The Real Jesus

By Garner Ted Armstrong

Table of Contents

Introduction Introduction by Garner Ted Armstrong
Chapter 1  The Birth of Jesus - The Greatest Story Never Told
Chapter 2 Jesus the Creator - His Former Life
Chapter 3 Jesus' Childhood - Education and Early Life
Chapter 4 Jesus and His Family
Chapter 5 Jesus in Palestine—The Historical Facts
Chapter 6 What Jesus Looked Like
Chapter 7 Jesus and John the Baptist: Incongruous?
Chapter 8 Choosing His Disciples
Chapter 9 Water Into Wine
Chapter 10 Encounter with Satan
Chapter 11 Jesus' Faith
Chapter 12 Miracles and Healings...Signs - of His Messiahship
Chapter 13 Demons
Chapter 14 "That which is born of the Spirit is Spirit"
Chapter 15 The Kingdom Parables
Chapter 16 Confronting the Pharisees and Sadducees
Chapter 17 Was Jesus a Lawbreaker?
Chapter 18 Satan and Judas—The Mental Perversion
Chapter 19 The Day the Earth Shook
Chapter 20 A Step Through Stone

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