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Breaking News   ...updated 29 August 2016
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News videos from around the World

* Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Strikes Central Italy 2:16
* Race to Find Survivors after  earthquake hits Italy 3:50
* New York Times on Earthquake in Italy  1:53
* Eyewitness account of Italy Earthquake 4:25


* "In Preparation For Crisis" Germany Considers Bringing Back Military Service
* Germany Warns Citizens To Prepare For WAR…
* Germany Preparing for War Against Russia
* Germany to tell people to stockpile food and water...
* Germany to require citizens to stockpile supplies...

EU Superstate

* New EU 'superstate plan’ by France, Germany: report
* The EU exists only to become a superstate. Britain has no place in it
* Euro migrant crisis an 'inside job' planned to bring about EU super state, says David Icke

Refugee Crisis Europe

* Euro migrant crisis an 'inside job' planned to bring about EU super state, says David Icke
* The Syrian refugee crisis is a political issue
* The Erdogan Loyalists and the Syrian Refugees

United States

* How CNN Muzzled Victims’ Voices at Republican National Convention
* Fewer than half nabbed at border from Mexico
* Clinton to Resettle One Million Muslim Migrants During First Term Alone

* Army has fewest active-duty soldiers since 1940, report says


* Netanyahu criticizes European 'support' for anti-Israel groups
* Israeli Army 'Deterrent Measure' Triggers Clash With Palestinians
* Netanyahu: Israel Isn't Interfering in U.S. Election

European Union

* Europe’s Banking Crisis Leaves EU Scrambling to Avoid Repeat of 2008 Crash
* Authorities pay Swedish youngsters to play with migrants and 'refugees"
* Turkey-EU Refugee Deal Dead as Ankara Demands Visa-Free Travel or They Walk

Earthquakes, Famines, Pestilence, Disasters

* 7.7 earthquake jolts CNMI
* UN Says over 56 Million People Suffer Famine in 17 Countries Blighted by War
* Zika virus outbreak 2016: 1.65 million childbearing women could become infected by Zika virus

Middle East

* Egypt orders Muslim preachers to deliver identical weekly sermons
* Tehran gets first batch of missiles for S-300 complex
* Iran says U.N. report on its ballistic missile tests 'unrealistic'

Internet Related

* Obama Surrenders Control of the Internet
* Ted Cruz: Obama Plan to Give Up Internet Control ‘Likely Illegal’
* Handover of US internet control to ICANN officially blocked in Republican policy


* Russia rejects US criticism of weapons deployment to Crimea
* Vladimir Putin shows off Russia's military might
* Why Russia Is Rebuilding Its Nuclear Arsenal

Far East

* 'Give them a bloody nose': Xi pressed for stronger South China Sea response
* US-S Korea Military Drills Proceed as N Korea Warns of 'Vicious' Showdown
* Japanese Emperor Akihito considering abdication, broadcaster says

Headlines     008/29

* Pew: Americans giving up on God, miracles
* Italy earthquake death toll rises to 247
* At least 247 dead as quake rocks central Italy
* Obamacare Website No Longer Addresses 'You Can Keep Your Doctor'
* Scientists Proven Wrong? Great Barrier Reef Found Relatively Unaffected By Global Warming

TV Program

Garner Ted Armstrong...
Does God Hear Our Prayers?

United States of Europe
Archive of news stories pertinent to the formation of the United States of Europe and comments by Mr. Armstrong on this important development in end time prophecy.                       More...
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"For 50 years, I have continually warned that a "United States of Europe" would form in central Europe, comprising more than 250 million people; a huge industrial, economic and military power which would eventually challenge the United States; that a 10-nation combine would form which would fulfill the Bible prophecy of the "Beast" which would fight Jesus Christ at His return."
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