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Breaking News   ...updated 26 July 2016
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News videos from around the World

Terror Attack Munich
Shootings in Munich treated at terror attack   0:54
* Witness report from Munich 3:42
* More than one shooter on loose in Munich 1:20

* 30% of Americans think Obama sympathizes with ISIS  3:27
* Obama Third Term? 2:36

Earthquakes, Famines, Pestilence, Disasters

* More U.S. superbug cases in coming months
* The golden age of antibiotics comes to an end
* Superbug E. Coli Found for Just Second Time in US

EU Superstate

* European SUPERSTATE to be unveiled: EU nations 'to be morphed into one' post-Brexit
* Rise of German Superstate: EU Members to Dissolve Armies, Surrender Economic Power
* Merkel & Co. Are Now Pushing for The United States of Europe
* The EU exists only to become a superstate.

European Union

* Now the EU plans on sending €62 BILLION to Africa to stop migrants travelling to Europe
* Here's the chilling speech George Soros gave to European Parliament
* Wikileaks publishes Clinton war emails

Refugee Crisis Europe

* Swiss Do the Unthinkable with Muslim Population
* 'Now EU faces AFRICAN migrant crisis' Angela Merkel issues stark warning amid Syria crisis
* Migrant gang sexually assault children as young as 12 at festival

Middle East

* Iranian Military Official: We Have 100,000 Missiles in Lebanon Ready to Hit Israel
* Iran's Khamenei threatens to 'set fire' to nuclear deal if West violates
* 'Great Satan' USA & 'evil' Britain not to be trusted - Iran's leader

United States

* Undeterred By FBI Investigation, Obama To Campaign With Hillary
* Wikileaks publishes Clinton war emails
* Huma Abedin admits that Clinton burned daily schedules


* Merkel ‘ready to give in to Turkish blackmail’ on visa free-travel – leaked UK diplomatic cables
* Germany 'failing to deal' with surge in hate crimes
* Germany to clamp down on religious polygamy

Far East

* Xi hails "matured" China-Germany relationship
* Japan suspends live cattle imports from Australia
* Magnitude 4.7 Quake Strikes Off Japan’s Northeastern Coast


* Palestinian Gunmen Open Fire in Tel Aviv, Leaving 4 Dead
* Susan Rice promises Israel 'Largest military aid package in U.S. History
* Israeli revelers give Palestinians the finger in march through Jerusalem’s Muslim Quarter


* NATO’s move near Russia, preparation for war: Analyst
* NATO Prepares For War With Russia As If Inevitable
* WW3 Scenario: Russia Prepares For NATO Attack

Internet Related

* In victory for Obama, court backs strict Internet regulation
* Net Neutrality Won Big Today, But Don’t Celebrate Just Yet
* Court Upholds Net Neutrality: What That Means for You

Headlines     007/26

* Magnitude 6.2 Quake Strikes Chile
* Mainstream now means teaching LGBT to second-graders.
* Tsunami fears for Australia as 6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes southern ocean
* China’s Newest 1,305MPH Next-Gen Stealth J-20 Fighter Jet Soars the Skies
* Fewer than half nabbed at border from Mexico

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Garner Ted Armstrong...
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United States of Europe
Archive of news stories pertinent to the formation of the United States of Europe and comments by Mr. Armstrong on this important development in end time prophecy.                       More...
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This end-time Work of the Watchman has a well documented history and tradition.  It began with Herbert W. Armstrong some 70 years ago.  All involved or familiar with this Work know of his lifelong contribution, and of the long and productive Work of Garner Ted Armstrong.
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"For 50 years, I have continually warned that a "United States of Europe" would form in central Europe, comprising more than 250 million people; a huge industrial, economic and military power which would eventually challenge the United States; that a 10-nation combine would form which would fulfill the Bible prophecy of the "Beast" which would fight Jesus Christ at His return."
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