The Church and the New World Order

Millions believe a sinister “new world order” is about to begin. Many believe there is a vast conspiracy involving the United Nations; that foreign troops are already in place inside the United States; that a takeover of our country is … Read More

Did Peter Have the Primacy?

Was Peter the CHIEF APOSTLE, having absolute authority over all the other 11 apostles? The Catholic Church claims Peter was the designated LEADER of all other apostles; that there has been an unbroken “succession of popes” which has ruled the … Read More

Must You be a “Member” of a CHURCH to be Saved?

Millions of Americans feel they get all the “church going” they need from watching television on Sundays. Local churches and pastors complain, say the “electronic church” is stealing members. Many people wonder, “Should I go to a church? Can I … Read More

Should You Avoid All “Organized Religion”?

Today, dozens, perhaps hundreds of small, independent groups meet together each Sabbath, eschewing any kind of “organized religion.”  Is God’s church organized? Is all organization or structure in the church wrong? The closer you look at things man has made, the more chaos, … Read More

What is the Work of the Church?

Should the Church be accomplishing a work? Is there a purpose for the Church – a great good set before it? Why did Jesus say, “I will build my Church”? What was that Church to accomplish? Where is that Church today? Who are its members? Is that Church organized? Do you need to belong to “an … Read More

Where is the True Church?

WHERE is the true church? WHAT is the church? Should you belong to a church? Will you be lost if you do not? Why are there so many different churches? Can they all be part of the chosen body of Christ? What is the work of the church? … Read More

WHY The Church?

Churches are everywhere. One cannot drive through many neighborhoods without seeing the familiar shape of a church building on a street corner. Churches are as familiar as shopping centers, fire stations, homes, and parking meters – a part of society. … Read More