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Weekly Update from Mark Armstrong – 1 March 2019

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Greetings from Tyler,
It’s been said before, but demand for racist hate crimes exceeds the supply. Media soberly reports the heinous incidents until they’re proven to have been a hoax by irrefutable evidence, then they drop them like a hot potato. Have you heard about the transgender activist who burned down his/her (not sure) own (rented) house with five pets inside? Check it out. You’ll have to agree; these incidents are piling up.
Everyone’s probably tired of hearing about the summit with the North Korean dictator that yielded no deal. President Trump walked away early, rejecting Kim’s offer of shutting down a well-known nuclear facility. The President reportedly asked, “What about the other two?” The question apparently stunned Kim and his delegation who had no idea we knew about “the other two.” Even though there was no grand signing of agreements, Kim doubtless knows Trump means business. All bets are off as to what might happen if North Korea again begins nuclear or missile testing.
As the summit took place the mainstream media was glued to the Cohen hearings with high expectations. Their heads must have been spinning as Cohen, after calling Trump a liar, a cheat, racist and the regular list of mainstream accusations, (probably written by Lanny Davis if not Hillary herself) went on to exonerate the President on the points that held such promise from the hate-Trump media. Russia collusion? Nothing he could point to. The President told you to lie to congress? He did not. Now Cohen may be in more trouble than he already was, for having perjured himself on other points which, believe it or not, the mainstream media has acknowledged. But it won’t matter. The angry socialists will not stand idle and watch this nation revived.
The Russia collusion story, on which the media has wasted the last two years of everyone’s time and attention, has died an agonizing death. But the mainstream won’t report that, and they won’t give up. One panelist allowed as how, “The Trump empire is a criminal organization.” Now they intend to comb through every transaction over the past forty years. They intend to destroy President Trump one way or the other. But they’ve had no luck so far. The Hucksters are still pretending to be professional.
News also broke this week that the Israeli Attorney General is issuing indictments against Benjamin Netanyahu for bribery and corruption. Something to do with acceptance of gifts, in this case cigars and champagne, and a ruling affecting Israeli media. Many may not realize that Netanyahu faces a situation not dissimilar from our President. They’ll either take him down in court, or smear him to the point that he can’t win the next election, in Netanyahu’s case, a mere six weeks out. The Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Netanyahu loves his country and is not corrupt. The charges will fall apart after the election, whether Mr. Netanyahu wins or not. This is an effort to insure his defeat. Sound familiar?
Our minds can’t conceive of $93 trillion. It’s probably more money than every GDP on earth, combined. But that’s what is necessary to “save the planet” according to the squeaky socialist who must practice her bizarre gesturing in front of a mirror. Otherwise, we’ll all be dead in twelve years, she warns. The $93 trillion would pay for the retrofitting of every structure in the U. S., high speed electric trains, free health care for all and a guaranteed income for those “unwilling to work.” The U. S. only accounts for 13% of the world’s emissions, including those pesky cows. China and India account for the majority. But logic will not penetrate the cranium behind those bulging eyes. By her estimation, we should all be subject to her hyper-emotional demands. With any luck, she’ll self-destruct. In a sane environment that would have happened already. Meanwhile we’ll be subjected to her frequent bouts of lunacy, which would snatch every vestige of freedom from every American and bankrupt the most successful economy on earth.
Two revelations this week: The Olympics have decided to let “transgender” women (men) to compete with biological women in the Olympics. Even those sporting factory equipment. This could get ugly, in more ways than one. And Prince Harry with his new wife Meghan have announced that they will raise their baby to be “gender fluid.” Poor kid. Poor British people. It will be a stain on the dignity of the Royal family.
Every day or two someone new announces that they’re running for the presidency of the United States. Most so far would finish off freedom for good if they had their way. The newest, as reported all over the place this morning, is going to “defeat climate change.” That ought to be some trick. We experience climate change every few days here in Texas, and rather like it this way. But for this and any of the other arrogant politicians to pretend that they can set earth’s thermostat simply by ruining life in America is idiotic beyond all comprehension.
We realize that “Bible thumping” is ridiculed by most of the elite, who believe themselves to be far above those who believe in God, or take seriously anything in His Word. But this is too perfect to ignore, and perfectly describes the situation in which our once great nation finds itself. Romans 1:28 “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;” (Like outlawing nearly every blessing God bestowed? That sounds totally inconvenient, even ruinous.) The rest of the passage goes on to describe modern society to a tee. If that’s not the perfect description of what ails us, we’d like to know what is. Have a great Sabbath,

P. S. The new monthly letter has just gone out, a few days later than we’d planned. Our printer has a daughter in the hospital, and is caring for her children. Prayers would be appreciated.

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