Opinion Can India Really Play ‘Best Friends’ to Israel, Palestine and Iran at the Same Time?

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Netanyahu calls India – Israel relations a ‘marriage made in heaven’. For the arms trade and public relations, it certainly is. But as Modi won’t betray the Palestinians or renounce the Iranians, it resembles more an open marriage – and … Read More

Earthquake Panic: Fears over 8.5 magnitude mega quake ‘predicted to strike India TOMORROW’

PANIC has set in after fears emerged that an 8.5 magnitude mega earthquake was set to strike India tomorrow. Disaster officials in Nagaland, a mountain state in northeast India, bordering Myanmar, called for calm after social media erupted with claims … Read More

Afghanistan endorses Trump’s revised strategy; Taliban warns of ‘graveyard’

The Afghan government on Tuesday embraced President Trump’s commitment to “fight to win” in Afghanistan, but the insurgent Taliban vowed the country would become a “graveyard” for U.S. troops if they don’t withdraw. Trump said in a televised speech Monday … Read More

Deadly South Asia floods affect 16 millon people

More than 16 million people have now been affected by seasonal flooding across a swathe of South Asia, say aid officials. The floods in Nepal, Bangladesh and India are thought to have killed about 500 people and are expected to … Read More

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