Read: the full text of the Nunes memo

Mark Wilson/Getty Images The House Intelligence Committee just released the “Nunes memo” — and it contains some explosive allegations about the FBI. Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee voted on Monday night to release the four-page memo, authored by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), which … Read More

Brexit: pressure on PM to clarify vision as new cabinet split emerges

Calls for Theresa May to define position on EU customs union after ministers’ divisive remarks. Theresa May is under pressure to spell out her vision for the UK’s future trading relations after a new cabinet split emerged on whether the country … Read More

“U.S. is throwing a wet blanket over our efforts,” North Korea tells U.N.

UNITED NATIONS — Just as the final North Korea Olympic athletes were arriving in Gangneung, South Korea for the Winter Olympics, Kim Jong Un’s foreign minister Ri Yong Ho appealed to the U.N. chief on Thursday, to recognize Pyongyang’s “positive developments” … Read More

White House Official: Trump to Approve Release of Classified Russia Memo

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A White House official says President Donald Trump plans to approve the release of a classified memo alleging that top law enforcement officials were biased against the president. The official says the president is “OK” with it and will likely … Read More

‘This is a massacre’: Turkey’s bombs drive families into caves

(CNN)Kurdish families huddle on blankets in a dimly lit cave. Others hide in the rubble of a bombed-out building, gathered around a campfire. Those that have basements seek shelter there. This is life in Afrin. Turkey’s cross-border military offensive against … Read More

BIG ONE WARNING: Huge California earthquake ‘INEVITABLE’ as more tremor hits

A HUGE California earthquake is an “inevitability” as scientists reinforce their warnings that the south western State in the US is long overdue a massive tremor that could leave the region devastated. GETTY Huge California earthquake ‘INEVITABLE’ as more tremor … Read More

‘Bloody nose’ strike on North Korea will trigger all-out war, warn analysts

WASHINGTON – Concerns are mounting over the possibility of a targeted strike by the US on North Korea, with US analysts warning that Washington will face major dilemmas if it were to order such a “bloody nose” strike. Miscalculations and flawed assumptions … Read More

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