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We will post here most any story relating to the Temple Mount or the building of a Temple there.  We will also post any stories related to strong religious leaders going to Jerusalem and/or moving their headquarters to Jerusalem.   Disclaimer

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07/03/17 Massive Infrastructure To Be Built For Jews To Go On Pilgrimage To The Temple
07/03/17 There Was a Time When Men & Women Could Pray Together at W. Wall. Not Anymore
07/03/17 Report: Turkey stirring up tensions on Temple Mount
07/03/17 Tumult on the Temple Mount
07/03/17 Al Aqsa Imam: Western Wall Belongs Only to Muslims
07/03/17 Temple Mount closed to Muslims
07/03/17 Jumping for joy? An arguably obsolete brigade stays productive
07/03/17 "Temple Mount in our hands changed the course of history"
06/01/17 Erdogan Urges Muslims to Swarm Temple Mount to Save Jerusalem from ‘Judaization’
06/01/17 Israeli police thwart march by Islamic Movement on Temple Mount
06/01/17 Temple Mount Will Forever Remain Under Israeli Control
05/02/17 UNESCO head calls Temple Mount ‘holiest place in Judaism’
05/02/17 The First Step Towards Building the Third Temple: A Synagogue on the Temple Mount
05/02/17 Police arrest activists planning Temple Mount sacrifice‘
04/02/17 FINALLY! Israel Officially Calling For Third Temple to Replace al-Aqsa Mosque!
04/02/17 Will zealots ignite another firestorm on the Temple Mount?
04/02/17 As Jerusalem Jubilee Approaches, Knesset Seeks to 'Reclaim' Temple Mount
03/01/17 How the Third Temple is Being Built Today
03/01/17 ‘Christians Must Help Trump Move Embassy to Bring Third Temple’
03/01/17 Rabbis Urge Trump, Putin to Help Rebuild Temple in Jerusalem
02/02/17 Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem May Save the Temple Mount
02/02/17 Battle Over the Temple Mount Continues
02/02/17 An Untenable Status Quo on the Mount
01/04/17 Obama, Through Kerry, Proposes Dividing Jerusalem
01/04/17 Nearly 15,000 Israelis stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque in 2016
01/04/17 Krauthammer: Obama final legacy moment is his most shameful
12/05/16 UN General Assembly supports resolution ignoring Jewish ties to Temple Mount
12/05/16 Israel arrests Islamic activists for incitement to violence on Temple Mount
12/05/16 Why Is Israel Restricting Access To The Temple Mount?
11/02/16 U.N.: Jerusalem's Temple Mount not Jewish
11/02/16 UNESCO decision on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount distorts history
11/02/16 Temple Mount In Jerusalem Was Definitely Jewish Site For Thousands Of Years –New Evidence Proves
11/02/16 The UN continues its proxy war against the Jews
11/02/16 Ambassador: Denying Israel's ties to Temple Mount is like denying Sweden's to IKEA
10/05/16 For First Time Ever, Archaeological Evidence Proves Jewish Temple Stood on Temple Mount
10/05/16 Police: Jews may not pray in Muslim Quarter of Old City
10/05/16 UNESCO Responds to Sanhedrin Demand for End to Muslim Occupation of Temple Mount
10/05/16 Israeli Archaeologists Succeed in Restoring Second Temple Floor Tiles For First Time in History
10/05/16 The Temple Has “Reappeared” - You Won’t Believe How
09/06/16 NY Times story on Jewish temples irks press
09/06/16 Temple Service Could Be One Week Away as Sanhedrin Appoints High Priest
09/06/16 Archaeological Evidence Proves Jewish Temple Stood on Temple Mount
08/01/16 French PM: France will never deny Jewish historical ties to Jerusalem
08/01/16 9 Little-Known Facts About the Holy Temples in Jerusalem
08/01/16 New MK Glick Calls for End to Temple Mount Ban on Jewish Prayer
07/02/16 Rabbi Ariel: Temple Mount is front line for Hamas
07/02/16 Muslims Riot, So Jews Are Barred From Temple Mount
07/02/16 Palestinians Stone Western Wall Worshippers; Police Shut Temple Mount to non-Muslims
07/02/16 Arab Attempt to Erase Jewish History From Temple Mount
06/02/16 Report: Israel still supports Temple Mount camera idea
06/02/16 Israel is Insane: Democratize the Temple Mount!
06/02/16 Arab MKs Leading the Violent War for the Temple Mount
05/02/16 Temple Mount Revival Movement Revels in Crowd-Funded Passover Sacrifice — but at What Cost?
05/02/16 Hopes for Temple Mount to be ‘flattened’ expressed at Passover sacrifice ceremony
05/02/16 Sacrifice of the Paschal Lamb Returns to Jerusalem After Millennia
04/08/16 Jordan sends a memorandum of protest to Israel over incursions at Temple Mount
04/08/16 Hamas calls to 'slaughter' Jews who visit Temple Mount
04/08/16 Jordan: Cameras to be installed on Temple Mount to document Israeli 'violations'
03/07/16 Is the Temple Mount Disappearing Before Our Eyes?
03/07/16 PM ‘committed’ to Western Wall prayer deal despite opposition
03/07/16 Surveillance cameras to be installed on Temple Mount
02/08/16 Protesters, incitement return to Temple Mount
02/08/16 Temple Mount Mosque Lecture Supports ISIS
02/08/16 Temple Mount crackdown on Jews 'fuels terror wave'
01/04/16 Israel's Dream to Take Over The Temple Mount
01/04/16 Knesset Bill Would Demand Freedom of Worship for Jews on Temple Mount
01/04/16 Egyptian paper claims Jewish Temple was never in Jerusalem
12/07/15 What Is the Temple Mount, and Why Is There So Much Fighting Around It?
12/07/15 Biblical King's Royal Seal Unearthed Near Temple Mount
12/07/15 Thousands of Iranian soldiers stage mock siege of Temple Mount
11/03/15 Israel must make no concessions on Temple Mount
11/03/15 Likud Lawmaker Hotovely Says She Dreams of Israel Flag Over Temple Mount
11/03/15 Grand mufti: There was never a Jewish Temple on Temple Mount
10/11/15 Israel 'playing with fire' on Temple Mount, Erdogan warns
10/11/15 Netanyahu: 'We’re in the midst of a wave of terror'
10/11/15 Police to limit Temple Mount entry after day of 4 terrorist stabbings across Israel
09/07/15 The rabbi, the lost ark and the future of Temple Mount
09/07/15 Netanyahu agrees things must change on Temple Mount, says Likud activist
09/07/15 Temple Mount Activist Optimistic About ‘Great Change’ Ahead
08/03/15 Activists Call to Rebuild Third Temple on Tisha B'Av
08/03/15 New Sign on the Temple Mount Violates Israeli Law, Forbids Jewish Prayer
08/03/15 Arab parliament member denies Jewish claim to Temple Mount
08/03/15 The Temple Mount red heifer saga: Engineering the apocalypse?
08/03/15 Watch: Holy Site to Muslims? Arab Clown Desecrates Temple Mount
08/03/15 Will a red cow ignite the Mideast?
08/03/15 Cattleman Raises Historic Herd of Red Heifers in Israel 
07/06/15 CNN lists Dome of the Rock among 'magnificent structures on the verge of extinction'
07/06/15 ISIS in Jerusalem: Christians Threatened and a Temple Mount Takeover
07/06/15 Temple Mount Turning into “Wild West”
06/05/15 Saudi Arabia To Israel: Don't 'Judaize' Jerusalem
06/05/15 Muslim Mayhem on the Temple Mount: A Declaration of War
06/05/15 Op-Ed: Jews Go On the Offensive on the Temple Mount
05/05/15 New Arab Site Erases Temple Mount's Jewish Nature
05/05/15 Once Again: Waqf Illegally Digging Up Temple Mount
05/05/15 “Outrage” Over Pending UN Decision on the Temple Mount
04/07/15 Chief Rabbi Lau: Next Year on the Temple Mount
04/07/15 New Details Emerge on Rebuilt Altar of Jewish Holy Temple
04/07/15 Temple Mount Preacher Urges ISIS to 'Trample' US, Destroy Israel
03/10/15 'Islamic Movement' Plans Mass Presence at Temple Mount on Passover 
03/10/15 Jewish Temple Altar Rebuilt, Ready for Use 
03/10/15 Is the PA Trying to Renew Temple Mount Terror? 
03/10/15 Major Win for Jews, Christians Who Wish to Pray on Temple Mount
03/10/15 Jews Dress Up as Arabs to Enter Temple Mount
02/11/15 Terminate Wakf authority over the Temple Mount
02/11/15 Sharp rise in Jewish visits to Temple Mount
02/11/15 The consequences of the ever-changing status quo on the Temple Mount
02/11/15 Temple Mount Preacher Indicted for Calling to Slaughter Jews
01/06/15 Hamas: Netanyahu is playing with fire by allowing Jews on Temple Mount
01/06/15 Preacher in Al Aqsa: We Will Slaughter You Jews
01/06/15 Saudi Islamic Leader Plans Temple Mount Visit
01/06/15 Have archaeologists discovered where Jesus was sentenced to death?
01/06/15 Jerusalem’s Next Temple: Leading Supporter Just SHOT
01/06/15 Israel Closing Jerusalem Mosque “Act of War”
12/02/14 Once Again, The Temple Mount is the Heart of the Matter
12/02/14 Israeli Sovereignty on Temple Mount: Slip Sliding Away
11/03/14 Netanyahu Asks MKs to 'Tone it Down' on Temple Mount
11/03/14 Netanyahu: Jews Won't Be Kept Out of Temple Mount
11/03/14 Haniyeh: We'll Fight Israel Over Temple Mount
10/04/14 Jewish Group Crowd Funds $90K for ‘Third Temple’ on Jerusalem's Temple Mount
10/04/14 Why Are Islamists Obsessed with Jews on the Temple Mount?
10/04/14 With Temple Mount as Flashpoint, Violence on the Rise in Jerusalem
09/05/14 Safed Chief Rabbi Surprises Knesset C'tee with Temple Mount Call
09/05/14 Watch: Muslims Force Closure of Temple Mount for Jews
09/05/14 PMO orders dismantling of unauthorized foot bridge to Temple Mount's Mughrabi Gate
08/08/14 Hundreds of Jews Ascend Temple Mount for Tisha B’Av, Confronted by Muslim Protesters
08/08/14 Palestinian Muslims Sack Temple Mount
08/08/14 KNIGHT: Under Jerusalem, the search for Solomon’s Temple
07/03/14 Bill Clinton: Israel offered Temple Mount to Palestinians in 2000
07/03/14 Advocacy groups woo US lawmakers amid fervor over prayer at Temple Mount
07/03/14 Palestinians Harass Jews Visiting Temple Mount, Gloat Over Abduction of Israeli Teens
06/23/14 Why Do Muslims Want the Temple Mount?
06/23/14 Palestinians riot on Temple Mount as Jews gather at Wall for Jerusalem Day
06/23/14 Temple Mount faithful lay claim to lost ark
05/06/14 ISRAEL to give POPE "Legal Custody" of TEMPLE MOUNT & Holy Land
05/06/14 The Pope's Anti-Semitic Plan for Jerusalem
05/06/14 Pope Francis Confirms May Trip to Middle East
05/06/14 A Call to Everyone in the World to Send a Letter to the Pope
05/06/14 Israel Wants To Give Mount Zion And The Tomb Of David To The Vatican?
03/03/14 Again on Temple Mount: Muslims Riot, Jews Detained
03/03/14 PMO: Israel will not change status quo on the Temple Mount
03/03/14 U.S. plan gives Jerusalem holy sites to Vatican
03/03/14 Arab League to Discuss 'Israeli Attacks' on Al-Aqsa
02/04/14 Temple Mount Desecration: 'The Public Needs to Know'
02/04/14 Exposed: Waqf Illegally Drilling on Temple Mount
02/04/14 Israeli settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque and climb Dome of the Rock
01/01/14 Tension at Temple Mount is escalating week by week
01/01/14 Take back Temple Mount
01/01/14 Israel and Vatican close to signing Holy Land accord
01/01/14 Hamas: Israel Engineering an Earthquake Attack on Al-Aqsa
12/02/13 The battle over the Temple Mount rages on
12/02/13 Temple Mount: Police at Breaking Point
12/02/13 Jewish worshipers seeking access to Haram al Sharif could trigger next intifada, Tibi says
11/15/13 The rabbi, the lost ark and the future of Temple Mount
11/15/13 Troops clash with Palestinians on Temple Mount
10/07/13 Arab Knesset member claims Temple Mount for Muslims only
10/07/13 Temple Mount Treasures a 'Breathtaking Discovery'
10/07/13 Collapse reported on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount
10/07/13 Israel Blamed for Collapse on Temple Mount
08/05/13 Israeli minister: We should rebuild Jerusalem Temple
08/05/13 One third of Israeli Jews want Temple rebuilt in Jerusalem, poll finds
07/04/13 Rebuilding Israel's Temple Mount
07/04/13 Minister Ariel: Emissaries are Telling 'Tall Tales'
05/12/13 Jordanian minister accuses Israel of planning to erect the third Temple 
05/12/13 Muslims Riot, Jews Banned from Temple Mount 
05/12/13 Violence at the Temple Mount 
05/12/13 US urges restraint amid Temple Mount tensions
05/12/13 Muslim Official: We'll Give Up Temple Mount When Messiah Comes 
05/12/13 What's up with PM Netanyahu and the Temple Mount? 
05/12/13 'Intolerable that Jews cannot pray on Temple Mount' 
04/03/13 A New Muslim Vision: Rebuilding Solomon’s Temple Together
01/16/13 Following the dream of a Third Temple in Jerusalem
01/16/13 Is the Vatican the Palestinian Arab Spokesman?
09/20/12 Police step up security amid Prophet Mohammad riots
09/20/12 Abbas, Temple Denial, and the Distortion of History
08/01/12 Tisha B'Av: Temple Mount closed to Jews
08/01/12 Expose: The Vatican Wants to Lay its Hands on Jerusalem
06/04/12 PM: Yielding Temple Mount would be a fatal mistake
05/03/12 No More Big Brother on Temple Mount
05/03/12 Jerusalem Archaeologists Find 3,000-Year-Old Temple under Ancient Israeli Drain
03/01/12  Uniformed IDF Soldiers Visit Temple Mount
03/01/12 Muslims Claim Israel Planning to Build on Temple Mount
03/01/12 3,000 years of mass murder: Jerusalem’s bloody history, and how it shaped us all
03/01/12 P.A.'s 'Peaceful Demonstrations' Heating Up
03/01/12 Modern day zealots envision new Jewish Temple in Jerusalem
01/06/12 IDF rabbinate edits out Dome of the Rock from picture of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount
01/06/12 Ancient "purity" seal found near Jerusalem temple site
11/01/11 Israel declares entrance to Temple Mount "dangerous structure"
11/01/11 Build new ramp to Temple Mount, Jerusalem council orders
11/01/11 What is Going on at the Temple Mount?
09/16/11 Palestinians clash with IDF soldiers over access to Temple Mount in Jerusalem
04/11/11 Rabbi calls for sacrifice on Temple Mount
01/03/11 Report Ready on Israeli Sovereignty on the Temple Mount  
01/03/11 Temple Mount Tensions Rise; Fatah, Hamas Call Muslims to Act
01/03/11 Police Fear Temple Mount Riots over Jewish Plans to Visit
01/03/11 Palestinian official: Western Wall is not Jewish
10/10/10 The target: Jerusalem
08/11/10 Security Fears: Police Cancel Upcoming Temple Mount Activities
08/11/10 Half the Public Wants to See Holy Temple Rebuilt
08/11/10 Is Temple Mount in our hands?
05/03/10 Hezbollah: Israel planning to destroy Al-Aqsa mosque
05/03/10 Police to Temple Mount Activist: Psychiatrist Must OK Your Entry
05/03/10 Israel - Ad campaign to rebuild Temple
05/03/10 Site of Ancient Jewish Temple is Epicenter of Conflict
03/01/10 Muslim Riots Reach Temple Mount
01/08/10 Temple Altar Construction Begins on Day of Destruction
01/01/10 EU: Jerusalem should be joint capital
12/10/09 If the Vilna Gaon was right, the 3rd Temple is on its way
12/10/09 Jews raise millions to be ready for coming of the Messiah
11/02/09 The 'Third Templars'
11/02/09 Prof. Weiss at rightist event: Build third temple immediately
11/02/09 Preparing for service in rebuilt Temple
11/02/09 Netanyahu to Arab world: Ignore 'lies' about Temple Mount
09/01/09 Obama Plan: Temple Mount Under Arab-Muslim Sovereignty
09/01/09 Temple Altar Construction Begins on Day of Destruction
08/03/09 As Tisha B'Av Approaches, Knesset Focuses on the Temple Mount
08/03/09 Survey: 64% want Temple rebuilt
08/03/09 Temple Institute to Build Sacrificial Altar on Tisha B'av
08/03/09 Obama' Think-Tank: Israel Should Cede Jerusalem Sovereignty
07/01/09 Can Third Temple be built without destroying Dome of the Rock?
07/01/09 Temple Institute Rabbi: Obama is a Robber
07/01/09 Likud official infers Temple Mount not Jewish holy place
07/01/09 Raad Salah: Netanyahu will Try to Rebuild the Jewish Temple
07/01/09 PA Peace Plan: Iran to Share Rule over Temple Mount
04/01/09 Pope will visit Islamic shrine on Jerusalem's Temple Mount
04/01/09 Likud official infers Temple Mount not Jewish holy place
04/01/09 Muslim activists decry plans to rebuild Western Wall police station
12/03/08 Was the Aksa Mosque built over the remains of a Byzantine church?
11/05/08 Porush: Arabs Should Control Temple Mount
11/05/08 Our World: All roads lead to Jerusalem
09/09/08 Supreme Moslem Council: Temple Mount is Jewish
09/09/08 The Third Temple
09/09/08 2nd Temple-Era Wall Found on Mt. Zion
09/09/08 Jews in the Temple Area: A "Mount"-ing Controversy
09/09/08 Dome of the Rock 'erased' from Temple Mount
08/01/08 A 'Big Day' for Kohanim: Future Temple Priests Get Fitted
07/03/08 Jews inch towards their Temple
07/03/08 Third Temple preparations begin with priestly garb
06/01/08 Earthquake may destroy the Jerusalem shrines - forecast
06/01/08 Al-Quds Municipality approves controversial Jewish-only bridge across Muslim holy site
05/01/08 Judge Rules Paschal Sacrifice Practice "Proper," Appeal Filed
04/01/08 First-Ever: First-Temple Building Remains Found Near Temple Mt.
01/01/08 Top Catholic in Jerusalem rejects Israel's identity as a Jewish state
01/01/08 Temple Institute Announces: High Priest's Crown is Ready!
12/05/07 Temple Institute Announces: High Priest's Crown is Ready!
11/01/07 'Western Wall was never part of temple'
11/01/07 PMO: Jordan won't control Temple Mt.
11/01/07 Temple Mount remains peace obstacle
11/01/07 Priestly Blessing on Temple Mount
10/09/07 Jordan allocates $1.5m to rebuild Temple Mount
10/09/07 Jews beg Christians to help save the Temple
10/09/07 Archaeological Jackpot in Jerusalem: Ancient Canal Uncovered
09/01/07 Sheikh Salah: Israel wants to encroach on parts of Temple Mount
09/01/07 Possible remains of second temple found in Jerusalem
09/01/07 PA - Temple Mount the price for peace
09/01/07 Olmert, Arabs Negotiating Over Temple Mount
08/01/07 Should Jews build the Third Temple?
08/01/07 Temple Mount travesty
08/01/07 Muslims rip up Temple Mount, archeologists protest
07/12/07 Hamas's plans for Temple Mount foiled
05/01/07 'Renew animal sacrifices on Mount' says radical rabbi
05/01/07 The Sanhedrin’s peace initiative
04/01/07 UNESCO to call for immediate halt to Temple Mount dig
04/01/07 Unholy struggles over the Temple Mount
04/01/07 Salah urges Muslim states to halt 'Judaization' of Jerusalem
03/01/07 Present-day Sanhedrin court seeks to revive ancient Temple rituals
03/01/07 Muslims want new intifada over Temple Mount renovations
02/14/07 Archaeologist claims to have found exact location of Holy Temple
02/14/07 Police, rioters clash on Temple Mount
02/14/07 Ayatollah Khamenei Urges Muslim Revenge For Jerusalem Dig
02/07/07 Islamic Movement alleges Israeli dig under J'lem's Temple Mount
02/07/07 Islamists: Israel "Secretly Excavating" Temple Mount
02/07/07 Work starts near Jerusalem shrine
01/24/07 Temple Aqueduct and Ritual Bath Excavated Opposite Temple Mount


Israel Agrees to Reopen Mt. Zion Talks with Vatican
01/01/07 Arab Press: Western Wall is Not Jewish 
12/01/06 Israeli Sheikh: Temple Mount is Entirely Islamic 
12/01/06 At Mideast holy site, what is treasure?
12/01/06 Islamic group calls for Jerusalem-based caliphate 
10/24/06 Buried treasure 
09/04/06 The Growing Dispute over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount
08/14/06 Prayers to Rebuild the Temple
08/14/06 Temple Mount Controversy Brewing
08/03/06 Islamic Movement: Prevent Jewish groups from visiting Temple Mount on Thursday
07/13/06 Monthly Encirclement of the Temple Mount  
07/03/06 It's the end of the world they're trying for
06/21/06 Pope to visit Israel in 2007
06/20/06 Al Aqsa official: Jewish temples existed
04/06/06 Jews, Christians shut from Temple Mount 
04/06/06  Imams and rabbis form summit on issues surrounding Temple Mount 
03/25/06 It's Time to Think Big and Take Power in Israel 
03/08/06 Anti-Jewish Discrimination at Temple Mount
02/01/06 Old City Walls Could Collapse
01/06/06 Artifacts with links to Bible unearthed
01/06/06 Arabs Make Charges Over Temple Mount  
01/06/06 Israel denies Temple Mount excavation
01/01/06 The UN Wants to Do What?
11/15/05 Islamic Radicals Plan World Revolution from Temple Mount
11/15/05 Temple Mount desecration continues  
09/16/05 The Temple Mount: Getting Serious
09/14/05 PA Leader Uncompromising On Temple Mount Sovereignty
09/14/05 Vortex of destruction 
08/16/05 IDF general compared pullout to Temple's destruction
08/11/05 Arabs, Israelis prepare Temple Mount showdown  
06/15/05 New 'Sanhedrin' plans rebuilding of Temple
05/26/05 Gaza plan leads to warning of rise in 'Jewish terror
05/03/05 Holy Land a challenge as pope reaches out to others
04/19/05 Temple Mount leaders vow Jewish sovereignty 
04/01/05 Extremist Jews plot to takeover of Jerusalem holy site
03/16/05 10,000 Jews to ascend Temple Mount
03/16/05 Jewish Settlers Plan to Storm Al-Aqsa
03/01/05 'Temple Mount attack could foil pullout' 
Reestablished Sanhedrin Convenes to Discuss Temple Mount  
added graphic of Temple Mount and proposed Temple 02/15/05
02/01/05 Third Temple culture
01/26/05 US politician hopes to speed building of third temple
01/20/05 A Republican to help build Jewish temple in Jerusalem
01/14/05 Hear ye, hear ye: Sanhedrin seeks David's scion as king   altar to be on Temple Mount
01/01/05 A mounting sense of urgency
12/22/04 Engineer: Western Wall embankment could collapse 
12/07/04 Western Wall Hill - Out; Temple Period Finds - In
12/09/04 Members of Reestablished Sanhedrin Ascend Temple Mount  
10/20/04 Israel Warns Of Temple Mount Catastrophe 
10/20/04 Emergency Forces Tour Temple Mount in Preparation for Disaster
10/14/04 Holy site could be new flash point
10/14/04 Growing fears of Ramadan Temple Mount disaster
10/11/04 A Contentious Battle for the Temple Mount's Survival 
9/27/04 Officials fear Temple Mount could collapse  
9/24/04 Building Minaret on Temple Mount 'Dangerous' Move, Expert Says
9/21/04 The Temple Mount Bombers
9/14/04 Nightmare on Temple Mount  
9/14/04 Palestinians Unlikely to Concede Temple Mount…Ever
9/2/04 More Moslem Plans To Destroy Jewish Bonds With Temple Mount 
8/13/04 Jordan In Control of Temple Mount Religious Authority Instead of PA, Report Says
8/2/04 Jewish groups: Raze mosques, rebuild temple
7/29/04 Hard-line threat to al-Aqsa Mosque
7/29/04 Temple Mount activist says blowing up Dome of Rock is “worthy act”  
7/29/04 Arab League asks US and UN to help protect Al Aqsa Mosque
7/26/04 Baghdad wants Russian peacekeepers in Iraq: Iraqi FM
7/26/04 Israeli Minister Warns of Attack on Jerusalem Shrine
7/26/04 Officials: Jewish extremists may crash plane on Temple Mount
6/15/04 Who will get rid of Feiglin? Feiglin wants to build the Holy Temple on the Temple Mount
6/15/04 Jordanian team to fix eastern Mount wall 
6/07/04 Waqf Expanding Past The Mount
5/19/04 Eastern Temple wall in danger of immediate collapse 
5/19/04 The Time of Truth for the Temple Mount
5/17/04 Let It Fall temple story
4/21/04 Pieces of Stone From the Western Wall of the Temple Mount Loosen and Break Off
4/3/04 Palestinians riot on Temple Mount
4/3/04 Eastern Temple Mount wall may collapse 
3/16/04 Wakf Temple Mount Devastation Continues Unimpeded
2/25/04 Dome of the Rock Mosque Damaged in Quake
2/16/04 Another Wall Collapses on the Temple Mount Near the Western Wall
2/16/04 Jerusalem wall collapse sparks dispute
2/15/04 The Temple Mount Faithful Movement Letter to the Pope
2/4/04 Temple Mount Wall Collapses
1/29/04 Jews urged to emphasize Temple Mount
12/31/03 Old City, Temple Mount most at risk from quake
12/31/03 Students Invited To Circle The Temple Gates
10/29/03 Priests to train on Temple Model
10/21/03 Damage on Temple Mount Could Bring Deadly Results
9/26/03 Structural collapse on Temple Mount
9/26/03 Temple Mount wall said nearing collapse
8/11/03 Two Giant Stones: The Future And The Past
8/10/03 We Want Moshiach Soon


Temple Mount Controversy Continues


Corner-Stone Ceremony To Be Held
7/21/03 Temple Mt. trips extended, religious Jews sometimes allowed
7/2/03 Temple Mount reopens to non-Muslim visitors
 5/27/03 The Temple Mount Faithful Will March to the Temple Mount on the Day Commemorating the Liberation of Jerusalem - 29th May 2003
5/18/03 Palestinians: Decision to allow Jews on Temple Mount is "desecration"
4/16/03 The Temple Mount Faithful Movement Will March to the Temple Mount at Pesach 5763 2003 for a Pilgrimage
3/30/03 Work on 'bulge' in Temple Mount wall begins


Police: No reason to keep Temple Mount closed to Jews
2/19/03 Repair of Bulge in Temple Mount Wall Causing New Israeli, Palestinian Dispute
2/17/03 Iraq asks pope for support
1/27/03 Sharon to rabbis: Jews will be allowed back on Temple Mount
1/16/03 Israeli President, Moshe Katzav, asks Vatican to reveal list of Temple treasures and Judaica held by them
1/15/03 Israeli Experts Examine Ancient Tablet
1/2/03 Labor platform would give up control of the Temple Mount 
12/31/02 Jordanian engineers to arrive for work on Temple Mount
12/23/02 Will the Third Temple Be Rebuilt?
 12/11/02 Barak began referring to the 'Holy of Holies' 
12/02/02 Nasrallah Warns Of Retaliation If Al-Aqsa Mosque Is Harmed 
11/12/02 Jordanian expert: No danger of Al-Aqsa wall collapsing 
10/29/02 Jordanian Engineers Say Temple Mount Wall In Need Of Reinforcement
10/10/02 New Bulge Develops On Wall Of Temple Mount 


Al-Aqsa Mosque 'May Collapse'


Temple Mount May Collapse During Ramadan  


The Bulge on the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount Becomes Larger


Olmert Warns Temple Mount Wall In Danger Of Collapse


Southern Wall May Fall


MK Kleiner Visits Temple Mount


Poll: 53% Of Israelis Want Third Temple


Wanted: Jewish Presence On Temple Mount  


Waqf Prepares To Keep Temple Mount Closed To Jews


The Commemoration Day For The Liberation Of Jerusalem


Red Heifer Born in Israel

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