North Korea will not hold ‘useless’ summits with US: KCNA

SEOUL: North Korea will not offer anything for US President Donald Trump to brag about without receiving anything in return, a statement on its state news agency KCNA said on Monday (Nov 18). North Korea was not interested in a … Read More

Homelessness In Germany On The Rise; Migrants Hit Hardest

The number of homeless people in Germany jumped over 4% between 2017 and 2018 – an increase of approximately 30,000 people, according to government figures cited by DW. Some 678,000 people in 2018 did not have permanent accommodation, up from 650,000 in 2017, … Read More

Today’s NATO is ‘Shadow of Its Own Self’ – German MP

Jurgen Trittin has chimed in on the comment thread that followed President Macron’s words about NATO’s “cerebral death”, calling to wake up to reality and not ignore objective truths. For the time being, NATO is going through an existential crisis, … Read More

A ‘good amount’ of Venezuela’s millions of fleeing migrants won’t ever return, UN envoy says

Those who’ve fled report more signs of backlash in host countries of Colombia, Peru Venezuelan migrants arrive at immigration control in Tumbes, Peru, on June 14. Over four million have fled Venezuela amid the political and economic turmoil in the … Read More

Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 15 November 2019

Greetings from Tyler, As a follow up to last week’s Update on how the same media outlets can’t even tell you how cold it is without a reminder that global warming is the culprit, you may be surprised to learn … Read More

Maduro Threatens to Arm More Civilians to Suppress Opposition

As new opposition protests begin in Venezuela, the dictator announced that he would arm more than 300,000 Chavista militants. The Bolivarian Militia is made up of civilian Chavistas of all ages and without any training (Minpet). As new opposition protests … Read More

How immigration became Britain’s most toxic political issue

Over 20 years, the debate about freedom of movement has become skewed by a hostile narrative. Few chance encounters have had a greater political impact than Gordon Brown’s fateful meeting with Gillian Duffy on an April morning in Rochdale in … Read More

Toll rises in Australian wildfires with more danger ahead

The death toll for wildfires raging across Australia’s most populous state has risen to four as authorities warn of worsening conditions to come. This NASA Modis satellite image provided by Maxar shows smoke from wildfires burning in New South Wales, … Read More

7.1-magnitude earthquake hits Indonesia

A 7.1-magnitude quake struck the area near Ternate city of North Maluku province of Indonesia early November 15. Jakarta (VNA) – A 7.1-magnitude quake struck the area near Ternate city of North Maluku province of Indonesia early November 15. The US Geological Survey (USGS) reported … Read More

On Veterans Day, 8 unforgettable photos of Americans returning from war

There’s pride, joy, and relief in their faces. New Yorkers hang out their windows on Sept. 10, 1919, to watch a victory parade down Fifth Avenue after the end of World War I. (National World War I Museum and Memorial) … Read More

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