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News Headlines - 10 February 2016

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Startling Study Shows That Non-Palestinian Muslims Don't Care About the Temple Mount
by Abra Forman

A startling new study published by the University of Jordan reveals that, contrary to the popular Palestinian narrative, not only do most Muslims outside of Israel not care about the al-Aqsa Mosque, located on the Temple Mount, but many have never even heard of it.

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More people die of suicide than from armed conflict
Stornoway Gazette

Counseling psychologist Dr Marie Murphy, who has been a suicide prevention trainer for 11 years, explains why people might find the start of a new year difficult.

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Is North Korea Testing Iran's Nuclear Device?
by Amil Imani and James Hyde

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is yet another toothless U.N. body that is in for a whirlwind of frustration when it inspects Iran’s nuclear program sites. The provisions of the agreement negotiated by Secretary of State John Kerry and his team of sycophants make Neville Chamberlain’s “peace in our time” negotiations with Hitler look like a stroke of genius.

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Debt, defaults, and devaluations: why this market crash is like nothing we've seen before
elegraph UK

A pernicious cycle of collapsing commodities, corporate defaults, and currency wars loom over the global economy. Can anything stop it from unravelling?

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Chinese President calls for creation of Palestinian state
by Elad Benari

China's President, Xi Jinping, announced on Thursday that his country supports the creation of a Palestinian state with eastern Jerusalem as its capital, based on the pre-1967 borders.

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