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Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 15 February 2019

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Greetings from Tyler,

They can’t seem to get Brexit done.   Britain is having a mighty hard time leaving the European Union.   The sticking point seems to be the Irish “backstop.”   Any Brexit deal with the EU would require a closure of the Irish border, likely prompting the IRA to resume its campaign of bombings and terror attacks in “protest.” Prime Minister Theresa May just lost another vote to conclude the British exit, and the whole thing is up in the air once again. As it stands, if March 29 rolls around and there is still no vote for a “deal” in the British Parliament then a hard exit would take place without trade and immigration agreements with the EU as to how business will proceed.   Britain is already making side agreements with individual European nations, and probably should tell the EU where to get off.

We’ve got a mess here too, and it is equally convoluted.   The President invoked a national emergency this morning, because Congress would not fund a border wall that was one of Trump’s primary campaign promises, perhaps the one most responsible for his victory.   The news media is in lock-step with the President’s opponents in government declaring that there is no crisis at the Southern border.   Now it’s off to the courts.

In fact, there has been a border crisis for decades.   A casual stop at any public place in any city in Texas is enough to convince you that the damage is largely done.   Never mind the crime statistics showing that hundreds of thousands of crimes have been committed by illegal aliens in Texas alone.   Try stopping at McDonalds for something to eat on “the good side” of town on the outskirts of Dallas, as I did with family yesterday.   For most of the time, we were the only English speaking people there.   Mind you, the “immigrants” haven’t been starving.   And they’ve got kids. Lots of them. The crisis has been going on for decades but if you notice that nobody speaks the language, you must be a racist.   You don’t suppose these people help choose our leadership?   Nothing against Hispanic people, but this place is no longer anything close to the country we knew. These swarming immigrants are foreigners, period.

Expect now that there will be angry wailing over the declaration of national emergency. Somehow some 30 such emergencies have been declared since 1977 and this is the one that is a bald outrage, media wide.   Most previous national emergencies dealt with foreign entities and military foes, and went by almost without notice.   Obama invoked them over such things as the tainted water in Flint, Michigan and swine flu. The current one is about infrastructure to keep millions from simply walking into the United States across the Southern border. The problem is that we’ve already got some 22,000,000 (if you can even conceive of that many) and untold tens of thousands more who plan to simply come on in.   If this President can’t get a handle on it this flood will overtake every generation to follow.

The real outrage is that another “budget” is being signed into law.   It funds the gargantuan bureaucracy and all the social “safety net” programs. The military is being beefed up with hundreds of billions in spending.   Our resources and massive debt spending are being used for the needs and protections of nations all around the world.   But America’s Southern border?   That, they tell us, would be immoral and racist to worry about.   It looks as if that battle was lost a long time ago.   The cartels apparently control the Southern border, and Congress is determined that it remain so.

America carries a $22 Trillion debt, run up at least another trillion this year.   President Trump believes that increased productivity and the roaring economy will prevent disaster. Let’s hope he’s right.

If you suspected all those parading priests at the Vatican were a little light in the slippers, you were right.   A new book by a French author claims that eighty percent of Vatican priests are homos. But the priests claim this has nothing to do with all the children (little boys) being abused by Catholic priests all over the world.   No, they’ve taken a vow of celibacy.   So the priests say, neither has anything to do with the other.   Figure that one out, Mr. gay-friendly pope.

It looks like several of the instigators of Russia, Russia, Russia, can’t get their stories straight.  If the new Attorney General, just approved and sworn in, is going to make a good faith effort at doing his job things might get entertaining.   Not that it will save western civilization, but it would be good to see the perpetrators of the attempted silent coup get exposed.   Even better if the queer TV anchors have to eat the last two years of their nightly coverage. They’re whistling in the dark, pretending that their two year “collusion” narrative still has merit. Time is running out, thankfully. Another blessed Sabbath has arrived, and none too soon.   Have a great one, knowing that Almighty God knows all and will in His time institute righteous governance on earth.


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