Venezuela’s sending its gold reserves to Iran: This is where socialism leads

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Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro – REUTERS It’s come to this: Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro is now sending a good chunk of the nation’s gold to Iran in exchange for help propping up the decrepit oil industry. At least nine tons … Read More

Biden polling against Trump collapses during pandemic

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This should be very alarming for Democrats. A new poll from Fox News shows support for presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden collapsing against that of President Donald Trump during the coronavirus pandemic. The Fox News poll published Thursday showed that Trump … Read More

RNC chairwoman: Democrats using coronavirus to ‘sow division’ and ‘scare’ the American people

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel blasted Democrats capitalizing on public anxiety over the coronavirus outbreak to attack President Trump. “Unfortunately, Democrats are using this as an opportunity to sow division and scare the American people,” claimed McDaniel on Fox Nation’s “Reality Check with David Webb.” Webb pointed to Democratic presidential candidate Sen. … Read More

Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 28 February 2020

Greetings from Tyler, Maybe the coronavirus will do what the Deep State couldn’t?  Amid all the contradictory reporting on the new strain of sickness is a perverse excitement.  They’ve already called it “Trump’s Katrina.”  There is the deranged hope that … Read More

Trump finds bipartisan support for a pro-U.S. Venezuelan leader Guaido

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Even Nancy Pelosi applauded his appearance at the State of the Union. Photo by: Leah Millis – Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido waves as President Donald Trump delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress … Read More

Detroit debate: Liberal 2020 Dems forced on defense over ‘Medicare-for-all,’ immigration

DETROIT – It was a battle for the soul of the Democratic Party on stage in the Motor City. Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren — the presidential primary field’s liberal standard-bearers — were pulled into what was essentially a two-and-a-half-hour fight with their more … Read More

Poll lists being socialist, over 75 as least-sought qualities in 2020 candidate

Sen. Bernie Sanders has some wind at his back as he makes a second straight bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. But a new poll suggests his age and self-identification as a “democratic socialist” could hurt the independent senator from Vermont if … Read More

Democrats now pushing many of the same socialist policies that destroyed Venezuela

Protests against the Nicolas Maduro regime in Caracas, Venezuela on Wednesday, Jan 23 2019 (Fox News) Venezuela is once again in a state of economic and political chaos. Juan Guaido – Venezuela’s charismatic opposition leader and head of the country’s National Assembly – … Read More

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