dreaded word
09/20/12 A sister for the euro?
09/20/12 Future of Europe group’ bids for foreign policy, defence clout
09/20/12 Merkel wants EU treaty convention by end of year
09/20/12 Germany's competing visions of Europe
09/20/12 Ministers call for stronger EU foreign policy chief
09/20/12 Scottish leaders under pressure on EU status
08/01/12 EU in 'social emergency', says EC chief Jose Manuel Barroso
08/01/12 Europe Unprepared as Euro Crisis Deepens
08/01/12 This Time, Europe Really Is on the Brink
08/01/12 Leaders plotting EU superstate: 'Fiscal union' looms... with the Germans in charge
06/06/12 France proposes Mid East peace conference in July
06/06/12 The Full-Blown Return of Anti-Semitism in Europe
06/06/12 Carnage as Europeans refuse to take their medicine
06/06/12 EU mulls ‘Marshall plan’ for Europe
06/06/12 Iran Says Tougher EU Sanctions Will Endanger Global Oil Supply
05/03/12 Europe’s Economic Suicide
05/03/12 Hitler's Mein Kampf Returns to German Schools
04/02/12 As the dust settles, a cold new Europe with Germany in charge will emerge
04/02/12 Germany finds itself back in power in Europe
03/01/12 A less European Germany in a more German Europe
03/01/12 Cameron calls for tough action on debt crisis after £110bn Greek bailout agreed
03/01/12 ECB boosts loans to €1 trillion to stop credit crunch
03/01/12 Palestine's UN upgrade coming back on EU agenda
01/06/12 2012 won't be a pretty year
01/06/12 What's on Europe's wish list for 2012?
01/06/12 A United States of Europe?
01/06/12 Angela Merkel Moves Toward a 'United States of Europe'
11/01/11 European Banks Sink on Greek Vote Bombshell
11/01/11 Euro crisis 'could lead to social unrest'
11/01/11 Wheels Come Off Euro Plan in Just Five Days
09/09/11 An EU military HQ would undermine Nato
09/06/11 Former German leader calls for "United States of Europe"
08/01/11 Germany's judges hold the euro's fate in their hands
08/01/11 Greece faces 'massive' loss of sovereignty
08/01/11 Greece faces general strike
08/01/11 Croatia as EU's 28th member: Better late than never!
04/11/11 Germany predicts EU 'political union' in 10 years
01/03/11 Europe: The New Plan
01/03/11 Berlin, Paris and Warsaw keen to beef up EU military muscle
01/03/11 The profound problem of Muslim immigration
10/11/10 German Military Ponders Peak Oil
10/11/10 Crisis Forces Europe to Unite on Financial Reform
10/11/10 'Europe Needs a Directly Elected Leader with Charisma'
08/11/10 World climate talks 'going backwards,' EU says
08/11/10 Deep Divisions in Europe Over Closer Economic Union
08/11/10 Union chief, Barroso fear Europe 'returning to 1930s'
08/11/10 Germans Anticipate a Collapse of Merkel's Government
06/04/10 Economic crisis fuelling racism in Europe, report warns
06/04/10 European Council seen as winner under Lisbon Treaty
06/04/10 EU urges higher water prices as supplies dry up
06/04/10 Eurozone ministers aim barbed words at Germany
05/03/10 Top German Liberal in EU parliament wants Europe-wide burqa ban
05/03/10 Vision of EU superpower dims in Greek debt crisis
04/02/10 Special relationship between UK and US is over, MPs say
04/02/10 China tells EU: 'Put pressure on US over climate, not developing countries'
03/01/10 US blames Lisbon Treaty for EU summit fiasco
03/01/10 Berlusconi 'dreams' of Israel becoming an EU member
03/01/10 Obama to skip US-EU summit
01/01/10 Spain's EU presidency to be 'eminently Euro-Mediterranean'
01/01/10 Hydra-headed leadership takes over the EU
01/01/10 Swedish EU presidency marked by 'Nordic efficiency'
01/01/10 Europe's looming demise
12/10/09 Germans plead for the creation of an EU army
12/10/09 Taking Europe into the 21st century
12/10/09 EU Lisbon Treaty comes into force
12/10/09 EU rebukes Israel for Jerusalem settlement expansion
12/10/09 Decision time looms for EU top jobs
12/10/09 Wanted: People Willing to Lead the European Union
12/10/09 European Union Struggles to Select New Leaders
12/10/09 Lisbon Treaty: Europe’s Slow-Moving Coup d’État
12/10/09 EU Attempts to Restrict Free Speech. Media Missing in Action
11/02/09 Taking Europe into the 21st century
11/02/09 Germans plead for the creation of an EU army
11/02/09 EU draws up plans to establish itself as 'world power'
11/02/09 Crisis makes Europe richest region in the world, study says
09/01/09 German political parties agree Lisbon treaty law
09/01/09 Germany and France exit recession
09/01/09 EU population to hit 500 million
08/03/09 German debate on EU decision-making powers heats up
08/03/09 London publicly supports Blair for EU president post
07/01/09 EU leaders give 'unanimous' support to Barroso reappointment
07/01/09 Lisbon treaty and Barroso question to dominate EU summit
07/01/09 EU parliament sees birth of new right-wing group
07/01/09 China warns EU not to meddle in internal affairs
04/01/09 EU to toughen sanctions against employers of undocumented workers
04/01/09 EU chokes on cost of economic rescue
04/01/09 New member states call for EU solidarity
04/01/09 German far-right leader on trial
04/01/09 EU heads back financial clampdown
04/01/09 EU set for bruising G20 encounter with US
03/01/09 EU heads back financial clampdown
03/01/09 EU to toughen sanctions against employers of undocumented workers
02/03/09 France and Germany call summits on financial crisis
02/03/09 Britain to the edge of bankruptcy
02/03/09 Euro marks 10th birthday amid financial crisis
02/03/09 Mediterranean union launched with Mideast peace hopes
02/03/09 Arab-Jewish tensions rise in France
02/03/09 Gaza war shines spotlight on EU foreign policy
02/03/09 Calls to nationalize RBS and Lloyds as markets lose faith in bail-outs
02/03/09 Sarkozy and Merkel tell US that Europe will lead way towards 'moral' capitalism
01/01/09 Arab countries knock upgraded EU-Israel ties
01/01/09 Sarkozy pleads for Europe of nations
12/03/08 EU-China relations continue to fray
12/03/08 Britain closer to euro, Barroso says
12/03/08 Irish report backs second vote on EU treaty
12/03/08 France wants post-EU presidency financial summit
11/05/08 EU asks US for greater role on world stage
11/05/08 US must take responsibility for global crisis, Brussels says
11/05/08 Denmark: Expel Islam from Europe
09/10/08 Libya says Mediterranean Union will divide Africa
09/10/08 EU-Russia relations in jeopardy as bombs hit Tbilisi
09/10/08 'Europe Is Capitulating'
08/14/08 France: Can a Wounded Nation Heal Itself?
08/01/08 Eurozone at risk of first-ever recession
08/01/08 43 nations creating Mediterranean union
08/01/08 Big personality and big problems to mark French EU presidency
08/01/08 Europe has 'powerful enemies' in US, says French Europe minister
07/01/08 Big personality and big problems to mark French EU presidency
07/01/08 Europe has 'powerful enemies' in US, says French Europe minister
06/01/08 Germany ratifies EU reform treaty
06/01/08 Brussels outlines plan for new Mediterranean club
05/01/08 Brussels abandons plans to protect gays and lesbians
05/01/08 As polls narrow, Irish PM warns of 'disaster' if EU treaty defeated
04/01/08 EU treaty bill clears the Commons
03/01/08 European Parliament Ratifies Lisbon Treaty Despite Protests
03/01/08 Dollar falls to record euro low
02/01/08 Commons battle due on EU treaty
01/18/08 Will EU "absorb" NATO?
01/18/08 The new European Union - the Empire Returns?
01/18/08 EU global image improving, US fading
01/18/08 France open to further EU enlargement
01/18/08 UK minister calls for 'mature debate' over new EU treaty
01/01/08 French, Italian, Spanish leaders back Mediterranean Union plan
01/01/08 Europe celebrates tearing down of borders
01/01/08 EU leaders sign landmark reform treaty
01/01/08 EU hails 'historic' economic growth results
12/05/07 EU 'should expand beyond Europe'
12/05/07 EU defence ministers give boost to military spending
11/01/07 EU parliament set to take wraps off web TV channel
11/01/07 Analysis: Europeans wary of increase in Mosques
10/09/07 Jordan king urges greater EU role for Mideast peace
10/09/07 Euro hits all-time high
09/01/07 Sarkozy seeks to give EU greater world role
08/01/07 Barroso says EU is an 'empire'
07/12/07 Opponents of EU Treaty Accused of Being "Terrorists"
07/12/07 Germans lead charge for a more united Europe
07/12/07 The EU must focus on the West Bank
07/01/07 Politics to get more political
07/01/07 UK terror threat now 'critical'
06/06/07 EU in drive to make Brussels more political
06/06/07 EU to strengthen surveillance of terrorist websites
05/01/07 Risk of renewed east-west confrontation, says German FM
04/11/07 Europe giving in to radical Islam
03/29/07 EU nervous and introspective at fifty years of age
03/29/07 The European Union Needs an Army
03/29/07 EU rifts deepen over US missile shield plan
03/01/07 The European Constitution returns
03/01/07 Germany's EU constitutional task increasingly difficult
01/24/07 EU 'trio presidency' sets out plans
01/24/07 German "Imperium" Europe
01/08/07 Packed agenda for German EU presidency
01/01/07 Pope calls for renewed peace efforts in Middle East and Africa
01/01/07 A coming of age for the European currency
12/01/06 Racism on the rise in Europe, new study says
12/01/06 Boost global role and forget constitution, Soros urges EU
11/02/06 Time For Europe to Act
11/01/06 Germany Retools National Security
11/01/06 Germany in radical shake-up of military
11/01/06 EU tests capacity to react to major terror attack
11/01/06 EU's energy future takes centre stage
10/01/06 Select group of politicians to tackle EU constitution
10/01/06 Pope Visit Could Mark a New 'Springtime' of Faith in Germany
09/06/06 Brussels to keep national parliaments on short leash
08/29/06 Pressure mounts on EU to make firm Lebanon commitments
08/17/06 Germany mulls sending troops to Lebanon
08/14/06 Europe on alert after foiled UK terror attacks
08/01/06 Rome conference endorses UN force in Middle East
07/19/06 EU troops on stand by as Middle East crisis deepens
07/19/06 EU 'acutely concerned' by Middle East violence
07/19/06 EU top diplomat in Middle East amid continuing violence
07/03/06 First test for new European army
06/20/06 Europe still sees US as greatest threat to stability
06/20/06 Europe under strain
06/20/06 EU leaders pull up drawbridge to Fortress Europe
06/13/06 Austrian chancellor suggests EU-wide referendum on constitution
06/01/06 Big questions linger in EU constitution debate
06/01/06 EU moves towards deal on 2009 deadline for new treaty
05/19/06 EU criticizes Egypt over freedoms
05/19/06 Barroso to strengthen partnership with national parliaments
05/19/06 Europe Getting Tough On Potential Terrorist Killers
04/01/06 Vatican: Pope Defends Church's Voice in Politics
04/01/06 EU constitution is a ‘holy text’
04/01/06 German coalition stronger after vote
04/01/06 Sarkozy calls for definition of 'borders of Europe'
04/01/06 Pope calls on European conservatives to retain Christian values
02/01/06 France shows support to U.S. doctrine of preemptive nuclear strikes
02/01/06 EU trio's nuclear resolution stepped up, Iran defiant
02/01/06 France delivers nuclear threat
02/01/06 MEPs back plan to save EU constitution
01/19/06 France and Germany at odds over constitution
01/19/06 EU wakes up to global energy pressures
01/11/06 EU needs ‘psychological re-launch’
01/06/06 German chancellor visits Vienna as Austria assumes EU's presidency
12/06/05 Belgian leader proposes 'United States of Europe'
12/01/05 EU seeks leap in ties with Israel, Arab neighbors
12/01/05 Let the EU take a hike
12/01/05 The Vatican (Slowly) Awakens to Jihad
12/01/05 Battle for Europe
12/01/05 Merkel champions adoption of 'whole' EU Constitution
12/01/05 EU Gears Up for Tougher Competition in Arms Market
11/23/05 Merkel elected Germany's first woman chancellor
11/21/05 European flag turns 50
11/21/05 EU fails to wrestle internet dominance from US
11/21/05 EU to Build Network of Spy Satellites to Ensure Nations Obeying Its Policies
11/15/05 Seven months on, Pope keeps aides guessing
11/15/05 Future German presidency to revive EU constitution
10/28/05 Old Europe votes for its decline
10/14/05 European Union on the rise
09/26/05 Who will lead Europe after the German elections?
09/14/05 What German poll means for Europe
09/14/05 EU demands more and cheaper oil
09/01/05 Analysis: Germany's new armed forces
08/16/05 EU to crackdown on 'indirect incitement' to terrorism
08/04/05 A Cold Wind from Rome
08/04/05 Germany, France Must Remain Europe's Engine, States Merkel
08/04/05 Hezbollah in Europe
07/21/05 Seven EU presidents 'united for Europe'
07/21/05 Why the EU Matters to Middle East Peace
07/11/05 Iran’s election puts EU at crossroads
07/01/05 US image in Europe still negative
06/15/05 Core Europe idea resurfaces
06/03/05 Schroeder in Bid to Forge 'Founding Fathers' Deal ["inner circle of nations"]
06/02/05 Whither EU? Prospect of superpower fading
06/02/05 France's EU vote heralds change
05/26/05 Euro Drops; Polls Shows Voters Poised to Reject EU Constitution
05/26/05 Why EU is facing the most critical days in its history
05/26/05 The Deep Roots of Anti-Semitism in European Society
05/09/05 Quickly, quietly the EU gains superpower status
05/03/05 Europe's problems make UK wary of euro
05/03/05 Canada, Europe, United States embroiled in expensive trade war
04/01/05 EU Will Seek to Impose Sanctions on U.S.
03/04/05 Unofficial plan B considered in case Britain rejects Constitution
03/01/05 Confidence in EU economy plunges
02/08/05 Brussels calls for more competition in European defense industry
02/08/05 German to get top EU military job
02/01/05 Brussels looks for EU ‘renewal’
01/11/05 European Union continues to build a “fortress Europe”
01/11/05 Rome's Next Choice?
01/11/05 EU becomes China's biggest trading partner
12/22/04 The United States of Europe": Powerhouse across the pond
12/22/04 Analysis: The ever-expanding EU
12/22/04 Nudging America Awake as a United Europe Takes the Stage
12/16/04 European Parliament in landmark Saudi meeting
12/09/04 EU-China summit opens
11/29/04 1m Christians sign EU religion plea
11/18/04 European Growth and the Coming Oil Crisis
11/05/04 EU Leaders Consider Bigger Role in Iraq
11/02/04 European Leaders Sign EU Constitution
10/22/04 Europe Seeking New Role in World Affairs
10/16/04 Bolkestein: March towards EU of 40 members inevitable
10/14/04 Why al-Qaeda Will Dominate the European Union
10/11/04 Asia-Europe club stages controversial expansion
10/11/04 Turkey Gets Nod from European Union
10/11/04 EU, US launch battle at WTO over Boeing, Airbus
10/11/04 Turkey will strengthen Europe
10/11/04 A Franco-Spaniard-German Axis
09/27/04 Europe's lessons for North America
09/24/04 Europe as the World’s New Moral Center?
09/15/04 Art show sees Europe as 'new Roman Empire'
09/15/04 Spain marks return to 'old Europe'
09/14/04 Warning Issued on Rising Racism in Europe
09/07/04 Europe is reaching crisis point
09/01/04 European security depends on peace in the Middle East
08/27/04 EU allowed greater role in peace process
08/25/04 Israel-EU hold advanced talks on wider Europe plan
08/11/04 EU team to discuss Israel's inclusion in wider Europe
08/02/04 Rise in `new anti-Semitism' concerns French government
07/29/04 Dangerous to let the wheels of NATO rust away
07/26/04 Solana: "Europe Involved in the Middle East Whether Israel Like it or Not"
07/14/04 Iraq calls for EU aid
07/08/04 The Woman Rides the Beast Symbols in Europe
07/05/04 Pope Emphasizes Inter-Denominational Dialogue
07/01/04 Constitution to be adopted in Rome
07/01/04 Why it's vital that Europe engages Iraq - now
06/29/04 EU leader must be from Old Europe, insist the Germans
06/22/04 EU agrees historic constitution
06/15/04 Voters shake Europe (Get Out of the EU)
06/11/04 Turkey debate heats up in Europe
06/07/04 Europe, Russia trade war fears grow
06/01/04 Central European countries debate Europe's future
05/26/04 Pope Encourages Pilgrimages to Holy Land
05/26/04 Pope Describes Church's Idea of a United Europe
05/11/04 Why the EU will be no US
05/03/04 Pope Says Enlarged EU Needs Christianity
04/27/04 History in the making as EU grows
04/27/04 EU will welcome 10 new members May 1
04/20/04 US-EU: The Constitutional Divide
04/15/04 Schröder speaks out for multispeed Europe
04/8/04 EU to Israel: Don't kill terrorists, or else
04/1/04 Anti-semitism rises in Europe
03/29/04 EU eyes 'breakthrough' on historic constitution
03/23/04 EU to forge own policy on Middle East
03/22/04 European distrust of US grows
03/16/04 German President gives Pope credit for reunification
03/16/04 Austrian dynasty fights for lost riches
03/02/04 EU slaps multi-million dollar trade sanctions on US
02/25/04 Russia: 'A difficult partner', says EU
02/16/04 Enlargement: A 'wake up call' for Europe's goal to catch US
01/19/04 Brussels steps up US trade war
12/02/03 Christianity debate divides as much as ever
11/07/03 EU to fight back in US trade battle
10/21/03 Germany overtakes US as world’s largest exporter
10/21/03 EU viewed by China as world power to rival US
9/25/03 European super-region plan touted
9/5/03 Survey Tracks Shifting Europe-US Relations
7/29/03 EU: Greater Role Sought In Mideast Peace Process
7/17/03 EU: Military Arm Developing More Quickly Than Expected
7/14/03 EU-US relations at new low
6/27/03 EU Summit to Focus on Middle East
6/13/03 United States of Europe Challenges U.S.
6/2/03 EU 'will be new country'
5/29/03 Subdued unveiling of EU Constitution
5/21/03 Israeli foreign minister considers EU membership
5/1/03 European Parliament takes on 162 new members
4/28/03 A new Europe is being Born!
4/27/03 Palestine: new deal could facilitate EU 'road map'
4/22/03 18 small countries unite in Athens on EU future
4/18/03 EU's party for new 10 crashed by war in Iraq
4/16/03 EU Ministers Discuss Possible Role in Postwar Iraq
4/2/03 Berlin’s New Anti-American Axis--Fischerism spreads
3/31/03 EU launches first military venture
3/30/03 US-Europe split is forever
3/27/03 Prodi issues call to arms
3/26/03 Brussels sees Union extending to west Balkans
3/24/03 Blair-Chirac quarrel rages on at EU summit
3/5/03 Commission agrees on strategy for enlarged EU budget
2/28/03 EU threatens sanctions against US
2/24/03 The European Union and the Palestinian Authority
2/10/03 Historical goodbye to the European nations
1/31/03 EU calls on Sharon to move toward peace
1/27/03 EU launches Police Mission in Bosnia & Herzegovina
1/19/03 Top military official predicts EU merge with NATO
1/2/03 EU starts security and defence missions in 2003
12/16/02 EU welcomes 10 new countries in historic summit
12/11/02 A Wider Europe - A Proximity Policy as the key to stability
11/29/02 Blair calls for EU to be given more power but plays down fears of 'superstate'
11/19/02 EU ready for Big Bang enlargement
11/19/02 EU Sets May Day 2004 as 'E-Day' for East Expansion
11/17/02 EU official supports entry of Israel and Morocco into European Union
11/15/02 Commission works on stronger role in future Europe
11/15/02 EU could run from Moscow to Morocco
11/12/02 German President Stresses Need For E.U. Enlargement
10/31/02 Next: 'United States of Europe'
10/29/02 EU Constitution Proposed
10/29/02 Unveiled: The Blueprint For United States Of Europe
10/24/02 EU set for crucial expansion talks
10/21/02 Giscard presents Constitution for a New Europe
10/15/02 Solana: Europe To Become A Super Power

EU Prepares For US Nuclear Trade War


Temple Mount Nightmare Unfolding?


U.S. And Europe In Hot Fight Over Strategies For Survival

8/13/02 Europe Holds Its Breath Before German Elections

EU Poll Reveals Huge Ignorance


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