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Sen. Graham: Kim Jong Un Talking Because he Is ‘Afraid’

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North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong Un is coming to the negotiating table this week in Vietnam with the United States because he is “afraid” of a strong President Donald Trump, Sen. Lindsey Graham said Friday.

“We broke the Iran nuclear agreement, which was putting Iran on a pathway to nuclear weapons, and we destroyed the (ISIS) caliphate and we have the Taliban at the table in Afghanistan,” the South Carolina Republican told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”  “We have been strong in the face of adversity. Donald Trump has been the opposite of Barack Obama.”

Now, it’s time to close the deal, said Graham, and Trump is right to want North Korea to denuclearize, as other countries in the region do not have nuclear weapons.

“My hope is that we will set a plan out where you can denuclearize and get the benefit of security and peace and stability in North Korea,” said Graham. “We won’t have a nuclear threat.”

Meanwhile, there is a push underway under Trump’s emergency declaration on border security, but Graham said he is 100 percent with Trump.

“Trump sent troops to the border,” said Graham. “Obama sent troops to the border. Bush sent troops. What’s the difference of sending troops or having them build a barrier when they are there?  He has all the power under the statute and as commander in chief to send troops to erect barriers. We are safer with a secure border.”

Source: https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/lindsey-graham-denuclearization-kim-jong-un/2019/02/22/id/903927/