Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 8 November 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

Pardon our skepticism.  USA Today, one of the more widely read national newspapers, is predicting that next week may see as many as 170 record cold readings across the United States.  It sounds brutal, with freezing temperatures plunging all the way into FloridaNext Week’s Arctic Blast will be so cold, forecasters expect it to break 170 records across US, blares the headline.  The article goes on, “The front will plunge quickly through the northern plains and upper Midwest Sunday, into the southern Plains and Ohio Valley Monday, then through most of the East Coast and Deep South by Tuesday, the Weather Channel said.”  It goes on to talk about high temperatures in the deep south reaching only into the 30’s and the coldest Veterans Day on record in several cities.

On initial viewing, it looks as though the article credits GLOBAL WARMING with the record cold.  In fact, the big graphic at the start of the report has a globe surrounded by an orange band hyping a major doctrine of the false religion.  The caption reads, “Climate change: How a warmer Earth could mean more snow and then goes on to say, “Climate change is making winters colder despite rising temperatures and hotter summers. Here’s why…”  So, we’re supposed to be on board with the destruction of Western civilization on account of global warming, even if we’re freezing to death in the record cold!  It turns out that the hat-tips to global warming aren’t part of the report at all, but simply graphics and propaganda inserted into the body of the article to remind us that global warming is still the primary concern, even with teeth chattering due to record cold temperatures.  In fact, you’re supposed to come away believing that Global Warming is the CAUSE of one Arctic blast after another.

The Socialists who would rule over us never stop insisting that, “We’re all going to die,” unless drastic measures, designed to destroy all the blessings God has seen fit to bestow upon us, are enacted immediately.  Maybe, just maybe, if we give up oil, meat, and transportation, we can “save the planet.”

Meanwhile, the pious preachers of doom crisscross the globe in private jets to shame us into submission.

A recent hotel stay revealed a heavy plastic reminder on the nightstand.  It read, Show the Earth you care.  Something about reusing towels or other.  But therein lies their false religion.  The earth is a feeling entity that knows whether you care or not.  Every major corporation supports this ruse, apparently thinking it’s good for business.  And it may be.  Imagine the protests, the Antifa types that might show up in the parking lot to “protest” or more likely rampage against any national brand that doesn’t pay homage to their demands.  There are precious few voices that dare to call this pile of malarkey by its rightful name, and we’re one of them.  We don’t worship “the planet.”  We worship the God of the universe who created it!  Those who would outlaw the Divine blessings of the Creator God don’t believe He exists.  They’ve created a whole range of bogus doctrines, and demand that we (along with the airlines, hotel chains, retail chains, and media conglomerates) accept their mock righteousness.  Oh yeah, and we also have to believe in evolution, open borders, unlimited immigration, late-term abortion, and drag queens reading fairy tales to children in order to be in their good graces.

Well, we don’t want to be in their good graces.  There’s more than enough to worry about in this human existence without signing on to their insistent demands.  It turns out that obeying God’s Laws, keeping His Sabbaths and Holy Days (which the world considers “bondage”) is a lot easier than the mental contortions, and real-world sacrifices the Socialists demand of us.  But by all means, while you’re trying to provide warmth and comfort for your family next week, be aware that just breathing is destructive to the health of “the planet,” would you?

President Trump is trying to get us out of the ridiculous Paris Climate Agreement, and papers have finally been submitted to the UN to that end.  But it’s taken this long because a “cooling off” period was built into the contract that Obama got our nation into.  It may take another year or more before we’re finally free of what amounted to a wealth transfer to third world nations where the money would have undoubtedly been stolen.  Meanwhile, the President and all who supported him are routinely denounced by world leaders and scorned by our national press.

If you go back through all the predictions of doom, we should have burned up decades ago.  But somehow we’re always just ten to twelve years from a climate disaster.  If they just shake their fists or jiggle their hair hard enough, surely we’ll be shamed into submission.  Fifty trillion, one hundred trillion dollars or whatever, it’ll be worth it if they can just claim to have “saved the planet.

Anyway, they believe that turning the United States into another third world mud-hole is a noble pursuit.  Either we demand our own destruction, or we just don’t CARE.

We got news.  We love this earth and the Creator God Who allows us to live on it.  We’re not too high on this bunch of shysters, with every big corporation, educational institution and media outlet pushing an anti-God agenda.  Our God is more powerful than all of them combined.  He can control the weather patterns on this planet as He sees fit, and He will.  We worship Him, not some Socialist preachers trying to herd us into submission.  It’s way past time to let everybody know, we’re on to your deceptions and we’re not going to give up our God or the blessings He ordained. Bye.


Source: http://www.intercontinentalcog.org/fridayupdates.php