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Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 5 April 2019

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Greetings from Tyler,

Now that the fervent hope of the news panels has collapsed, (whether they accept it or not) we’re being treated to full-throated panic about “global warming.”  Regardless of how ridiculous are the claims, the alarmists are back at it, supported by mainstream news outlets and nearly every big brand name you can think of.  Do the corporations back the outlandish claims because they actually believe them, or is it merely a business decision that presumes that the vast majority believe that government agencies must mandate every formerly personal decision in order to “save the planet?”

Would-be presidential contenders are in an apparent competition to strike fear into the hearts of their supporters and casual observers, hoping we’ll be willing to sacrifice every good blessing of the Almighty, or else.  Twelve years and the world will end if we don’t fall in line and agree with their idiotic “solutions.”

Maybe it’s something that should be off-limits for discussion because it’s “political.”  Is that how we’ll be cowed into silence?  Name something, anything that doesn’t fall into that ever expanding category.  Find anything in God’s Word that hasn’t run afoul of mainstream conventional wisdom.

The pope is bent all out of shape about global warming and a slew of other issues where he’s risen way above anything the actual Word of God has to say.  He’s working to establish a “fraternity” between the Catholic church and Islam.  Any informed Christian knows both are flawed beyond all recognition, but imagine the worldly power that could be harnessed if those two entities actually were to coalesce.  The pope did visit Morocco recently and campaigned for that very outcome.  He and the grand imam of al-Hazar signed an “historic” pledge of fraternity.  The grand imam represents Sunni Islam’s “most prestigious seat of learning,” and the two arrived hand in hand for a formal ceremony to end all war, all hateful attitudes, hostilities and extremism.  Wait till the Shiites find out!  We’re also guessing the pope never asked the grand imam about Israel’s right to exist.

It’s a good thing they didn’t do this back in 1940’s.  Allied forces would have just had to stand aside muttering sweet nothings while Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito conquered the known world.  That probably didn’t come up while the pope and grand imam were holding hands, suffering over all the world’s suffering.

Meanwhile, the terrorists in Gaza have continued firing rockets indiscriminately in Israel’s general direction.  Don’t they know about the new Catholic-Islamic brotherhood that bans hostility, extremism and the shedding of blood?  Occasionally one of their rockets actually hits a structure with innocent people inside.  And Israel never fails to answer rocket-fire with devastating air-strikes against known terrorist hideouts and arsenal storage facilities.  It never ends.

We went through a period where even the United States (not citizens, but top leadership) was critical of Israel and went all out trying to secure the defeat of Prime Minister Netanyahu.  Talk about meddling in the elections of another country!  Since America’s relationship with Israel has turned back to our traditional position, we’re in serious dutch with all of Israel’s enemies.  No longer are we the whipping boy of the Iranians.  The American embassy has moved to Jerusalem.  We’ve officially recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the strategic Golan Heights, and our two presidents seem to share a genuine friendship.  It’s a far cry from the awkward tension that existed between the U. S. and our most valuable ally in the Middle East during the previous eight years.

Neither the EU nor the UN nor, for that matter, the pope are impressed with America’s renewed love and support of the nation of Israel.  They’re banging on about open borders, global warming and “gay” rights.  Conventional wisdom holds that western civilization equals repression when in fact the whole world, including nearly every far-flung “society” on earth has been blessed by the innovations and generosity of Abraham’s descendants, just as God said.

The Bible foretells a time when men will cease to be guided by reason and truth.  When good is called evil and evil, good.  A time when there will be great deception, and there is.  It looked like there would be no going back, and there may not be.  Our former president is in Germany, getting close enough to Angela Merkel to make Joe Biden jealous.  We have to wonder just what they’re talking about.  On second thought, we don’t have to wonder much.  If they had they’re way, twelve years might seem generous.


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