Japan deploys missile units on southwest islands amid China’s rise

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TOKYO Japan deployed ground force units including missile squads Tuesday in two southwestern islands between the East China Sea and the western Pacific where Chinese naval vessels are actively sailing. About 550 Ground Self-Defense Force members were stationed on Amami-Oshima … Read More

In Japan, Angela Merkel warns against treating North Korea naively

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Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke with Emperor Akihito on the second and final day of her visit to Japan. Later events with students and scientists covered topics from North Korean disarmament through to cows’ digestion. Angela Merkel had a third and … Read More

China turns up heat in Japan’s skies, less so in South Korea

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Chinese overflights may be running Japan’s pilots ragged, but their outcome could be strengthened Japanese defenses. A Japan Defense Ministry photo shows one of two Chinese Su-27 fighter jets which flew ‘dangerously’ close to two Japanese military planes over the … Read More

Boris Johnson harpoons Japanese government for resuming ‘brutal’ commercial whaling

Japan announced last week it will withdraw from the International Whaling Commission in June before its whalers put to sea the following month Johnson criticized the British media and public for failing to be moved to anger at Japan’s plan … Read More

Japan Ramps Up Defense Capabilities in Response to China Threat

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2019-2023 Midterm Defense Buildup Program, China threat, Defense Spending Ratio, F-35B, Izumo Aircraft Carriers, Izumo-class destroyers, Japan’s Defense, Japan’s Self-Defense Forces, Nansei chain of islets, National Defense Program Guidelines, Security in Cyberspace, Security in Outer Space, Sense of Urgency, Shinzo Abe, Takeshi Iwaya   The Japanese government endorsed new National Defense Program Guidelines in a Cabinet … Read More

Tokyo lodges strong protest with Seoul over act ‘almost equal to use of weapons’

TOKYO (THE JAPAN NEWS/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – The Japanese government has lodged a strong protest with South Korea after one of its destroyers locked-on to a Self-Defence Forces (SDF) aircraft with fire-control radar, because the act can be considered almost … Read More

US reaffirms sanctions campaign on North Korea, keeps up pressure on Japan on trade

US Vice President Mike Pence (left) with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Prime Minister’s official residence in Tokyo, Japan on 13 Nov, 2018.PHOTO: EPA-EFE TOKYO – US Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday (Nov 13) reaffirmed the need … Read More

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