A mind of its own: Russia unveils terrifying new AI ‘superweapon’

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Avangard testing has already taken place. Photo / Supplied, Russian Ministry of Defence The race to incorporate artificial intelligence in modern weapons threatens to outstrip the technology’s capabilities — and the world’s ability to control them. The Commander-in-Chief of Russia’s … Read More

EU to Boost Border Security With AI Lie Detectors That Can Spot Illegal Migrants

Earlier, Hungary introduced psychological tests for migrants demanding asylum on the basis of persecution for having non-standard sexual orientations. Such tests were later ruled out by the European Court of Justice. The European Union is running trials of a new IBORDERCTRL … Read More

Europe Considers Granting Robots Legal Status

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“For making good any damage they may cause” In the 21st century West, unborn babies are not people, but robots have legal “personhood.” In 2017, the European Union released legal guidelines and questions concerning artificial intelligence in the future. One … Read More