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Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 30 August 2019

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Greetings from Tyler,

We’ve been waiting endlessly for the Inspector General’s report, and the first portion has finally dropped.  Nothing could be taken as factual until Horowitz said so, according to conventional wisdom.  His partial report on the shenanigans of the former FBI director were published this week, and once again the DoJ declined prosecution.  These instances of lying, leaking and improper handling of classified documents make for flimsy legal cases, or so we’re told.  Taken in context though, they clearly show that all these Federal rules, regulations and protocol were violated in the interests of one all-encompassing mission.  That mission was to destroy the Presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Comey is so brazen as to demand an apology from those who said he was in trouble.  The last shoe has yet to drop, and there may yet be revelations that will qualify for adjudication.  We’ll eventually see if intentionally deceiving a court with false information rises to that level.  But the information, finally confirmed by Horowitz proves much that we’ve explained about the attempted coup against President Trump in graphic detail.

Right now, the mainstream media has an excuse for going wall-to-wall with something else.  In this case, Hurricane Dorian takes aim at Florida’s east coast and could be really bad.  Hopefully, people will escape harm’s way, and their insurance is paid up.  So the mainstream media apparently won’t get the truth rubbed in its collective face just yet.

There is new movement on Brexit.  Right now it’s a game of maneuvers within the British system of Law.  We have the bombshell news that Queen Elizabeth (long may she live) has given Boris Johnson permission to prorogue Parliament, which is to suspend any session for a time, so as to be able to conclude a formal exit from the European Union without further interference from Parliamentarians determined to stop it.

Speculation is that the EU may soften its demands and make some kind of acceptable arrangement, knowing that Boris is prepared to make a British exit even without a deal.  President Trump and Boris Johnson talked about the possibility of a mutually beneficial trade agreement between Britain and the United States that will make up for the fact that the EU is doing everything within its power to make Brexit impossible.

There are dire warnings that a “no-deal” exit could lead to the dissolution of the UK.  Ireland, and or Scotland may just want to exit the UK and continue business as usual with the EU.  No doubt the situation is complicated, but the bottom line is that Britain doesn’t need Europe, or primarily Germany, making decisions that are damaging and disruptive to the British way of life.  That, unfortunately, is what has been going on for years to the point that England has become hostage to Muslim culture and crime.

This is rich.  People concerned with “global warming,” both pro and con, all know who Michael Mann is.  He’s been one of the foremost promoters of “global warming.”  His “contributions” figured heavily in the UN’s IPPC report, one that has been used often to shame governments and industries to adopt his alarm and take “action” to “save the planet.”

He’s the author of the famous “hockey stick graph.”  That’s the one that shows that earth’s temperatures were stable until the industrial revolution, at which time they rocketed skyward resulting in the shape of the temperature graph resembling a hockey stick.  He’s the author of some 200 reports and published three books.  These titles will kill you.  Dire Predictions: Understanding Global Warming (2008), The Hockey Stick and Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines (2012) and The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying our Politics and Driving Us Crazy (2016).  Apparently he’s prone to lengthy titles.  The list of honors he’s received from a who’s who list of educational organizations, think tanks and rarified societies is as long as your leg.

So, apparently he thought it was a good idea when, six years ago, he filed a defamation suit against Dr. Timothy Ball who said Mann was guilty of torturing the data and issuing fraudulent findings.  How dare this upstart, and Mark Steyn impugn his character and integrity?

But when the Canadian judge ordered Mann to produce the data that resulted in the world-famous “hockey stick graph,” Mann defied the order and refused to expose how he’d reached the conclusions that have deceived the whole world.  Well, almost the whole world.  Now Mann is in real trouble if Dr. Ball should continue to press the issue in court.  But, it’s not over, either way.

Another lawsuit was filed against Mark Steyn, who also said publicly that Mann had published a lot of fraudulent data that the UN, foreign governments and the educational community were using to bash the United States, and particularly President Donald Trump in the wake of withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accords.  That action is still pending.  We’ll have to look hard though, otherwise, they’ll hide the news the way Mann hid the data.  What we know for sure is that Mann is not about to produce any raw data or show what alchemy was employed to come up with the infamous, but widely employed “hockey stick graph.”

Here’s the kicker, and you can verify this with a quick search on your deviceMann just lost his lawsuit, and the judge ordered Mann to pay all of Dr. Ball’s legal fees that have been piling up over a six-year period.  Further, Dr. Ball can continue to press the issue in court if he so chooses, which may result in more embarrassment and financial consequences for Mann.  But the mainstream media knows nothing!  You can find news about the lost lawsuit on Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, and lesser-known outlets, but so far not one mainstream news outlet (including Fox) or internet site is carrying anything about it.

This just might knock out all those purveyors of pre-school talking points about how the “planet will be destroyed” if we don’t take urgent action and spend all available resources IMMEDIATELY.  That includes all the presidential hopefuls of liberal persuasion and every mainstream collegiate science department and every mainstream network and publication.  Mann had his reasons for refusing to show how he reached his conclusions, and no doubt they were good ones.  He got his hind parts handed to him in a Canadian courtroom, but the media knows nothing.  They’re too busy demanding that everyone admit that President Trump lies intentionally all the time to notice.  Well, they’ve undoubtedly noticed and decided that it’s better left unmentioned.  At least they hope we won’t notice.

Have a safe and wonderful Sabbath.


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