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Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 21 February 2020

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Greetings from Tyler,

It took a couple weeks, but we’ve got a BRAND NEW scandal!

How did they ever come up with this one?  The creativity is just astounding.  Are you ready?  RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA!  You’ll never believe it, but it’s all happening.  That’s right.  Russia is already in the process of stealing the next election because Trump is Putin’s little puppet.  How is it possible that Russia is interfering again, after 17 “intelligence” agencies dedicated over three years and incalculable “resources” to ferret out the truth, IMPEACH the President and get him out of the White House?  Such dedicated public servants, risking their lives to rid us of this menace.

Except they didn’t, and they won’t.  Our time and trouble have been wasted on this nonsense, of which they never had anything close to proof.  Apparently lacking a fresh strategy, they’ve doubled down on their unmitigated and embarrassing failure, having failed to notice what fools they made of themselves.  We noticed.

If you thought Adam Schiff’s eyes were bulging before, they’re probably coming completely out their sockets over this NEW revelation.  We’ll probably have hearings with second-hand witnesses, expressing their deep emotional distress over the depths of Trump’s seditious behavior.  He’s undoubtedly mistreated some innocent government employees and caused them tremendous pain, you’ll see.

Or maybe not.  It turns out, once again, that the proof of this nefarious plot is classified.  It’s so diabolical they can’t tell us any details.  But people much, much smarter than any of you, dear readers, are up to speed and we’d be crazy not to take their word for it.  Try a cable-news channel if you dare.  It’s all Russia, all over again.

By now you’d think we could concentrate on the real problems facing our nation and the world.  You know them well.  Drug cartels operating freely in our cities; opioid deaths off the chart; Muslim terrorists infiltrating the population; weird viruses with no treatment or cure coming from filthy dietary practices in far-flung places; a flood of third world, poverty-stricken aliens dreaming of life on the American government dole; China’s building of military bases all over the world.  And that’s just scratching the surface of concerns that deserve attention.

But no.  We’ve got legions of people throughout the media supporting any and all of those who think they’ve still got a chance of deposing the President, preaching like evangelists about the “existential” (oh how they love that word) threat of “climate change.”

For years now we’ve likened it to a religious belief, and now the pope is removing all doubt.  Not only has he made it all but a plank of Catholicism.  That, and of course respect for homosexuality.  The pope is inviting “representatives of all the Earth’s inhabitants” to the Vatican to sign on to the Global Compact on Education.  That ought to shut us up!  The goal is to “educate” all the world’s children to the dangers of the invented “crisis of climate change.

But he knows, just like all the network evangelists that it’s as phony as Russian collusionThe media intends to force-feed us more nonsense for the foreseeable future, even though they know we’re not buying it.  They’re own network and think-tank polls, skewed as they are, still show that we’re just not buying into this nonsense.  It’s colder than…whatever we said as kids, just like every year this time. Snow still falls in the usual locations, contrary to the predictions of those who were trying to push this canard on us fifteen or twenty years ago.  They said we’d need video, photos and long explanations to explain what snow was like to the next generation.  Instead, we just take them skiing.

There are freak weather events, and there always have been.  It’s the weather after all, and we see anomalies from time to time.  But we’re getting a little tired of being told we have to be afraid, very afraid if there is no all-powerful government to force compliance with its dictates.  As one of my favorite personalities recently said, “All the free stuff sounds great to kids who’d rather not work for a living, but somebody should tell them it comes wrapped in an iron fist.”

The pope is all about socialism, “global warming,” open borders and apologies to “gay” people who aren’t even happy.  It’s the new religion and it requires a serious if not angry demeanor.  Yeah, thanks anyway.  The world may regard God’s Laws as bondage, we don’t.  Observing those things we’ve been given as reminders of His creation and His intervention at critical times in human history is wonderful, and we enjoy them.

We’re content in the realization that we’re in His Hands so far as the climate is concerned, weather events and all.  We’re thankful for freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and freedom of speech, and we intend to exercise all those freedoms for as long as possible.  And to those that demand that we fervently worry about their fake concerns?  Tell them to have a nice day.  We’re going to.  It’s the Sabbath, the day God rested after He finished this fabulous creation.  It’s what we call the pursuit of happiness.


PS. Mr. Terry Gooch is doing well and seemed to be in great spirits earlier in the week. Thanks to all who remembered him in prayer. The next monthly letter has gone to the printer and it’s more fun than the Update!  Our next issue of 21st Century WATCH is also complete and off to be printed.  It’s a beautiful day in this neck of Texas, but colder than “global warming” should permit.  We’ll try to survive!

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