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Coming Soon--An Invasion From Space

Believe it or not, this planet will be the scene of a MASSIVE INVASION FROM OUTER SPACE, probably within YOUR LIFETIME! The invasion will be preceded by the greatest wars in all history; by massive earthquakes wherein MILLIONS will be killed; by monstrous disease epidemics and famines, and by such mind-boggling displays in the solar system that people will topple over dead from heart attacks! The sun will suddenly turn BLACK; the moon will appear red as blood; a vast meteorite shower will SHOCK the world with tens of millions of asteroids streaking across the sky! Huge tsunamis or tidal waves will ravage hundreds of major coastal cities! The invasion will come just as a massive nuclear exchange has occurred; when, if it were not for INTERVENTION FROM SPACE, there would not be a man, woman, or child left alive on this earth!

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Europe And America In Prophecy

Is the world's greatest nation ignored in Bible prophecy? If it is, how could prophecy be considered valid? How could prophecy be inspired, If the United States of America is nowhere mentioned?

Surely, if Bible prophecy is relevant to our times, NOW, then it MUST mention the United States! Many small, insignificant nations are mentioned: Ethiopia, Libya, Syria, Egypt. Students of prophecy know that many Middle-Eastern nations are identified; some of them by their modern names. What about Great Britain, Canada, Australia; the Commonwealth? For that matter, what of the nations in Europe?

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MIDEAST STRIFE--Will It Lead To Armageddon?

WHY Such Hatred In The Mideast? What Are The Real ROOTS Of The Conflict, And What Does Bible PROPHECY Say About the Final Outcome?

Why do the Arabs hate the Jews? Why do so many Jews hate the Arabs? Why the continual strife; bombings, knifings, shootings, rocket attacks; terrorism against helpless civilians in Jerusalem? To understand the real roots of protracted conflict between Arabs and Jews, you need to know the history of Jerusalem and Palestine; understand the ethnic and religious roots of the peoples who live there. Even more importantly, you need to understand the PROPHECIES of your Bible; how events yet to occur in Palestine and Jerusalem will affect YOUR life where YOU live!

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The Mark of the Beast WHAT IS IT?

God says a BEAST, having two horns like a lamb, yet speaking as a "dragon," will "cause all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a MARK in their right hand, or in their foreheads..." (Revelation 13:11-16). No man refusing that MARK will be able to buy or sell. God says the horrible LAST PLAGUES are going to fall upon those who have the mark of the BEAST. What is it? Do you have it? Could it be forced upon you? Could the mark of the beast be somehow secretly placed upon you; tattooed, implanted under your skin in the form of a micro chip, or secretly put into your wallet or purse in the form of some plastic credit card or identification card? You need to KNOW what is the MARK OF THE BEAST!

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