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Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 5 July 2019

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July 5, 2019

Weekly Update

Greetings from Tyler,

 We hope you’re all having a wonderful Independence Day celebration.  The event in Washington D. C. was wonderful, incredible, and not at all what the media predicted.  If you didn’t see it LIVE, at least make sure you get a look at some of the photos Does President Trump know how to drive them out of their minds, or what!?  “Poorly attended,” one viciously dishonest member of Congress claimed.  Obviously, she wasn’t there and apparently won’t look at the photos.

 The news today is predictably despicable.  The mainstream media applauds the tearing down historic memorials.  They might offend somebody.  The racially triggered have become rather tiresome, especially when they make little to no sense, which is most of the time.  We’re supposed to take it on faith that they’ve really got their feelings hurt, and we’re supposed to throw everything we’ve learned overboard to accommodate them.

 Everyone can find plenty to be offended about in history, but that doesn’t mean history should be erased!  There are examples that bring the blood to a full boil, and you don’t have to look far.  However, we’d rather not spoil this wonderful celebration with the infuriating, idiotic arguments raging all over TV and the Internet.

 Amazing isn’t it?  At a time when we’re celebrating our nation’s unique freedom, the media wants us all DEPENDANT on the government at an expense we can’t bear.  But as you know it’s all about feelings now, and sharing the manufactured pain of those who want to tear this great nation asunder.  We, however, are thanking God for our freedom and our blessings and not about to sit still for communism!

Happy Independence Day, and have a great Sabbath!


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