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Israel’s Urdent Need: Stable Government

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The US has come across in recent months as unwilling to confront Iran.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the swearing-in ceremony of the 22nd Knesset, the
sraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the swearing-in ceremony of the 22nd Knesset, the Israeli parliament, in Jerusalem October 3, 2019. (photo credit: RONEN ZVULUN/REUTERS)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rarely speaks of the very real need for security and stability in Israel. Following that nation’s recent election, he warned: “One thing is clear, the State of Israel is at a historic turning point. We are facing immense opportunities, and immense challenges, including the existential threat from Iran.”

Adding to Israel’s safety issue is what has become a more dangerous and antagonistic Iran. The country of mullahs and ayatollahs has sanctioned attacks on international vessels in the Persian Gulf, the shooting down of American drones outside Iran’s air space, and a blatant assault on Saudi Arabia’s oil services. The lack of any condemnation from international sources is appalling. This includes the United States, which has not responded decisively either.

The US has come across in recent months as unwilling to confront Iran.

Israel’s political and legal drama could induce the Iranians to launch an attack against unmanned aerial drones (UAVs). Netanyahu is certainly aware of Iran’s desire to obliterate his beloved home country. He wishes to equip the Israel Defense Forces with adequate, though expensive, military equipment to forestall a foray by Iran. He has intimated that a security breach could occur at any time, and could force Israeli politicians to form a viable government.

After the recent Knesset induction ceremony, Netanyahu stated that an immense issue is facing Israel. He warned, “We are facing a huge security challenge that has been growing from week to week, in the last two months and especially in recent weeks – it’s not a spin or a whim, anyone who knows the details knows how true they are… Iran is getting tighter, its boldness and impudence are increasing, it is attacking international shipping routes, attacking all places and directly attacking US aircraft and now Saudi Arabia’s oil fields, and it says most clearly – Israel will disappear. It’s a quote and not a theory.”

If Iran attempts a similar, but more massive mission launched from Iraq, as was the one launched into Saudi Arabia, it is possible that strategic targets in Israel could be hit. Such an attempt on Israel would be even more devastating if Hezbollah were to, at the same time, fire its 150,000 missiles from Lebanon into northern Israel.

Netanyahu is not alone in his concerns for the country while the various parties try to form a unity government. At the induction of the 22nd Knesset, Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin was quoted as saying, “We are facing a time of crisis for the House of Jacob. An emergency for Israel’s security and for Israeli society, an emergency for Israeli democracy: all that is dear to us…” Forming a government is not only the wish of the people,” the president said. “More than ever, in times like these, it is an economic and security need, the likes of which we have not known for many years.”

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