Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Hits Laos – EMSC

Seismogram at Weston Observatory

The European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) reported that a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck Laos on Thursday, with the epicenter registered some 219 kilometers northwest of Vientiane at an approximate depth of 10 kilometers.

There has been no information on damage or casualties. Eyewitnesses said, cited by EMSC, that the tremor was felt over 100 kilometers away from the epicenter.

The EMSC later downgraded the quake’s magnitude to 5.7. The EMSC also said that another quake with a recorded magnitude of 6.1 hit Thailand moments after the tremor jolted neighboring Laos.

There were no immediate reports of casualties or damages from the second quake, which the agency said also struck at a depth of about 10 kilometers, some 92 kilometers northeast of Muang Nan.

Laos and Thailand are situated in a seismically active part of the planet where the Indo-Australian Plate runs up against the Eurasian Plate.

In March 2011, dozens of people were reportedly killed in an earthquake in Myanmar that hit the nation’s border region with Thailand and Laos.