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Clear Evidence for Japan’s Aggressive Nature

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Japan has reached its zenith in its territorial ambition.

Not long ago, the Japanese reactionaries expanded and rebuilt the “territorial sovereignty exhibition” housing data justifying their territorial ambition, including those related to Tok Islands, in the other area to be 7 times bigger than the previous one.

After its opening, the minister in charge of Okinawa and Northern Territories said that the exhibits clearly show the historical and lawful trends concerning the dominium and prove with decency Takeshima (Tok Islands) was the proper territory of Japan, adding that he wanted discontented countries to come and see for themselves.

This clearly testifies to the Japanese reactionaries’ frenzy for territory getting all the more persistent and stronger, despite denunciation and warning by the world.

Tok Islands are part of the inviolable territory of the Korean nation.

Such historical documents as Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms and History of Koryo and even prestigious maps of Japan clearly prove that the dominium over Tok Islands belongs to the Korean nation.

It is clear that the “data” and exhibits in the exhibition, which angle the historical truth, would deal with absurd and unreasonable content.

A typical example is a stuffed specimen of Steller’s sea lion on display in the “Takeshima hall”.

With an explanation that it is a stuffed specimen of a sea lion which lived in the waters off Tok Islands in around 1930, the Japanese territorial expansionists claim that the islands surely belong to Japan in the light of the fact that the Japanese hunted sea lions in the said waters from the outset of the 1600s, the early days of the Edo Shogunate.

It is shocking that the Japanese are so foolish and impudent as to employ even data about their plunder and loot of other country’s resources for covering up their sinister intention.

It is a lesson taught by history that political and diplomatic conflicts and contradiction among countries over territorial problem beget disputes, which lead to war.

The Japanese ultra-right forces are trying hard to cause a military conflict through the brigandish assertion on “dominium” over Tok Islands and the waters around the islands and launch reinvasion with it as an opportunity.

The “territorial sovereignty exhibition” was refurbished for the purpose of training a shock brigade for launching reinvasion.

The Japanese reactionaries’ ambition to seize Tok Islands can never come true.

The exhibition in the insular country will be historical evidence indicating their aggressive nature.

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