A Glimpse of the World Tomorrow

  One of the most effective methods of describing the millennial reign of Jesus Christ is to produce a lists of elements which will not be present.  Most of the inventions of mankind are things designed to produce or do things that God would have freely provided. As you peruse the lists, imagine the amount of land, time and money that are freed up.

Clearly some of what we say here will be under the heading of speculation as we do not have a “thus saith the Lord” for everything we have in these lists, but most are here because of Spirit-driven logic and biblical principles.  The focus of some of the lists are elements unique to the US but clearly the changes will be worldwide.

Government, Human

No human in any government position.
No voting.
No political parties.
No kings, queens, prime ministers, presidents or dictators.  No cabinets.
No Congress, no House of Representatives, no Senate.
No supreme court, no court system, no judges, no court rooms.
No governors or mayors or state governments.
No social security system or numbers.

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Government Agencies -the numbers are how many departments in said agency.

No Dept of Agriculture (57) including food safety & environment.
No Dept of Commerce (59) including the patent office.
No Dept of Defense (185) –army, navy, air force, missiles.
No Dept of Education (27).
No Dept of Energy (80) –all nuclear facilities.
No Dept of Health & Human Services (81)—Food & Drug, Disease control.
No Dept of Homeland Security (21) –Border control, Coast Guard.
No Dept of Housing & Urban Development (26).
No Dept of Justice (55) –prisons, Attorney General.
No Dept of Labor (28).
No Dept of State (43).
No Department of Transportation (26)  --FAA, Federal Highway Admin.
No Department of Veterans Affairs (23) –no veterans or vet hospitals.
No Department of the Interior (85)  --Indian affairs, Bureau of Land Mgt.
No Department of the Treasury (21)  --IRS, taxes.
No emigration.
No health care plans or programs
No Social Security Administration – with its Central Office,
10 regional offices, 8 processing centers, approximately 1300 field offices, and 37 Teleservice Centers. 65,000 people employed.

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No Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force.
No military bases.
No Wars.
No Guards.
No weapons of war----bombers, tanks, jeeps, personnel carriers,
artillery, rifles, etc.
No Delta forces or special forces.
No landmines covering the earth.

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Infrastructure - The basic facilities, services, and installations needed for the functioning of a community or society, such as transportation and communications systems, water and power lines, and public institutions including schools, post offices, and prisons.

No freeway systems.

No parking lots.

No giant highway and road systems---though there will be some roads.

No alleys.

No bridges.

No tunnels.

No pipelines---oil, gas, water.

No telephone poles or giant power transfer structures.

No dams.

No sewer systems, no septic tanks, no sewage treatment plants.

No police or police stations, prisons or jails.

No fires or fire stations.

No post offices and no mail, as we know it.
No strip malls, shopping malls, shopping centers.
No buildings over 3 or 4 stories and possibly not over 1.
No parking meters.
No schools, colleges, universities, city libraries, trade schools.
No power grids or hydro-electric power systems.
No water systems or water towers.
No nuclear power plants.
No fences, walled neighborhoods or property markers.
No zoos, aquariums, sea worlds, circuses.
No petting zoos or anything where animals penned.
No hospitals, clinics or first aid—ambulances.
No garbage cans, garbage collection, as we know it, no landfills.
No ditches and other water drainage systems.
No cemeteries, funeral homes, morgues.
No real estate industries---buying of land as we know it.  Mortgages.

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Financial systems

No banks, no banking systems.

No investment firms.

No money as we know it now. 

No stock markets.

No bond markets.

No commodity markets.

No savings and loan banks.

No lending or borrowing.

No financial instruments.

No use of silver and gold as money or investment commodity.

No interest---usury.

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City Design

No large cities.

No tall buildings—3-4 stories and possibly only 1.

No block layouts as we are used to, which are based on transportation.

No zoning as we know it.  Industrial and commercial zones GREATLY reduced if any.

No city parks-----whole city is park-like.

City placement will not be based on resource or transportation necessity.

Bible speaks of “building the waste places” but there is no indication that we replace cities exactly as they were.  More of a general statement..

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No cars, trucks, cabs, buses, motorcycles.

No trains, tracks, stations.

No airplanes, no airports, airlines, hangers.

No ships, docks, cargo containers.

No subways.

All industry that makes, repairs and maintains these things all gone.

No mass transportation.

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No professional football, baseball, basketball, soccer, rugby, or any other sport.

No horse racing, race tracks, betting.

No casinos or anything like Las Vegas.

No car racing of any kind.

No motocross.

No professional golf, tennis, chess, rodeo, pool, billiards, fencing, body building, figure skating, swimming, martial arts, or weigh lifting.

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No mines, including open-pit mines.

No forest industry, clear cutting, lumber mills.

No resource gathering as we see it today.

No oil or oil drilling or oil fields.

No fisheries as we see them today----all unclean fisheries gone.

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No labor unions.

No secret organizations.

No trade unions.

No exclusive clubs or fraternities  --Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove.

No research institutions.

No scientific institutions.

No Red Cross.

No Humanitarian institutions.

No Human, animal or plant’s rights institutions.

No Greenpeace or environmental groups.

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No insurance companies.

No large industries.

No assembly lines.

No food processing plants.

No manufacturing plants for anything.

No outsourcing .

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Industries—employment This is a list of the largest employers in the US.  Which do you think will remain?

1. Wal-Mart      1,800,000 Employees
2. McDonald's   447,000
3. United Parcel Service            407,000
4. Sears Holdings          355,000
5. Home Depot 345,000
6. Target           337,000
7. IBM 329,373
8. General Motors         327,000
9. General Electric         316,000
10. Citigroup --investments         303,000
11. Ford Motor  300,000
12. Kroger        289,000
13. Albertson's  240,000
14. United Technologies 222,200
15. Verizon Communications      217,000
16. FedEx         215,838
17. Safeway      201,000
18. Altria Group -cigarettes        199,000
19. Aramark - food management services           195,000
20. Berkshire Hathaway -insurance        192,012
21. AT&T        189,950
22. Delphi –electrical systems for cars, boats, etc.           185,200
23. Bank of America     176,638
24. JP Morgan Chase    168,847
25. Yum Brands -restaurants     165,920
26. HCA Hospital Corporation of America          165,450
27. Lowe's        164,794
28. PepsiCo      157,000
29. Walgreen    155,200
30. Wells Fargo 153,500
31. Boeing        153,000
32. Darden Restaurants 150,100
33. Hewlett-Packard     150,000
34. Gap 150,000
35. JC Penney   150,000
36. Starwood Hotels and Resorts            145,000
37. Marriott International           143,000
38. Sara Lee     137,000
39. Lockheed Martin     135,000
40. Walt Disney            133,000
41. Alcoa  aluminum      129,000
42. Northrop Grumman  -airplanes, ships, subs    123,600
43. Electronic Data Systems      117,000
44. Honeywell - aircraft engines & parts, thermostats, home security        116,000
45. Johnson & Johnson  pharmaceutical & medical          115,600
46. Lear – auto interiors 115,113
47. Starbucks    115,000
48. Emerson Electric     114,200
49. CVS –drug stories   114,000
50. Tyson Foods            114,000

This list represents 11,539,535 jobs.  Virtually all will be eliminated.  Some 92-98% of the job classifications we see today will be eliminated.

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Employment---This list is of the top 25 jobs of 2005-2009.  Virtually all will be eliminated in the millennial period.

Personal finance adviser
Medical scientist
Computer software engineer
Environmental engineer
Biochemist and biophysicist
Sales manager
Computer system analyst
Agent and business manager for artists, performers, and athletes
Marketing manager
Producer and director
Advertising and promotions manager
Management analyst
Postsecondary education administrator
Financial manager
Airline pilot, copilot, and flight engineer
Market research analyst
Securities sales agent
Medical and health services manager

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Employment:  Highest paying jobs in the US.  Virtually all of these job classifications will be eliminated.



Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Oral Surgeons

Doctors of all kinds


Chief executives

Airline pilots




Air traffic controllers

Computer information system managers

Marketing managers

Natural sciences managers

Sales managers


Law Teachers


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Technology---technology is a state of the mind depending on where you are now.  Do not apply state of the art technology to the World Tomorrow.  Witness the sci-fi series 'Star Trek' that assumes technology centuries ahead of what we have now.  The technology of the World Tomorrow will make anything man has as very primitive.

No TV, radio, computers, electronic gizmos.

No NASA or space programs as we know it

No video games, game boys, IPODs, blackberries, iphones, cell phones or other such technology.

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Communication and Information Science

No phones or telegraph.

No competing newspapers .

No competing news networks.

No Internet as we know it.

No magazines.

No blogs.

No debates.

No mail systems.

No e-mail.

No marketing.

No advertising, no billboards, no junk mail, no spam.

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No race problems.

No class system.

No poverty.

No rich class---everyone is prosperous.

No exclusive groups or clubs or fraternities.

No culture wars.

No religion or language problems.

No crime, riots, causes. 

No murder, assault, rape, sex crimes, child crimes, kidnap, robbery, theft, burglary, etc.
No social problems such as adultery, lying, conspiracy, cheating, greed, self-promotion, etc.

No slaves or bondservants.

No retirement, rest homes, or aging, as we know it.

No gangs.

No violence of any kind. No unrest.  No low morale.  No sadness.  No worry.  No fear.

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No food plants---no food processing.

No food marketing.

No food regulation.

No chain food stores.

No super markets.

No organic food marts as all food will be perfect.

No food preparation that is unhealthy---deep fat frying, etc.

No unhealthy food dishes, preparation.

No wholesaling, massive distribution, transportation.

No brand names, product names or food packaging.

No chemicals, colorings, additives or preservatives.

No agrichemicals or anything to do with hybrid plant production.

No slaughterhouses, rendering plants, feed lots, chicken mills.

No warehousing of food as we see it today---freezing.

No canning plants or canned and bottled foods as we see today.

No high calories foods----no sodas----no junk food..

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No dangerous situations—bungee jumping, sky diving, hang-gliding, BASE jumping.

No hunting.

No competitive endeavors for the most part.

No board games.

Nothing that is deemed a waste of time.

No swimming pools.

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Overview of the Millennial Period

Agrarian culture----equal distribution of land for farming

Thomas Jefferson, the patron of American agrarianism, wrote in his Notes on Virginia (1785), "Those who labor in the earth are the chosen people of God.

Farming has a spiritual dimension that generates many virtues, among them self-reliance, moral integrity, and honor, because direct contact with nature leads to a meaningful relationship with God.


Economy:  One based on mutual giving rather than profit.  World trade limited or non-existent.

Education: Massively different and most direct from God through spirit beings.

Craftsman culture:  Everything made by hand and built to last indefinitely.

Goal of world: to prepare for 2nd Resurrection.

Everyone in Salvation Process
---at spiritual maturity—turn to spirit
---those who fall away—lake of fire immediately.

Water, air, earth and food pure and pollution free

Everything provided by God including energy, resources and transportation.

All land reclaimed for cultivation.

All people healed.

Sabbath, Holy Days, including Feast of Tabernacles kept by everyone in the world.

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