Kenya: Over 2 Million at Risk of Starvation

More than two million Kenyans are staring at the food crisis in July as the effects of a drought that hit food production and led to increased prices continue to bite. This comes even as the country’s grain reserves dwindle, … Read More

10 million North Koreans face food shortage after worst harvest, says United Nations

The UN found North Korean protein intake to be very low, with some families consuming protein only a few times a year A department store in Pyongyang. Photo: AP North Korea has cut food rations to 300 grammes a day … Read More

Drought: Too little, too late

Since Independence folks in the marginalised and neglected northern regions have developed a depressing familiarity with drought and hunger. As a biting drought cuts a swathe of suffering across much of the north and northeastern parts of Kenya, imperilling nearly … Read More

Global desert: Drought turning the planet into a tinderbox

Drought is turning many areas of the globe into arid wastelands. Excessive heat has cost lives, ruined crops and created water shortages. The effects are being felt from South America to the Arctic Circle. Australia: ‘Land of drought’ Australian Prime … Read More

Drought brings big worries for farmers across northern Europe

“I have never seen this type of hot and dry weather, and I’ve been farming over 30 years,” one farmer in Finland said. A grain field in Germany where farmers have been affected by this summer’s drought.picture alliance / picture … Read More

German farmers call for help as drought depletes summer harvest

The unrelenting heatwave is fraying nerves throughout Germany, but for the nation’s farmers, the situation is genuinely grave. With scarcely any rain having fallen since April, crop yields have been drastically depleted. The unstinting dry spell and heatwave currently bringing … Read More

Afghanistan faces worst drought in decades, as UN warns 1.4 million people need help

An Afghan girl carries empty containers to collect water, as a younger child looks on, in Sakhi village on the outskirts of Mazar-i-Sharif. CREDIT: AFP Afghanistan’s worst drought this century has left Ghulam and his family with only desperate options. Month by month he … Read More

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