South Korean PM says ‘turning point’ near in coronavirus fight

Medical workers monitor screens showing negative pressure quarantine rooms at Seoul Medical Centre on March 9, 2020.PHOTO: EPA-EFE SEOUL (REUTERS, AFP) – South Korean officials warned against prematurely calling the peak of the coronavirus outbreak while expressing hope on Monday (March … Read More

North Korea launches unknown projectile, Seoul says

North Korea launched at least one unidentified projectile on Monday, just days after its leader Kim Jong Un supervised an artillery drill aimed at testing the combat readiness of some of its units. 5 TIMES TRUMP LOBBED INSULTS AT WORLD … Read More

Coronavirus: South Korea declares highest alert as infections surge

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The South Korean city of Daegu has seen the biggest increase in infections – AFP South Korea has raised its coronavirus alert to the “highest level” as confirmed case numbers keep rising. President Moon Jae-in said the country faced “a … Read More

China, Asean foreign ministers begin emergency meeting on coronavirus in Vientiane

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The event is the first major multilateral meeting seeking a coordinated effort to combat the public health crisis A day before, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi met his Philippine and Singapore counterparts and thanked them for supporting China ‘in difficult … Read More

How Hindu supremacists are tearing India apart

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Members of India’s Hindu nationalist organisation Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) at a rally near Hyderabad. Photograph: STR/AFP via Getty Images For seven decades, India has been held together by its constitution, which promises equality to all. But Narendra Modi’s BJP … Read More

Australia wildfires ‘contained’ in New South Wales for first time in ‘exhausting’ fire season

After months of battling wildfires that scorched thousands of homes and created mass evacuations in eastern Australia, officials announced Thursday that all the blazes in the New South Wales state are considered contained after recent rains. New South Wales Rural Fire Service‘s deputy commissioner … Read More

An Epidemic of Wuhan Virus Misinformation Is Spreading Online

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Social media giants are finding it hard to quarantine fake news. A young boy reacts as he and thousands of others line up to purchase face masks from a makeshift stall after waiting for hours in Hong Kong on Feb. … Read More

Coronavirus Chaos: The Torturous Journey Home for 5 Million ‘Homeless’ Wuhan People

The latest from inside China thanks to our on-the-ground expert: “While residents of Wuhan have been blocked from leaving the city ever since it was quarantined on January 23, the approximately 5 million Wuhan locals who were stuck outside of … Read More

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