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For the description of this prophecy we offer the concluding text from the booklet, "Abomination of Desolation":

What to Watch For–

In summary, then, Christ specifically said this great "Abomination to God that will cause terrible destruction and desolation," will stand in the holy place, where it ought not!

The temple still stood when Christ uttered those words. His listeners knew exactly to which part of the temple He referred: the innermost part of the temple, called the "holy place," which was the place of the priests’ daily offerings, and the "holy of holies," behind the vail, into which the high priest entered only once each year, on the Day of Atonement.

Paul clearly said the "man of sin" would sit "in the temple of God."

But today, there is no temple in Jerusalem.

Yet, major international tensions occur when enthusiastic Zionist Jews march to the temple walls, attempting to lay a symbolic corner stone for the building of another TEMPLE!

The virulent hatred of the Arabs toward the Jews is partly rooted in the intention of many right-wing Jewish sects to destroy the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aksa Mosque, to make way for the building of another Jewish temple.

When such a temple is built, you should be aware that the final events depicted in this article are VERY NEAR!

Consider: Such an event would probably unite the Arab nations as no other single event. A great war could break out in the Mideast a war in which chemical, and even nuclear weapons might be used, for the Arabs might have witnessed the destruction of two of their most revered mosques, holy places to all Islam.

They might unite, as never before, and their leader would probably be the "king of the south" of Daniel 11:40-45.

To "push at" the "king of the north," who we believe to be the "beast" power, or a United Europe, this Arab leader might cut off all energy to Europe! This would bring an immediate military response as Daniel’s 11th chapter shows.

If you see a ten-nation combine in Europe, probably called "The United States of Europe," shockingly, suddenly intervene in the Mideast; if you see the head of the great universal church declare that he is going to MOVE THE VATICAN TO JERUSALEM that the "one true church" is going to go back to its BIRTHPLACE; if you see him declaring that Jerusalem should become a corpus separatum, or open, internationalized city, exempt from military action, and then GO THERE HIMSELF TO INSURE IT; if you see miracles performed; major churches, including some state churches returning to the fold of their mother; if you see this man making great and pompous statements, accepting the acclamation of MILLIONS as the man WHO SAVED THE WORLD FROM NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION; if you see him revered almost like Christ, acclaimed as if he were "God," then BE WARNED!

For, when you see such things happening you should know that the Great Tribulation IS BEGINNING!

Should a famous statue that millions have kissed a blackened bronze statue of a figure with a strangely Byzantine or Grecian cast, one who is supposedly the "Peter" of Rome be moved inside the temple; should this man himself ensconce himself inside the temple, then you will have seen the ABOMINATION SET IN PLACE; and horrifying, unimaginable DESTRUCTION will immediately follow!

The consequences of all this to Americans, Britons, Australians, Canadians, South Africans, the democracies of Northwestern Europe, are unimaginable!

We will be monitoring all news stories which have to do with the Temple Mount and/or any construction of an altar or temple building.

Abomination of Desolation

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