Iraq in Worst Political Crisis in Years as Death Toll Mounts From Protests

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After three months of demonstrations, the politicians and the protesters are talking past each other, there’s no prime minister and Iran maintains its influence. A funeral for a man who was killing during an anti-government protest in Baghdad in November. … Read More

Iran Presence in Iraq Threatens Israel, Security Officials Say

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Reports Tuesday credited Israel with earlier attacks on Iranian targets in Iraq ■ Israeli intelligence says Iran is providing Iraqi militias with missiles more accurate than Hezbollah’s, capable of hitting anywhere in Israel. Location of two reported Israeli strikes against … Read More

Iraqi militias threaten US and Israel

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Fighters from the Iranian-backed Shia militia Kata’ib Hizbolla, part of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), at one of the front lines in Iraq. (Photo: Archive) WASHINGTON DC (Kurdistan 24) – Two Iraqi Shiite groups have threatened the US and Israel … Read More