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Weekly Update from Mark Armstrong – 22 February 2019

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Greetings from Tyler,

Has anybody seen about enough glamor shots of the bearded boy no one had ever heard of three weeks ago? Maybe they could just stick with his mug shot, though it looks like he feigned the same sleepy pout used for all the publicity shots. Have you ever seen somebody this greedy for fame? It looks as though he’s bound to get more than the obligatory 15 minutes of fame (or infamy), determined as he is to deny what is apparent by the evidence put forth by the Chicago PD, including detailed testimony from his close buddies.

It was no surprise the mainstream media (and the actor’s political pals) went out of their way to emote over the terrible racist, anti- “gay”-black actor state of affairs in the age of President Trump. They were just heartbroken that this fine young man had to endure such inhumane treatment by the likes of those wretched MAGA types, and they wished him a speedy recovery from the fake attack. It seems now that they’re trying to regroup, delete their tweets and re-evaluate the close association several of the already famous had with this pretender. Too bad we can’t snap our fingers and be rid of this fake victim, lately dominating every other drama on earth. Sadly, it will go on for weeks, maybe months.

Have we not grown wise to this? Fake victims were given round-the-clock coverage in their attempt to take down Brett Kavanaugh. Mainstream media outlets all believed their stories because it fit perfectly with their determination that no America-loving nominee of President Trump should be allowed anywhere near the Supreme Court. Notice also that there has been no downside to becoming a fake victim. To the contrary. They’re hailed for their bravery across the mainstream media, applauded for having spoken “truth to power.” They’re invited to present awards, compensated financially and treated as conquering heroes by network interviewers. As long as the false accusers walk away with fame and financial reward, they will continue to dominate public discourse.

We suspected, erroneously, that they’d be shown for the frauds that they were. Surely the public would be made aware of the magnitude of the farce, and the “actors” would suffer some retribution for having wasted so much time and so many resources. But that hasn’t happened. So we’ve had another false accuser, fake victim burning through print and valuable airtime. If the “actor” in the latest smear of Chicago, smear of the United States, of all Trump supporters doesn’t get that pout wiped off his face, we’ll just see more false accusers and fake victims. After all, what’s the downside?

Squeaky little congressional socialist says, “What we have to realize that climate change is about every choice we make in our lives, right? Like…” Mainstream media pushes her “new ideas” as if they’re actually new, as if we can’t see the angry malnourished masses in the streets of Caracas. As if we aren’t aware of the squalor of Cuba, and didn’t live through the collapse of the Soviet Union. No, they never did it just right, the way she would in all her acquired wisdom and experience. She’s the FUTURE, they tell us while making sure she dominates media in the present.

Millions of uneducated “migrants” have flooded the country to overload “the system” according to the Cloward/Piven game plan. Don’t know about Cloward and Piven? Hillary and Obama know, they majored in the socialist strategy to defeat capitalism. What do you think the “transformation of America” was all about? Mobilizing the Poor was the article Cloward and Piven published in the 1960’s as to how the American system could be overloaded with impossible demands until it collapsed under the weight. To those who view the United States as evil from its very inception, inherently racist with society rigged to favor the privileged, it seemed the answer to their Marxist dreams.

For those who believe in God and the precepts laid out in His Word, you would think it might be a problem. Socialism installs government as the all-encompassing power. Through the power of the almighty state things will be made fair and equitable, according to the wildly gesturing upstarts who think they have the answer to life’s most difficult questions.

The mainstream churches are up to their ears in this. The great majority of churches, both Catholic and Protestant, now realize a major stream of their income from the government for secreting “migrants” into neighborhoods, hospitals, and schools. They’re paid for having done so. Does it bother them that they’re being used to carry out the strategy that will ultimately see a godless system replace our Constitutional republic? Money talks.

We pray for daylight and justice. The United States, indeed, Western civilization is deceived on so many fronts you can’t keep track. President Trump is doing everything he can to boost the economy and to push back against the onslaught of false information. He’s trying to end the North Korean threat once and for all. He and his team are attempting to straighten out the outright theft of American intellectual property by China. He’s standing up to Iran, and to Europe for trading with Iran. But the arrayed forces of media, entertainment and the educational institutions may be more than any man can defeat.

One thing is for sure. The corrupted institutions of religion aren’t helping. You can see the depths of depravity that grip the Vatican. It’s not even in dispute. Domestically, government payments from refugee resettlements likely dwarf ordinary contributions. Loving America, supporting the president gets you labeled a hater, violent so and so, and every other imaginable epithet courtesy of every mainstream and social media outlet. The ultra-self-righteous resistance is far more organized and powerful than anyone and everyone, save the Creator God. This mess cries out for Divine intervention.


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