Kenya: Over 2 Million at Risk of Starvation

More than two million Kenyans are staring at the food crisis in July as the effects of a drought that hit food production and led to increased prices continue to bite. This comes even as the country’s grain reserves dwindle, … Read More

Drought: Too little, too late

Since Independence folks in the marginalised and neglected northern regions have developed a depressing familiarity with drought and hunger. As a biting drought cuts a swathe of suffering across much of the north and northeastern parts of Kenya, imperilling nearly … Read More

Europe swelters as heat wave sizzles on

Extreme heat continues to grip Portugal and Spain, with little relief in sight. The continued hot, dry conditions are presenting great challenges to firefighters across Europe. HE HEAT WAVE GOES ON … AND ON Portugal: Sitting is good … This … Read More

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