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Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 12 April 2019

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Greetings from Tyler,

It’s a rare day when even the mainstream news contains something to celebrate. The re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel definitely falls into that category. The previous election saw the former president send his top election consultants to make sure Netanyahu lost. You may recall how awkward the relationship between the Obama administration and Israeli leadership had become. The Iran “deal” was a major complication, as were nearly all of Israel’s policies toward its neighbors.

Recent months have seen all manner of accusations leveled against Prime Minister Netanyahu. American news sources have accused him of accepting gifts from foreigners, and all kinds of corruption in Israel’s domestic affairs. Just over a month ago the primary flagship publications that drive public opinion in the U. S. and around the world carried ominous reports of impending indictments and criminal charges against the Prime Minister. Israelis elected him in spite of all that, and likely plenty else that went on behind the scenes. It’s almost as if a parallel scenario is playing out in that tiny bastion of western civilization in the Middle East, eerily similar to what we’ve seen in American media and agencies of law enforcement. And with nearly identical results!

There is little doubt that EU leadership is severely disappointed with the outcome. For months if not years they’ve bought into the media hyped expectation that both President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu would be defending criminal indictments, ejected from office and staring down the barrel of a lifetime of incarceration. It looks as though the detailed articles derived from anonymous sources; the dark suspicions passionately embraced by most media organizations were all for naught. All their hopes and dreams are collapsing, despite the fact that they’re clinging to the faint possibility that somehow their darkest predictions will yet be born out.

This time last week the recently confirmed attorney general William Barr was one of the most respected legal minds on earth. Since he dared release the results of one of the most intensive investigations of all time he’s called a political hack, doing the bidding of President Trump by everyone who hoped for impeachment and prosecution. That’s what they’ve lined up to say on all the mainstream networks. The man was a straight arrow, beyond any hint of ill repute only a few days ago, now he’s the enemy of every former “intelligence” official demanding our beliefs line up with their false narrative.

Have you noticed that these two and three letter words manage to confound famous people with brilliant minds? First it was that two letter monster “is.” Now we’re subjected to all manner of confusion over the word “spy.” The definition was widely understood without argument last week. Now however, it has connotations that baffle even those in the business. We’ll have to break out the dictionary or thesaurus to find that “secret surveillance” with the use of informants, electronic interception and wiretaps is widely known as “spying.” Meanwhile we’re subjected to expressions of mysterious confusion on the faces of all the usual suspects. They just can’t understand!

The scandal of enormous proportions that broke today revolves around news that the Trump administration considered transporting some of the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens assailing our borders to those wonderful cities that have warmly embraced sanctuary policies, protecting foreign criminals from detention or deportation by federal immigration agents. On its face, the idea would appear logical. But, no. The mainstream media is beside itself with outrage.

Why wouldn’t those who want open borders be thrilled to have thousands more foreigners in their “sanctuary” cities? They’ve called our President and all of us racist for expecting a secure border. The critics don’t believe in borders. And they love diversity! Why wouldn’t they be thrilled at the prospect of welcoming bus-loads more illegal aliens to enrich their own culture? It looks like the President may be prepared to test the authenticity of their boundless compassion. This should be good.

We’re betting you’re sick to death of the twists and turns of so-called Brexit. British Prime Minister Theresa May is still negotiating with members of Parliament, hoping to forge an outcome they can claim to have fulfilled the results of the referendum. It has been almost three full years since that fateful vote that saw a majority of the British people vote to become sovereign once again. They’re still waiting. It became clear quite some time before that that the EU was heading into serious trouble. Not only do they now have millions of “migrants” in their midst, they’ve got economic troubles that may be insurmountable. Problems that will intensify once Britain finally pulls out, and may prove ruinous if any other member should follow suit.

It’s still an open question as to whether western civilization can survive the onslaught of socialist/communist propaganda and mass migration embraced by many world leaders and nearly all mainstream media, academia and multi-national corporations. But the ongoing battle is a lot more enjoyable than it was just one week ago! Have a great Sabbath,


P. S. We’re looking forward to the onset of the Spring Holy Day season, beginning with the observance of the Passover (Lord’s Supper) the evening of Thursday, April 18, the Night to be Remembered Friday evening and the First Day of Unleavened Bread on the Sabbath, April 20th. These events will be observed in local congregations in the U. S. and around the world as well as here at HQ.

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