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Jerusalem Compassed with Armies
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Clearly this single prophetic event will take place with great swiftness.  We will post stories of any troop movements in the Middle East and any stories relating to increased military power among the nations.  Disclaimer
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07/03/17 German defense minister eyes EU fund to boost military
07/03/17 Russia to continue to strengthen armed forces: Putin
07/03/17 The US-Led Coalition Is Inching Toward Armed Conflict With Russia And Iran In Syria
07/03/17 Qatar crisis: Armed conflict and protracted dispute are growing more likely, analysts say
06/02/17 NATO Launches Its Own Operation In The Middle East
06/02/17 Russia Fires Cruise Missiles at ISIS Targets in Syria
06/02/17 Egypt carries out new airstrikes in Libya
05/02/17 Trump warns 'a major, major conflict with North Korea' is possible
05/02/17 U.N relief chief warns against continued conflict in S. Sudan
05/02/17 Will The US Bomb North Korea? Japanese Government Says Possibility Is Increasingly Realistic
04/02/17 NATO 'Obviously Preparing for a Conflict' on Its Eastern Border
04/02/17 Japan Ruling Party Weighs First Offensive Weapons Since War
04/02/17 Iran's Patrolling of Strait of Hormuz Could Result in Armed Conflict, U.S. Says
03/01/17 Germany to expand Bundeswehr to almost 200,000 troops
03/01/17 Germany to increase troops for first time since Cold War ended
03/01/17 Germany To Increase Military Size in Wake of Russian Threat
02/02/17 Kachin State: Thousands of civilians unable to escape conflict
02/02/17 U.S. military buildup planned for Europe, Afghanistan
02/02/17 Pentagon warning over China military build-up
01/04/17 Terrorism claimed over 12,000 lives in Iraq in 2016: UN
01/04/17 NBC: Obama Told Putin Election Hacking Could Result in 'Armed Conflict'
01/04/17 South Sudanese child soldiers estimated to be over 17,000
12/05/16 Over 2,800 Iraqis killed in acts of terrorism, violence, armed conflict in Iraq in Nov.: UN spokesman
12/05/16  Dawn of EU Army: MEPs approve new £420million-a-year SUPER FORCE to defend Europe
12/05/16 Europe forges ahead with plans for 'EU army'
11/02/16 Russia taunts US with biggest military offensive since the Cold War
11/02/16 Pentagon Chief Outlines US Plans for Nuclear War with Russia
11/02/16 The United States and NATO Are Preparing for a Major War With Russia
11/02/16 Germany moves to run its own EU army – leaving both Brussels & NATO in new crisis
11/02/16 Merkel promotes the return of German militarism to Africa
10/05/16 German army steps up military intervention in Middle East
10/05/16 Would Arming Anti-Assad Rebels Trigger an “International Armed Conflict”—and War Crimes Prosecutions?
10/05/16 The Leader calls for upgrading Iran’s military preparedness
10/05/16 UK's 'withered' armed forces could not withstand Russia attack, retired general warns defence secretary
10/05/16 German Military, Police to Team Up Amid Fears of ISIS Attack
09/06/16 691 Iraqis killed, 1,016 injured in terror, armed conflict in August: UN
09/06/16 Armed conflict in Mozambique getting nasty
09/06/16 The world needs to work to prevent the next war in Gaza
08/01/16 War is at Hand - Malaysia dragged in? Influential Chinese paper sees 'armed conflict' in South China Sea
08/01/16 Will Shiite power struggle turn into armed conflict in Iraq?
08/01/16 South China Sea ruling will 'intensify conflict,' says envoy
07/02/16 Has Britain avoided a ‘European superstate’? France and Germany ‘draw up plans to morph EU countries into one with control over members’ armies and economies’
07/02/16 EU leaders call for rapid British exit and European military buildup
07/02/16 U.S. Agrees to Waive Restrictions on Japanese Military Component Imports
07/02/16 Japan's East China Sea Military Buildup Continues
07/02/16 Russia slams NATO military buildup near its borders
06/02/16 Every day more than one woman in Colombia is raped due to armed conflict
06/02/16 Amnesty: Syria armed groups committing war crimes
06/02/16 Armed Conflict Survey: In 2015, Syria accounted for one-third of global conflict deaths
05/02/16 741 Iraqis killed, 1,374 injured in acts of terrorism, violence and armed conflict in April - UNAMI
05/02/16 Russian Armed Forces Conduct Nearly 1,000 Exercises Since January 2016
05/02/16 Merkel hints at further military effort in Libya after talks
04/08/16 Army 3-Star: New Army Weapons -- Built for Major Power War
04/08/16 Military Buildup “To Deter Russian Aggression”
04/08/16 US Military Buildup in Europe ‘Insane,’ Costly
04/08/16 Russian Army Continues Forming New Divisions in Response to NATO Buildup
03/07/16 20 nations join major military maneuver in Saudi
03/07/16 Turkey calls for allied offensive in Syria
03/07/16 Northern Thunder: Saudi Arabia as a military superpower
02/08/16 Fate of civilians in armed conflict ‘grim’ with thousands killed, hospitals under attack, Security Council told
02/08/16 Space debris crashing into military satellites may 'trigger armed conflict'
02/08/16 Islamic State advance in strategic Syrian city leaves hundreds dead
01/04/16 Russian intervention in Syria will lead to more bloodshed, says German envoy
01/04/16 China Could Be Winning The Military Numbers Game
01/04/16 Japan Ramps Up Military Spending as China Territorial Dispute Lingers
12/07/15 German Parliament Votes to Send Military Assistance to Fight ISIS
12/07/15 Benjamin Netanyahu Admits That Israeli Forces Operate in Syria
12/07/15 Next Up for Syria: Even More Lethal Russian Military Hardware
11/03/15 Obama and His Neocons Ready to Risk World War III in the South China Sea
11/03/15 Golan Heights Oil Discovery Potential Detonator for World War III
11/03/15 Are Russia and the U.S. on the brink of a proxy war in Syria?
10/12/15 Rand Paul: No-fly zone in Syria ‘could lead to World War III’
10/12/15 China Joining Russia In Syria Brings Risks Of World War
10/12/15 NATO Begins Biggest War Games in 20 Years
09/07/15 US tells Moscow it’s concerned about possible Russian military buildup in Syria 
09/07/15 Defense, You Say? NATO Unveils Six Command Centers in Eastern Europe  
09/07/15 West 'Creates Military Flashpoints' Along Russia’s Borders 
08/03/15 Only an international force can stabilize Ukraine
08/03/15 UN says at least 15,000 civilians killed in Iraq war
07/06/15 200,000 in southwest Colombia in ‘critical situation’ due to conflict violence
07/06/15 Syria's 'disastrous' conflict fuelling child labour and exploitation
07/06/15 Filipinos fear ‘armed conflict’ with China over sea row
06/05/15 Ukraine conflict is not in stalemate – it’s getting worse
06/05/15 There are fewer armed conflicts in the world today but more deaths – Report
06/05/15 Global tensions surge as NATO, Russia hold rival military exercises
05/05/15 UN: More than 800 Killed, 2,000 Wounded by Iraq Violence in April  
05/05/15 China and Russia to hold joint military exercises in Mediterranean 
05/05/15 'Decision to unify UAE's Armed Forces was wise step taken by founding fathers'  
04/07/15 A year of armed conflict in east Ukraine
04/07/15 Indonesian minister expresses concern over armed conflict in Yemen
04/07/15 Mindanao war cost Philippines P2 trillion in 31 years, says study
03/10/15 Jordanian King warns global battle with ISIS has launched World War III
03/10/15 Netanyahu, Other Iraq Hawks, Try to Push U.S. Into War With Iran
03/10/15 Russia Launches Large-Scale Military Exercises in Disputed Territories
03/10/15 French PM predicts 10,000 Europeans to join ISIS before 2015 ends
03/10/15 The Iranian Regime on Israel's Right to Exist
02/11/15 Obama’s State of the Union: Delusions That Threaten War
02/11/15 Jordan Moves 'Thousands' of Troops to Iraq Border: Jordanian Sources
02/11/15 Jordan Posts Picture of King Abdullah II Looking Ready to Fight ISIS Himself
02/11/15 German defense minister plans long-term modernization of military
02/11/15 Brussels Commissioner Reveals Plans to Deploy EU Army In Middle East
02/11/15 New Israel-Gaza war in the cards?
01/06/15 Russia Is Ready for Shooting War
01/06/15 World War III Brewing? Putin 'Secretly Plotting' to Rule Europe
01/06/15 World War III Coming? Russian State Media Claims US House Resolution ‘One Step’ Closer to ‘All-Out War’
01/06/15 Jordanian King Warns Of Impending World War III
01/06/15 Priming UAE’s military into a force to reckon with
12/02/14 Khamenei says world relies on Iran’s armed forces
12/02/14 NATO Response Force
12/02/14 German military to lead NATO rapid response force
11/03/14 World War 3: Vladimir Putin Accuses United States Of ‘Warmongering,’ Causing Ukraine Conflict
11/03/14 At least 8 Palestinians wounded, one seriously, in clashes with IDF troops in West Bank
11/03/14 Lithuania to hold multinational military exercise Iron Sword 2014
10/04/14 Massive naval buildup in Persian Gulf as Israel moves closer to war 
10/04/14 Iran’s covert military buildup and operations
10/04/14 Putin calls for Russian military buildup
09/05/14 ISIS militants executed up to 770 Iraqi troops in Tikrit – report
09/05/14 The Growing Power of Shia Militias in Iraq and Syria Poses a Tricky Problem
09/05/14 Valid Concerns Over Russia’s Increasing Military Presence in the Arctic
08/08/14 China’s hawks take the offensive
08/08/14 Reports of Russia’s military build-up on Ukraine border groundless - Moscow
08/08/14 Russia military build-up dangerous: NATO
07/03/14 Russia orders troops to be on “full combat alert”
07/03/14 ISIS and the Taliban: Writing on the wall for Afghanistan
07/03/14 Israel moving troops near Gaza Strip border, officials say
06/23/14 In Iraq, militants press on toward Baghdad
06/23/14 Russia Is Moving Thousands of Troops Back to Ukraine Border, NATO Says
06/23/14 Iran sends troops into Iraq to aid fight against Isis militants 
05/06/14 Fatah: 'Two-State Solution Is Dead, Time for Armed Conflict'
05/06/14 Hamas Will Rise to Power in Judea and Samaria'
05/06/14 OPINION: Provocation in Ukraine Could Result in Large-Scale Armed Conflict
03/03/14 Russian armed forces seize Crimea as Putin threatens wider military invasion of Ukraine
03/03/14 Will Germany inch away from military restraint?
03/03/14 Germany paves way for new engagement
02/04/14 German Army shapes up for future
02/04/14 Germany signals new self-confidence on military operations
02/04/14 Germany sees bigger military role in Africa
02/04/14 Germany must use military more, says president
01/01/14 Violence flares between Israeli military and Palestinians in Gaza
01/01/14 Israeli military ready to hit Gaza militants: official
01/01/14 German troops help prepare Malian army for combat in the north
12/02/13 Is the German military just following orders again?
12/02/13 Israel warns of war with Iran
11/15/13 Al Qaeda’s thrust toward Golan: Israel, Saudis, Jordan share urgent need to stem the fast-multiplying peril
10/07/13 Israel bolsters security ahead of possible military strike on Syria
10/07/13 Five Ways a Wider Syrian War Could Go Nuclear
10/07/13 The Winds of War
08/05/13 France and Germany seek to revive EU defence policy
08/05/13 Video: German Armed Forces [Bundeswehr] 
Video: German Military Power Demonstration
07/04/13 Egypt moves troops to the Sinai-Gaza border
07/04/13 Israel keeps low-profile on Egypt crisis, focuses on security concerns  
05/12/13 Obama risks to trigger WWIII: James Fetzer
05/12/13 And World War III Will Be Started by….Israel 
05/12/13 Germany will continue military aid to Afghanistan after 2014: Merkel  
05/12/13 Kabul welcomes German military plan to stay, Taliban issues warning  
05/12/13 McCain says international forces should enter Syria 
05/12/13 U.S. Begins Sweeping Military Exercises in Persian Gulf
05/12/13 Helpless Against Israeli Air Power  
05/12/13 “Heading Towards a Collision Course: Israel vs. Iran 
05/12/13 War With Iran is Likely, and Israel Will Probably Start It  
02/08/13 Russia’s Forces Are Ready for War - Army Chief  
02/08/13 Ahmadinejad: Iran Ready to 'March on Israel, Wipe It Out'
01/16/13 Largest Military Buildup Ever in Persian Gulf
01/16/13 Five EU countries call for new military 'structure'
01/16/13 Will Japan Rearm?
11/14/12 European army backed
11/14/12 Iran launches ‘biggest ever’ military air drills amid rising tensions with Israel, U.S.
09/20/12 News Israel army in snap exercise to simulate war scenario
09/20/12 Iran's Armed Forces ready to counter threats: Cmdr
08/01/12 IDF tanks move closer to Egypt border
08/01/12 Russia, China, Iran plan to stage in Syria “biggest Mid East maneuver”
06/04/12 'Syria military intervention would engulf Israel'
06/04/12 Israeli Military Practicing for Military Occupation of Lebanon
05/03/12 Military chief: Israel increases covert operations
03/01/12 Jamil Maidan Flores: World War III?
03/01/12 Fighters, weapons flow into Syrian war zone
03/01/12 The coming war in Syria-Iran: possible scenarios
01/06/12 On the brink of a global conflict
01/06/12 Syria on the brink of civil war, says German defense expert
01/06/12 South Sudan ’on brink of war’ with north Sudan
01/06/12 Calls for intervention increase as Syria teeters on brink of war
09/16/11 We May Be Looking At World War III
09/16/11 Syria’s Slow March to a Breaking Point
09/16/11 Nine Fronts in the Next War
09/16/11 Middle East on Brink of Full-Scale War: Israeli General 
09/16/11 Turkish frigates to confront Israeli vessels, disable their weapons
09/16/11 Erdogan drives toward armed clash with Israel. Oil and gas at stake
09/16/11 U.S. military boots ARE on the ground in Libya, Pentagon admits
09/16/11 Cheney: Israel to attack Iranian nuclear facilities
09/16/11 Israel warns of ‘harsh’ consequences if Palestinians go ahead with statehood bid
08/1/11 EU readies for large-scale military operation in Libya
10/10/10 China targets U.S. troops with arms buildup
08/11/10 Russia To Assign Trillions for Strategic Nuclear and Ground Forces
08/11/10 Hizballah advances 20,000 troops to Israeli border
08/11/10 Hezbollah: If Israel attacks, it will be defeated
05/03/10 Iran, Syria, Hizballah gear up to provoke summer war
05/03/10 Residents of south Israel fear another war brewing
05/03/10 Pakistan military exercises 'show of force' says analysts
03/01/10 Eat, drink, and watch MTV for tomorrow the Chinese are coming
03/01/10 German foreign minister backs idea of European army
03/01/10 Iranian missile airlift stiffens Syrian war talk, tops up Hizballah, Hamas
02/04/10 Putin: Libya, Russia agree $1.8 billion arms deal
02/04/10 Report: Iran to hold 'large-scale military exercise' next month
02/04/10 Egyptian sources: Israel prepares to strike Iran from Gulf and N. Iraq
01/01/10 Saudis 'in a panic mode' as Shi'ite rebels move North from Yemen
11/02/09 Israeli police storm Jerusalem's holiest shrine
11/02/09 Palestinians and Israeli Police Clash at Holy Site in Jerusalem
09/01/09 Iran Gas Ban: Step Toward War With Iran?
09/01/09 The German offensive in Afghanistan
09/01/09 'Hizbullah training Lebanese Armed Forces'
09/01/09 Russia holds large-scale Ladoga-2009 military drills
09/01/09 Hezbollah stockpiles 40,000 rockets near Israel border
04/01/09 Hugo Chavez says Venezuela ready for war with Colombia
04/01/09 Belarus, Russia to conduct large-scale war games in fall
04/01/09 Russia to beef up military capability in south, Black Sea fleet
03/01/09 Abbas wants EU peacekeepers in the Middle East
03/01/09 Moscow hosts summit to modernize Iran military
03/01/09 Look out! China has the whole package
02/03/09 'International force if truce bid fails'
01/01/09 EU to begin Somali pirate patrols
01/01/09 Military: Up to 30,000 new troops to be sent to Afghanistan
12/03/08 UN chief 'backs EU force for DR Congo'
11/05/08 Thousands more Syrian troops deployed on Lebanon border
11/05/08 Israel’s senior ministers confer urgently on Iran as US masses air-naval might in Middle East waters
09/10/08 Afghan army may get bigger
09/10/08 Estonia urges EU peacekeepers for Georgia
06/25/08 EU foreign policy expected to enter 'new era'
06/25/08 Lisbon treaty: Pressure on Ireland for second vote
06/25/08 Q&A: The Lisbon Treaty
05/01/08 Syrian official: We're prepared for war
03/01/08 Israel, US discuss deploying NATO troops in West Bank
02/01/08 German presence in the Middle East increasing
02/01/08 EU Mideast envoy: international force may be set up quickly in Gaza
01/18/08 US Considering International Force in West Bank
01/18/08 EU set to deploy force to Chad next month
01/01/08 Palestinian president backs French call for international force
11/01/07 Turkey says military ready to cross into Iraq "at anytime"
08/01/07 Primor: EU Troops Could Bring Peace to Middle East
08/01/07 Abbas calls for international force in Gaza
07/12/07 International forces in Gaza?
07/12/07 U.K. Attacks Support Army Deployment in Germany, Schaeuble Says
07/12/07 Europe seeks force to police PA territories
07/01/07 Netanyahu Surprise: Bring Jordanian Troops into Yesha
07/01/07 India, China to conduct first joint army exercises
07/01/07 The War's Upon Us
05/03/07 Iran's military, strongest in region
04/18/07 China's growing military clout worries India, US
04/18/07 China's neighbors modernizing military: Report
04/18/07 Russia on the march - again
04/18/07 Analysis: Don't underestimate Syria's military
01/24/07 Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas Are Gaining Strength
01/01/07 China plans to expand armed forces 
01/01/07 Israeli think tank says only military strike will stop Iran: Report  
12/01/06 Iran Launches Another Exercise 
12/01/06 IDF conducts Gaza invasion drills 
12/01/06 Minister Cohen: Time to Weigh International Force in Gaza
11/02/06 Time For Europe to Act  
10/24/06 Germany takes command of naval force in Lebanon 
09/29/06 EU willing to keep peace on Gaza Border  
09/04/06 Germany Ready for Troop Deployment on Lebanon's Request 
08/29/06 EU to commit biggest force in its history to keep the peace 
08/29/06 Europe the peacekeeper 
08/17/06 Germany mulls sending troops to Lebanon 
08/01/06 Jewish group opposes German buffer force 
08/01/06 Israel wants Rome meeting to disarm Hezbollah, create buffer force 
08/01/06 Blair calls for 'buffer force' to calm Mideast crisis 
08/01/06 Russia Urges Diplomatic Solution to Middle East Conflict, Ready to Send Troops
07/19/06 EU troops on stand by as Middle East crisis deepens  
07/19/06 EU 'acutely concerned' by Middle East violence 
07/19/06 Arab League chief: Peace process 'dead' 
07/19/06 Brussels to unveil plan on EU rapid border teams 
07/13/06 Putin Asks For the Right to Send Russian Soldiers and Special Forces
Any Where In the World
07/03/06 Israel, Palestinians must step back from brink: EU 
07/03/06 EU troops arriving in Congo, can use force if need be - force commander  
06/01/06 IDF conducts Gaza invasion drills 
04/06/06 Iran plans 'war games'  
04/06/06 CHAD : New clashes in east, government blames Sudan 
12/01/05 Iraq Foreign Minister Makes Plea For Continued Japanese Presence
11/23/05 Japan's ruling party proposes 'military' for first time since WWII  
11/21/05 Rice shows concern at Chinese military build-up 
11/21/05 EU security teams to region taking shape 
11/15/05 Russian Military Present and Future Foreign Policy 
11/15/05 U.S. fears prospect of Saudi coup, weighs invasion plans 
11/11/05 New war fears in Horn of Africa
09/19/05 Israelis warm to security role for EU on Gaza's border with Egypt
09/01/05 Analysis: Germany's new armed forces
08/11/05 EU offers Gaza deal 
07/01/05 Preparing Germany's Military for War  
06/15/05 CIA Chief Sees Threat in Chinese Military Buildup 
06/01/05 Diplomacy should race against the clock of the Israeli wall  
05/31/05 No retreat over Euro army as force remains on track
03/04/05 European Union Vows Support for 'Palestinian' State Within Israel 
03/01/05 NATO chief: We could send troops once treaty is signed
01/26/05 Russia renews its old role in Middle East 
01/26/05 Independent Armament for ..."necessary power base" 
12/28/04 Joint military exercises on the rise 
12/09/04 Putin's push for a strategic triangle  
11/23/04 EU to push ahead with military 'battle groups'  
10/16/04 EU Defense Ministers Plan New Paramilitary Force 
10/16/04 Annan: More EU Peacekeeping Needed 
10/14/04 EU to unveil plan to help Palestinian state 
10/14/04 Ukraine steps up army modernization 
10/11/04 Rapid reaction force for Africa 
10/11/04 Battle groups aim for speed in a crisis  
10/11/04 U.S. Eyes New Mobile Brigade for Germany from 2006 
09/21/04 Euro 'gendarmerie' set up to police the world's trouble spots 
07/26/04 Baghdad wants Russian peacekeepers in Iraq: Iraqi FM   
07/15/04 Egypt's Israel Peacekeeper Plan Draws Ire   
07/06/04 Big five meet to discuss security issues  
06/29/04  EU forces to take over NATO mission in Bosnia  
06/15/04 EU defense ministers admit global responsibility
06/11/04 Poland urges Nato to take over its Iraq command role
06/07/04 EU seeks coordination with Egypt over Gaza  
06/01/04 EU Ministers Support "Battle Group" Peacekeeping Plan   
 05/03/04 Stepping towards a Euro Army   
05/03/04 Plans underway for EU military cell  
04/26/04 Islamic states slam Gaza plan, urge UN presence in Mideast 
04/15/04 Europe tests its military wings
 04/15/04 EU-led forces could go to Sudan, says top military official 
03/22/04 Damascus urges the UN security council to halt the Israeli aggressions
03/09/04 PA asks for international troops 
01/13/04 Background Report: The German Armed Forces heading toward taking the offensive
01/13/04 German Armed Forces wants influence over nuclear bombs"
01/05/04 Europe Wants to Rival US as Military Superpower, Says EU Parliamentarian
12/10/03 EU ponders security link with Middle East  
12/01/03 Straw fuels fear of rift between EU and US  
11/26/03 Blair and Chirac defend EU force  
11/19/03 EU agency aims to boost bloc's military muscle  
10/27/03 German plans show drive for unified Euro-army  



EU: Greater Role Sought In Mideast Peace Process  


EU: Military Arm Developing More Quickly Than Expected  


A Japanese force for peace  


US proposes world peacekeeping force  


EU agrees to set up defense agency by 2004  


Kofi Annan calls for international `buffer' force  


Europe Launches Plans for Military to Rival U.S.   


EU peacekeeping force ready  


EU announces Iraq stabilization force  


More nations condemn Euro army as a threat to NATO  


EU Ministers Discuss Possible Role in Postwar Iraq  


Official: Russia Should Revise Doctrine  


Bracing for the Apocalypse  


Pentagon build-up reaches unstoppable momentum  


EU Ready For Military Operations Within Weeks   


NATO's Rapid Reaction Force Ready by 2004   


Schroeder Pledges Germany Will Supply Israel With Patriot Missiles  


Britain Prepares 30,000 Troops To Answer US Call For Coalition Force  


NATO: Libya, Syria Constitute WMD Threat   


Euro Military Chief Meets Saudi Prince    


Kharazi Urges EU To Step Up Mideast Involvement    


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