Germany Europe’s Biggest Power

Introduction: Immediately following a recent private meeting with the German Chancellor, the newly elected pope came to the microphones to denounce the world’s financial system. He called it the “cult of money.” But isn’t just about everything beyond the reach of the Vatican a “cult” of some kind or another? He went on to describe money itself as, apparently, evil in and of itself. He said money is a tool of tyranny against the poor.

For her part, the German chancellor claimed that controlling financial markets is their (Germany and the Vatican) number one challenge and their number one goal! None of this has seen any mainstream attention, and likely wouldn’t even if it weren’t in the middle of some of the biggest scandals in American history.

What makes a Catholic pope think he has anything to say about money one way or another? If you’ve noticed, government lately thinks it has all kinds of say over matters of conscience, matters with relevance to faith and the practice of Biblical principles. We’re all having our taxes applied to after the fact “contraception,” and gay nonsense, and anti-Biblical educational formats complete with socialist dogma. Our national leaders don’t seem concerned that their  socialist agenda conflicts with our Constitutional right to practice religion free from state interference.

But the pope attacking money? That turns the whole thing around and seems to make the temporal matter of currency and its exchange the business of the world’s largest “Christian” church. To be blunt, what business is it of the pope? And why would Germany participate in this ridiculous charade?

Everybody knows the euro is in big trouble. Europe’s southern nations have been spent into ruin, requiring bailouts and long term arrangements to make it appear that there’s some  chance the whole thing will somehow work out in the long run. But then again maybe not. When the euro’s German founder says the currency must be dismantled before further damage is sustained, you know things are bleak.

So the pope comes out to declare money is inherently evil, just as it becomes apparent the euro may well collapse. The incredible spending spree that has diluted the value of the American dollar is also placing our currency at risk. Who’s going to come to the rescue? The Vatican Bank, with some new unit that automatically credits papal authority with every transaction? It sounds just like something out of the book of Revelation.

Maybe the rhetoric here is getting a little ahead of actual events. But the reader will be reminded that the Church of God in general, and Garner Ted Armstrong in particular have been way ahead of world events for decades as we’ve viewed the succession of world events through the lens of Bible prophecy. The following article, written in 2001 shows that history and also shows that these new developments are right in line with the witness and the warning that is part of the commission of the church.

For more than four decades, I have warned that a “United States of Europe” would eventually emerge in the “heartland” of Europe, and that such an organization of states would loom as the most dangerous enemy of the United States and Britain. I have said that such a power would eventually move into the Middle East as a “peacekeeping” occupying power, and that a great world religious leader would intervene in the protracted struggle between Israelis and Arabs over Jerusalem.

All during the Cold War, I was preaching on radio, television, and before tens of thousands in live audiences that the eventual fulfillment of Revelation 17:12-14 would NOT necessarily occur as a result of the current move toward a united Europe of more than fifteen states; that it would NOT arise from the NATO alliance. Instead, it would arise from the shattered remains of the present attempt at a European union, just as Germany, like the fabled Phoenix, arose from ashes of World War II.

Also, I have said for decades that Britain would NOT be a member of the final ten!

Today, as the “EU” (European Union) slowly forms, all is not well. Various flagging economies and vast disparities in population and gross national product make the entire system appear as a shaky structure without solid footing.

Recently, Germany’s Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder demanded that Germany be given a larger say in things. He said, “I cannot agree (to) a system that gives Spain or Poland – just think of the relative gross domestic product – just as many votes as Germany, which has double the population.”

Consistent Predictions for Decades

When I first visited Germany, the signs of the destruction of World War II were everywhere. But, for all the many shattered and shell-shocked buildings I saw, I also noticed the incredible beehive of activity. I have read extensively about Germany; not only its fascinating history, but dozens of books about the rise of Hitler, Nazism, the Second World War, and the aftermath, when Marshal Plan dollars were pouring into Germany to rebuild.

During one trip to all the nations of Central America, I spoke with the regional sales manager for the Ford Motor Company. He told me “The Germans are coming in the windows down here,” and referred to the hardy little Volkswagens, which are air-cooled, and which held up much better than the Fords. There was a saying there, and in Mexico that “Ford” was an acronym in Spanish which stood for Fabricacion Ordinaria, Reparacion Diaria, or, Ordinary Manufacture, Daily Repair.

It was in Columbia where I first heard the slogan, “Other people work to live; Germans live to work.” When I learned that workers in Wolfsburg, the site of the only working Volkswagen plant shortly after the war, had literally broken up their furniture to get the furnaces going so they could produce cars for export; when I heard lusty singing in the streets out my hotel window in Dusseldorf at 5:00 a.m., and looked out to see dozens of German workers, singing as they carried their lunch pails to work, it made an impression.

In my many visits since, I continually marveled at the incredible progress being made.

Within the past few decades, Germany has risen from the ashes of defeat into a glittering, modern, powerful nation – the most vibrant, successful, powerful nation in Europe!

Back in the mid-1950’s, I knew this would be so. I knew then, and said so many times, that the eventual United States of Europe would include such nations as Poland, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia (now divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakia) and the Balkans.

I knew this because of the history of the old “Holy Roman Empire” and the fact that the “Beast” power in central Europe had in most cases been a Germanic empire.

I had read about the Hapsburgs; about Otto the Great, and Bismarck. I knew the aspirations of famous German leaders down through the centuries; that they, as did Hitler, believed there was a kind of “Divine Destiny” for Germany to fulfill; that the Germans were destined to “save the world from Bolshevism,” as well as lead the world in “Christian culture.”

As shocking as it may sound, there were those among the German High Command in the closing moments of World War II who actually thought they could convince the Western Allies to sign an armistice in return for the Germans helping the Western powers to defeat Russia!

Among them was Herman Goering! The US and Britain refused all such overtures.

Some of the significant books which were published shortly after World War II included Fire in the Ashes by Theodore White; Fragebogen, by Ernst von Solomon, and Watcher Along the Rhine by Brian Connells, who was a 20 year veteran writer for Reuters.

Even during the depths of the Cold War, when well-known American televangelists were telling their audiences that RUSSIA (the Soviet Union) would attack Palestine; that RUSSIA was the “beast” of Bible prophecy, I was saying that the nations of Eastern Europe (and I named them all) would come out from behind the “Iron Curtain,” unite, and become part of a U.S. of Europe.

For decades, I said repeatedly that Germany would be reunited!

Now, all that has HAPPENED!

Watch, now, as more and more controversy erupts between leaders in NATO and those who want an all new German dominated “European Army.” Watch as Britain becomes more and more disenchanted with the EU. Watch as Germany begins to swing its weight around – using its economic and military strength to play a much larger political role  – not only in Europe, but in the Mideast, and in the world.

As recently as December of 2000, Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair was quoted as being very concerned about the “political impact of Germany emerging as the country with the biggest clout in the community [the EU] in the future.” Many Britons have a long memory. So do the French. When Schroeder spoke out about Germany having a larger role, the French Prime minister, M. Chirac, said, “It’s not possible to overturn the founding principle of the Franco-German pact, which was one of inviolable equality… the postwar leaders of France and Germany – De Gaulle and Adenauer – sealed a reconciliation agreement after a tragedy of wars, killings, atrocities and reckless conduct, and we cannot go back on that.”

Was he merely being hopeful; even plaintive?

Schroeder was adamant. He said, “We can’t have a situation in an enlarged union where Germany, with more than 80 million people, has only 10 votes, while 19 small states with fewer than 80 million between them, have 57 votes.”

All is not well in the present shaky EU. Eventually, you will see a global economic collapse; the rise of virulent nationalism; despots, dictators, and then the forging together of the final ten nations.

Speaking of the nature of the modern German people, Isaiah prophesied, “I will send him against an hypocritical nation, and against the people of my wrath will I give him a charge, to take the spoil, and to take the prey, and to tread them down like the mire of the streets.

“Howbeit, he meaneth not so, neither doth his heart think so; but it is in his heart to destroy and cut off nations not a few” (Isaiah 10: 6, 7).

Democracy is still an “experiment” in Germany. Their natural tendency is to look for a powerful, magnetic, inspiring LEADER; a “Fuhrer,” who will rise up like a Bismarck or a Hitler, and lead them to their perceived rightful place – a pinnacle of power over all Europe, and eventually the world.

Millions of Americans are utterly ignorant of Europe; ignorant of European history, and of the prophecies of your Bible which detail a step-by-step series of events which will soon SHOCK this nation, and the world! For decades, I have said Watch Germany! The warning is even more poignant today!

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